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I am really getting the hang of these linky things.. I guess that’s why I am on my third one for Monday! Anyway, I saw this really cool linky hosted by PODcast and thought “why the devil not”!Β  I think that this will get me back on track with using my real camera instead of my I phone and revisiting a hobby that I once had. So here it is….

This picture was taken up north at Strathfillan wigwams, a place that is special not only to me and my husband but our close group of friends too. One of my husbands friends proposed to his now wife at this waterfall. This is a place that my husband and his friends started going to from approx 17 years of age(we are now all in our 30’s) and then as all of them and him, started getting girlfriends, that’s when I was introduced to it too.

I have been here alone when needing time away and we have all now brought our children to this wonderful and magical place. It has changed and gotten bigger… there are people who stop here as they make their way along the West highland Way, but it means a lot of things for a lot of people.

This particular picture was taken with my first proper camera that I was given by my husband and I was so very lucky to get this shot. It is one of my most favorite and treasured pictures as it represents a time before children when we went up and spent a few days together in one of the cabins.. reading, cycling,sitting by the fire and enjoying one another’s company.

Have a look at other people’s photographs on the linky, sign up and celebrate your memories! Thanks once again to PODcast for creating this πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “What’s The Story? Linky”

  1. What a wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing it. I love that Strathfillan wigwams is not just special for you but also your friends and children. An amazing photograph too. Just what #whatsthestory is all about – thank you for linking up.

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