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I absolutely LOVE Christmas, it isn’t a secret and I have to say that as soon as Halloween is over, I’m right on it with the plans for the festivities.  From planning our annual Christmas BBQ , to shopping for bargains whether on-line or in the stores. I am a sucker for decorations and I give the Griswold’s a run for their money when it comes to lighting up the house. This year in fact, I am going for a snow machine. Yes, you heard me right..

I have been in the UK for over 18 years or more and no matter what, I always expect snow around christmas and I am mainly disappointed when it doesn’t materialise but I still live in hope. I am always jealous when I see my family and friends back home in Canada talking about going skiing and having snow days so I decided that this year would be different. If mother nature wasnt going to help, then I would do it artificially! It’s just as much for me as it is the kids.. really!

When I was looking into the cost of hiring or buying a snow machine, I saw that there really wasn’t much of a difference at all in price and felt that it was a great investment because like I said, we have a BBQ each year. I noticed when I was doing my research, and  some on line shopping that there was an analysis of three years worth of traffic to the top twenty christmas decorations sites , by Twenga  who is the most comprehensive retail search engine. They concluded that Christmas is definitely starting earlier this year. does it have anything to do with shops putting up their decorations earlier? I was amazed to see shops like John Lewis and Tesco , having their trees up !  The hashtag #christmas is also trending much earlier and as in previous years when Christmas traffic was picked up around August time, this year it started as early as July.

Is it because we are sucked in to marketing or because we are all big kids at heart? i feel that after having children, I am able to take hold of the Christmas spirit and blame it on the kids but really I just like the time spent with family, preparations and the magic that it brings.  What about you, do you turn into a big kid or do you think Christmas is starting too soon?

Back on Track for the 30 day Challenge:Meal Planning Monday

Its going to be short and sweet folks but this is what I have planned and it was great getting back on the wagon. I used Money Saving Supermarket this time and was surprised that Tesco was turning out to be cheaper than Asda.

Monday :Gammon Steak simmered in cider with some frozen veg that I have in the freezer.

Tuesday: Its our anniversary, going to make steak pie and soup, we already celebrated at the weekend and went our for a meal. I have some pastry in the freezer and going to use veg as well. Also going to bake a Mississippi Mud Pie, I have the hairyikers app, complete with some great music and I will post pics to show you how it all goes EEK!

Wednesday: An easy day that Thunderpants can help with, I have an ante natal appointment so we can make some homemade pizza with whichever toppings take her fancy, pepperoni, cheese etc.

Thursday: Lentil Curry with poppadoms. Plenty of lentils in this house to keep us going for ages! Also a nice warmer when its cold and dreich like it has been of late.

Friday: Its an easy mac n cheese made in the slow cooker. I’m working at 4pm and will leave it on for when the husband picks up Thunderpants from his Mum’s house.

Saturday: sausage Pasta. We have some Richmonds left over in the freezer from yesterday morning’s fry up, I have pasta and garlic plus onions.  Easier meals like this makes things better when so tired in pregnancy and Thunderpants is able to help out a lot. Again, I will be working from 4pm and can throw this together quite easily without stress.

Sunday: Something that I haven’t made in a very long time… Chilli!!! easy and can use the pompadoms left over from earlier this week, add some rice and Bob’s yer uncle. I will make it the night before to get more flavor in it. Easy enough to take to work as well.

So that’s what we are having this week, all comes to approx £16.00 and all pretty healthy too, this is very important in our house to be as healthy as we possibly can. What are you all having this week?

Thank You to Mrs P for hosting “meal Planning Monday. have a gander at her site and those of others, here:


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