Winning the Weight loss War

I’m two days post work out from Gymguymark and I still feel pain. I did work out yesterday as well and attempted “Insanity” I did not finish it but when you have a 15 month old sleeping in the next room, trying to be light on ones feet, is virtually impossible especially when you have an extra 2 stone of weight on you. So I abandoned it and went back to old faithfyl, “Jillian Michaels, 20 day shred”.

I weighed myself today and I have lost another 2 lbs which takes me to a total of 10lbs in weight loss… I sent out a tweet and thanked Mark for his encouragement and he said it was me doing all of the hard work through exercise and a proper diet. Yes, this is true but when you have the backing of a clued up , educated and motivating personal trainer… it kind of makes it a little bit easier to maintain your goal!

I am really excited to be 4 lbs away from a full stone weight loss. I have a pair of jeans that I have been trying on each week and I can notice that they are becoming easier and easier to get fastened. I remember when they wouldn’t even go past my thighs! Even more crazy is that I am contemplating buying a bikini for my holiday in July as I reckon I can lose the 4lbs before we go away. It would bring me down to a more comfortable size 14 and that would really make me one happy lady. Even if I don’t see the scales move, I k now that the inches are going and I cant wait until next week to see what I have lost as Mark is measuring me every two weeks.

Just seeing the muscles beginning to form, some definition, really motivates me so much and I can imagine what can be achieved if I keep up the hard work. I am planning on doing two 5k run/walks this weekend and I have my shred, the gym and personal training session to look forward to. The other thing that I hold as a success is the fact that I haven’t over eaten on my night shifts and instead I have snacked on salad and fruit with water. I am really wanting to make an effort to “eat clean”, I do second guess what I am buying from the supermarket and look at the ingredients as well as the nutritional content.

This week I have done a bit of meal planning for our Dinners and here is what is on the menu for us.

Monday: Pork meatballs with “free from” spaghetti and salad on the side

Tuesday: Mussles for me with salad and Smoked haddock and home made chips for the family

Wednesday: Chicken Jalfreizi courtesy of the “Hairy Dieters”

Thursday: Lentil and Vegetable curry

Friday: Baked potatoes with tuna

Saturday: Another “Fake away”- Beef and veg chow mein

Sunday: Unknown

I can’t wait to update on more weight and inch loss! WHat have you got planned in terms of exercise and diet?

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