No homework for my kids.

I’ve been reading a few blogs, interacting with people on Twitter and the latter half of this year was spent telling my daughters teacher that she would not be doing homework.

I could tell by her facial expression that she either didn’t agree or had an opinion on it but possibly didn’t want to explore that as we are given only 10mins (at max), when doing parent -teacher meetings. That in itself tells you a lot about the school curriculum in Scotland…

I know I’m probably seen as that weird trouble making parent in the playground (and to the head teacher , especially when in the past I may have told her that I’m a recovering Catholic and it’s a catholic school) who rather than fit in with the parents/carers with their matching furniture/wall paper/car etc ,sings the praises of their children almost every week via social media (when actually we know how little Betty and Tommy are just as much the shit disturber as ours can be),would much rather survive each day of parenting… Without having to pull out my hair … but to be honest  I couldn’t give a rats ass about being in the parenting “in” crowd.I haven’t for a while and that in itself is liberating. I like that I don’t have to make small talk now with folk that I really don’t have much in common with and can just pick up my child and get on with my life. Sounds harsh but I just haven’t got the time to get involved with the latest gossip.

Back to the point of this post, I digress, yes! Homework… My child went to nursery and then on to school which means that from the age of 3, she has been in the system. Ok, partly our choice as I had wanted to go back to studying again. However, it is a system that constantly tells our young people that you need to do all of these things like go to university and/or college,in order to feel like you have achieved. To use correct punctuation or people will make fun of you and they will define you as a person if you get it wrong and posts “meme’s” on Facebook so that you and your friends can collectively belittle a person to satisfy your own insecurities and ego. Seen it happen loads of time and I actually pity those who do this regularly.  Yes,I wouldlovefor my children to goto college and univerity to study if they want to and I thoroughly encourage studying as there is so much to learn in life but if they want to do something else or go into work,I won’t push them because the world adds enough pressure to our lives as it is. People define others by the job they do,house they live in,area they live,car they drive etc.. What about morals,respecting others and your own

Why does my child need to do these things in order to feel like someone who matters? Why do we have to expect them to conform? They are little beings and sometimes I feel that we have too much influence on them and we need to let them express themselves, find out who they are and to grow.  Unfortunately in our society when you do that and let them explore their personalities they can some times not be included with their peers and get treated differently by the school.

Why does this happen and why as parents do we not just say “fuck it”,?! as Fleetwood Mac says “you can go your own way”! Or do as the little bumble bee girl in the video for Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and dance in those puddles under the droplets of rain that falls from the sky! Be different, be you… Show your kids that individuality and not being the same as anyone else, is good! Embrace it! Learn from your kids and let them learn from you! I bet it’s liberating:) trying to build their confidence so that they are comfortable in a society that preys on and makes a business out of our insecurities.

This post may not make sense or cover the actual topic but I tend to go off in a tangent and not follow the rules 😉

Meal Planning Monday:15/07/2013

Its a day late , I have been really very busy this week especially as Thunderpants has finished school for the summer and it is the first time that I have had two children to look after. Its a shock to the system, I won’t lie but its also been great fun not having to wake at 07:00am, and both children sleep until at least 9am which is fantastic! I think its karma after two very bad pregnancies(I had hyperemesis).

So here it is!

Monday:Steak pie, broccoli and carrots

Tuesday: Moroccan chicken tagine(tesco’s finest) and corn on the cob.Husband and child had fish, I just wasn’t in the mood.

Wednesday: Sirloin steak, oven chips,carrots and asparagus

Thursday: Pizza bought from tesco

Friday: Its usually take away for us

Saturday: We will be out as I am babysitting and have no idea what we will be having.

Sunday: Roast beef will all of the trimmings.

A pretty easy week thankfully! We have a lot on with activities and i can’t think about making anything that requires my concentration.

Thank you again, Mrs M for hosting.and why not have a look at her blog and what others are doing too! You never know, it may inspire you:)

Educate My child FFS!

After the hospital this morning, I met a friend for hot chocolate when our conversation turned towards charity and the amount of letters that the schools are giving out each week surrounding different ways to support the parents council,charities etc. Despite our children attending different schools we seem to have something in common each day when we ask that question “are there any letters in your school bag”?

I am all for charity, I donate via direct debit, I do runs in aid of those charities close to my heart and those who have also affected us as a family directly and I also volunteer and raise awareness.  I send my child to school to be educated and she has been aware from a very young age as to what I or the husband do (his Dad’s small companies also do things for charity), I am bloody sick and tired of being guilt tripped in to selling this that or the next thing. Call me old fashioned but I thought that the purpose of sending ones child was for learning? Yes they need to learn to be compassionate and to understand that her life is very different to some children and that other countries may not provide the same opportunities or lifestyles as we do but she is made aware here at home.

I am not a hard faced cow, I am a parent who is very aware of things happening in the world and who would very much so give up any spare time to help. I think that the world is in a terrible state, I wish I had the answer but I feel intense pressure to keep handing money out. Money is not always the answer. Raising awareness yes, not just asking your child to give money out without properly explaining the reason why. I wouldn’t have as much of an issue if the things that she is being asked to take home , were explained and projects done but its a case of at her school it seems, to put these pieces of paper in the school bags for us parents/carers to find.

I also feel that after them sending home letters asking for money for different things, that in the same news letter it was made known that if any parent required access to a hardship fund, they could contact the school. Hows that for irony?! asking for money week in and week out but also turning around and recognising that some parents may not be in the best of positions financially? What the hell, am I missing something here?Fark me!

How can they remember to send out so many letters but not remind parents of things such as , your child will only be having PE one day a week as opposed to 2, but rather than tell you this, we will make your child be uncomfortable for the day because they are asked to wear their PE shorts under their school trousers (which I feel is also unhygienic). Where are the priorities? Pisses me right off to no end.

ahh, that’s today’s shit out the way.. and relax….deep breath…


Murder In The House

Last night my daughter decided that she was  unwell and that the only thing which would cure her at 02:00am would be to come into bed with us. I point blank refused as I don’t want to start the habit since I am so far into my pregnancy that I am only just going to get more and more uncomfortable.  I made the mistake of letting her come in last weekend because I do enjoy cuddling her and having her in with us but it just isn’t an ideal situation especially since she has arms and legs like a fucking octopus and loves nothing better than warming her feet which can be ice cold, in between her Daddy’s bum cheeks. No joke.

Neither of us were going to back down, we were in it for the long haul, a battle of wills a threatening of toys, sweets and other such luxuries to be banned. I was a woman possessed and she was like the child in poltergeist. It was never going to end well, and I was thinking of 101 ways of getting away with murder. Let me tell you about Thunderpants… She is my carbon copy in nature but as lovely looking as her father. What am I saying, the little bugger is beautiful and we will need to think about how to keep the boys or girls  away when that time comes. She already has a boyfriend in class who says he isn’t her boyfriend but likes to try to kiss her and she has said to him that she isn’t “that kind of girl”(we will need to work on the feminist education with that statement).

So yes, like I said, she is like me.. she won’t back down, has a fiery temper and feels that if there is an injustice in her life she needs to ride it all the way to the end before she gets the outcome that she feels is necessary. She is full of quick wit and has a dry sense of humor, asking me last week if I was “taking part in Movember, since I had some hair on my upper lip”, Damn Immac! Obviously missed that bit, honestly!  She can also be very sensitive , telling her Daddy and I that we were “breaking her heart” because she was soooooo  unwell with a tummy ache that if she died,” the police would have us in cells quicker than you could count to 10″! Her cousin was off school yesterday with a headache but was right as rain when we visited and I’m guessing that this is where it all stemmed from.

On this went for at least 2 hrs, I was losing my temper and shouting. Husband hates it when I shout as do I since I am working on that with my CBT sessions, I felt even worse when I started because that’s when the headstrong temper kicks in for me, so you can imagine what it was like , a battle at the OK coral … So far she is grounded and she isn’t going to gymnastics on Saturday morning. But was it really necessary? Did i really need to shout like that? Well no. It isn’t needed and I could have just taken her in or closed our door rather than have both of us exhausted in the morning , her at school and me unable to get to sleep for being over tired. We did however, get through the morning routine much faster than we have ever done so with no arguments over hair and teeth brushing or wanting to watch tv before getting dressed. We apologized to one another, me saying that I shouldn’t have done it and her telling me that I was the best Mummy in the world.  The guilt is still there but at least I know we both had a realization of what we did wrong and I’m almost certain that tonight will be different. Its good having self awareness as then you can begin to work on things together.

Off I go to find sleep.ZZZZZZZZZZZ

The Poppy Boy is a Twat

Definition of twat :

  1. vulgar. A woman’s genitals.
  2. vulgar. A person regarded as stupid or obnoxious

Last night it was my turn to do bed time duty which requires me to read to Thunderpants and stay with her for 5mins , talk about the day she’d had and discuss anything that was upsetting her etc.  Now for someone who is 24 weeks pregnant and has issues with her pelvis, climbing up a bunk bed is my daily act act of heroism and being a martyr. I know, you can thank me in the afterlife.

So anyway, as we were talking about school and what had happened earlier that day, she turns to me and says “Mummy, Mrs such and such called the poppy boy something bad….” I asked her to say it, that on this occasion I was asking and wouldnt get into any trouble and then she hot me with it….  “She called the poppy boy a twat”. …I will admit and it has been shown in recent posts and on twitter that I am someone who does swear but really makes a rule of not doing it in front of the child(pot kettle black ,I know), I was still kind of taken a back by the word and the fact that the “whole class heard it”. I hate that word with a passion! I did have a chuckle inside my head and the husband thought it was fucking hilarious to hear and said “well maybe the boy is a twat and she was stating a fact”? Of course he could be right, who am I to question ones twat -ism regardless of age…

I had thought about approaching the teacher and having a quiet word, but I find these situations so bloody awkward and usually end up being the one who has the apology as I feel bad and wonder what kind of day or life is someone having  that they need to do certain things.  Hell, maybe I’m the twat?  I don’t know if it’s the whole teacher thing and my childhood fear/respect is still there but I thought about it as I was falling asleep and when I woke a few times during the night and I got more and more nervous about morning coming approaching her.

It ended up that we were a little bit late this morning although I think subconsciously it was because I wanted to avoid seeing or speaking to the teacher. I did however have a wee word with the janitor lady who i usually speak to every morning on the way out and she was just as shocked and amused as we were and said that she would speak to the head teacher without making it all a big fuss. Off I went feeling a bit better and lighter that it wasn’t going to be blown out of proportion or cause too much problems ….. until discussing it with the husband as he was going out the door…. when he said… “The thought just occurred to me, what about if she called the poppy boy a TWIT”?

For the love of god! Why hadn’t I thought about that? Now I will fret the day away and think of that poor woman possibly being spoken to right now about her language, getting fired and living her days away cursing my daughter and becoming a cat lady, knowing that I was the one responsible for her demise!!!!  I am going to burn in hell for this one!  I can’t pick up my daughter tonight and face the wrath of the soon to be cat lady, I just can’t! Anyone out there want to do it for me or help me think of a good disguise? Witness protection service anyone?!

I’m almost certain that this will not be the last you hear of the twit/twat poppy boy and  the twat of a mother….

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