Tops ways to take care of  Your Washing Machine

A washing machine is an investment, if maintained properly, will run for many years. However, due to a lack of maintenance and lack of regular cleaning, the machine may get a build-up of dust and technical issues can arise which will lead to it becoming faulty. You may think that as long as the machine washes clothes, everything is fine. But if your machine starts making weird noises, which soon gets louder there may be a technical fault. It’s important to remember that no appliance is exempt from issues, and washing machines are certainly among these. Sooner or later, it may break down and you may end up wasting money on repairing it or replacing it.

We bring you some important tips to follow for taking care of your washing machine:
• Cleaning all parts of the Machine: Cleaning each and every external part of the machine after the washing is done is important. It’s quite tiring to do, but cleaning the water and surf particles is essential. It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored because water pressure not only wastes your time, but also energy. As the external part is important, cleaning the internal part is also important. Make sure you give your washing machine a thorough clean.

• Regular Maintenance: Maintaining the machine on a regular basis is also important. However, sometimes your machine will break for a reason unknown to you. If your Zanussi, AEG or Electrolux machine stops working give Service Force a call. They will come to your home to review and repair your machine.

• Never Overload the Machine: People generally overload the machine with too many clothes at one time. Overloading the appliance will ruin the natural rhythm. Moreover, after a few loaded washes it may go out of gear. Remember to give your machine room to breathe while it cleans your clothes- don’t burden it with too many garments at one time.  

• Drain the Water: The pipe that drains the water still holds some amount of water that also should be drained properly after the wash. Leaving water may leave a nasty or musty smell in the machine and can also make pipes turns rusty.

• Avoid Spilling Chemical: Any cloth containing chemical stains shouldn’t be directly washed in the machine. Chemicals like detergent and fabric conditioner contains corrosive compounds that can ruin the appliance. So the best thing to do is, wash the stain in hand before putting it in the machine.

Cleaning every part, especially the filter on a regular basis will certainly help in keeping the washing machine in good condition. Every machine comes with the instruction manual having information on maintenance of the appliance and cleaning. Following this will certainly help you to get the best return from your investment.

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