The Power Of Clean Eating

 IMG_3754.JPG I am approx 2 weeks into my clean eating and exercise regime and I have not only lost weight but I am less anxious and more calm which for me is totally amazing. I have always had anxiety but after PND, it increased and its something that really gets to me. 

With this decrease in anxiety and all that comes with it,  it means more quality time as a family and one to one time with my daughter which I have thoroughly enjoyed and for the first time in a long while, I feel pretty normal. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t completely gone but there certainly is a major change and thats good enough for me.

 I have started trying new foods and including even healthier choices within my diet such as Kale and different types of pulses which I wouldn’t have tried before.  I was never one  to be satisfied by salads as a main meal but this week I found that I was completely full after a kale , asparagus, bacon, and beetroot salad which I found whilst browsing on line. It will be a regular “go to” meal for when I am in a rush and haven’t got much time to prepare which is normal especially due to having two kids in the house!


 I am also using the slow cooker a lot and today’s dinner was put in (a whole chicken), at 08:00am and was finished for 5pm and the meat just slid off the bone. It was delicious and the only thing I needed to do was add some spices and then boil the veg when it was ready. An easy meal which wasn’t long to prepare , nutritious and I can use the rest of the meat for a curry, salad or fajitas.

Here are some of the meals that I have eaten over the past 2 weeks…


 I thoroughly encourage following the ethos of clean eating because the benefits are really pretty amazing. It’s not just how I feel mentally but physically too, with healthier skin  and hair as well as more energy for exercise.

Getting Back To Me Bit By Bit

I have started getting back into running/exercise/gym and healthy eating. I think as spring approaches, I am coming out of hibernation and finally taking control of my eating and exercise habits again. I also have a trip back home to Canada to look forward to and I don’t want to have to hide away in jeans because I’m too ashamed of my weight to wear shorts a dress or a skirt. So I have made a few changes.
Nearly 2 weeks ago, I made a decision to give up bread because I have been feeling as though it is making me very bloated. I can go through 2 slices of toast followed by another 2 at lunch if I don’t meal plan and then sometimes I can eat 2 at bedtime. However, I wanted to see what effect – if any, it would have on my stomach and weight.
I’m pleased to say that I have felt so much “lighter”, and I have lost 2.5 lbs this week but that might also be down to using my “fitbit”, and following “Slimming World” un oficially. When I had toast in the morning though, I always felt a bit off until about lunch time and I like that I no longer have that feeling. It means that I am eating things like smoothies, porridge, fruit and healthy fry ups – YES , THEY CAN BE MADE 🙂
I’ve also been taking part in a few challenges within the fitbit community and racking up at least 15000 a day which is well over the recommended 10 000. I’m using my couch to 5k app from time to time and eating tremedously well which means my sugar cravings are coming down big time. I can also notice a difference in my moods. Usually around the time of my period, Iget very anxious and angry but this time I dont crave unhealthy foods and I feel more “stable”. I may have the odd 99 calorie milky way or packet of crisps but I don’t really crave it anymore.
Another healthy change that I have made is recognising the foods which upset my hiatus hernia, such as citrus fruits which is unfortunate as I love oranges and grapefruit but I just feel like it isn’t worth the discomfort and pain. Next on my list, I am going to try and replace normal milk with almond or rice milk to see if there is any link with that too.  I’m totally into the clean eating thing and am following it as much as possible. If you look at my previous posts, you’ll see that I make everything from scratch which is of great benefit to m
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