Personal Training Session

I have been really busy with work and with the weather being so beautiful that I had forgotten to post about my session with CPR fitness 2 weeks ago!

I was really impressed that I was able to bring my daughter who was allowed to come and stay in a roped off area whilst I got put through my paces! It really makes a difference to have that service and not have to worry about child care and at £5 an hr to be put through the paces by a qualified personal trainer , is just amazing!

I started on the cross trainer , warning up for a few minutes and then got shown the various different circuits that I was going to be put through for my hours session.

We had full sit ups, skipping, sprints,planks, squats,lunges, boxing and using the medicine ball for abdominal exercises. I was sweating an my legs felt like jelly afterwards!.

I have also been back into the gym since I had been struck down by tonsillitis …. I went in yesterday and did some running alternating with walking and increasing the incline followed by the bike, lunges and weights.

Feeling great this morning and may start on the shred after re starting with “My fitness pal” and seeing the inspiring pictures in the forum of the before and after shots.

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