Holiday Count Down

It’s that time of year when I always get homesick and as I started a new path in life this year, I had told friends and family that I was going to stay home this year and concentrate on building my new business. However, when the nights get lighter,we have a glimpse of the sun and I see regular updates and picture of things taking place at home… I want to return home. So I might if finances allow and I do think it will.

This year though,my best friend is coming over from Canada with her daughter and I will have my little bit of Canada at home, We plan on going to London,one of the Islands,camping and various other things which will make the 11 days that they are here,pass by very quickly but with memories to last a lifetime. I’m really lucky that I have friends in my life that I do as different ones have visited over the years and have taken time out not to mention spent a lot of money coming over. so I am very grateful to them for their efforts.

Since we are going to be doing differen’t things, I thought that after passing my diploma, and gaining a second income that I would treat myself to a new wardrobe.I haven’t shopped much for myself as this past year studying has been so busy and with working and family life, it meant that I didn’t really look after myself much and weight has piled on but I am addressing that.¬† So on one nightshift,I was looking through the usual websites and found something new , and I started spending money.. This is my first choice for our dinner in London,will be this “Self Portrait Black Dress”

I chose it as it’s slightly differeren’t to what I would normally choose for myself but that is what the next year will be about for me now that the presure is off and I no longer have to worry about loads of assignments needing to be handed in. I might actually learn howto finally apply make up .. better late than never! I want to get healthier as I really have let myself go and I don’t feel healthy at all. I am going back to my clean eating and getting the kids and husband involved again. It feels good to have made that decision and if the kids help out in making dinners and lunches,they will be more inclined to eat healthier with me. Don’t get me wrong,they are pretty good with fruit and veg but ideally, I’dlike to eradicate sweets altogether.

As for new and healthier lifestyle, I reckon I can get back down to my previous weight and I think my goal will be a night away with my husband,hotel,dinner and theatre wearing this dress ūüôā

Image 1 of Needle & Thread Voluminous Tulle Embellished Dress

It’ a color that I don’t usually go for and I hope it suits membut teamed with some lovely shoes and jacket,I might be able to pull it off! What do you think?

For now,its time for a walk and to be on count down to my best friend coming and to start my healthy eating regime again. I will be updating my health and fitness part of the blog in the next few days and its great to be blogging again after what seems forever.  I do hope that my progress will motivate some of you who feel stuck in a rut and want to make that first step.  You owe it to yourself,first and foremost!


Student Days Week 1

As some of you might know, I am now officially a student as of last Monday! I am doing a diploma in Complimentary Therapies and so far I am LOVING it!¬† I knew that I would enjoy it but I hadn’t realised just how quickly it would change my life and my family life too.

I can’t say that I had any nerves in starting this course, it made sense for me to pick this one especially as I had done counselling a few years ago. I knew that they would “fit” with one another and I was so excited on my first say. The people on the course are lovely, we all WANT to be there and we are all very similar inour views, valuses, lifestyles and previous studies.

Our lecturers are excited for us and are supportive but not in the way that you think “aye right”, they really want you to be there and to pass. They feed off our excitement as much as we do them. Its encouraging, contagious and inspiring. It’s an environment of constant positivity and its a pleasure to be in the class with people who are all on the same wavelength who have aspirations and goals.

It’s nice to walk into a class and know that you are¬†staring off with a guided mediation followed by a massage. I know that every day won’t be like this and that it will be a busy year as we have 2 kids and I haven’t reduced my hours¬†, plus the obvious assignment and exams but I really feel that I can keep on top of this due to both classmates ,lecturers and the relaxation techniques that we have been given.

Some of the other positives so far are that I have become a bit more calm,¬†I use breathing techniques and my daughter and I have started meditating together. She is really enjoying hearing about my day and we do our “homework”, together. I’m glad that it motivates her and shows that Mummy is working just as hard as she is.. I want her to understand about college/uni, and to aspire and set goals for herself.

Regarding goals, I have a few ideas and I will be setting up a meeting with business gateway to discuss these ideas. I don’t want to say too much right now because its only the first week and this may take me in many different directions. I have though, applied for a volunteering position with Marie Curie hospice, to do treatments with patients and their carers/family. I will be awaiting their callback next week amd i hope to go in after my classes on a Thursday.

So this is whats happening… loads and exciting times are ahead. Long may it all continue!

Tut Tut, Playmobile

And the guilt goes onnnnn! I know, never start a sentence with “and”… It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want too!

Yes, back to the matter of Playmobile which has got me hitting snooze and ignoring the children and husband despite needing to get one ready for school. Oh my goodness, this will probably go in favour for their recent “survey” or “study”, whatever it is…

Yes, so this thing that they have came up with that says not only do we as parents choose not to play with out kids but we ply them with electronic gadgets!!! Shock horror! What a very shocking discovery indeed!

I hate these so called findings
Because some people will take it all as the gospel truth but some people see it for what it is. It’s not only a ploy to inadvertently make us feel yet again, like shit non loving parents but a ploy to visit the Playmobile site and buy their toys! Ok, maybe the latter isn’t true but you see what I mean.

Left right and centre, we are constantly bombarded with the message of “we aren’t good enough parents”. We must do more, buy more, in order to achieve the unachievable. Take your kids to more clubs but be labelled someone who makes their kids do too much… Don’t take them to clubs and watch as they become part of the obesity statistics of the UK. Don’t buy your kids electronics , but some are educational so you are raising a child who won’t know strategy. Etc etc etc.

Also in this article, I feel it becomes quite sexist against men saying that of those they surveyed, a lot of fathers didn’t know how to play with their kids.. What about those who do? Does it mean that these fathers are bad parents? Eh, no! There are some parents out there, especially first time parents who haven’t either been around kids for a very long time or are in shock with having this little being in their world and feel a bit out of depth.

In my eyes it’s just finding your way and also that of your child. Yes some of us do put the tv on for our kids or let them play a video game when we need some time but that makes no one a bad parent. It’s a learning curve with children and when working with different personalities, it’s always a different experience.

So to Playmobile I say, shove it up yer jaxy and until you survey every parent in the world… You’ll never get anyway near an accurate depiction, and you aren’t going to make this parent feel guilty!

Here is a link to the story:

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