Linky Time:Fitness Fanatic Friday’s

I have linked up with Carley from @asummerfull and we have decided after seeing how many people share the love for Jillian Michaels,and fitness that we would create a place where we could all link up weekly for Fitness Fanatic Friday’s, and post progress pics/measurements/weight etc.Some people are doing the shred, some the abdominal work out and some are combining with running. Whatever you choose to do, we can all discuss and motivate one another and share hints, tips etc.

The video’s are available on line so there is no need to purchase them unless you want to, we will share the direct links or you can search for them on You Tube yourself. We will also share apps such as “My Fitness Pal, C25k and others which help when needing a motivational boost or different ways to exercise/lose weight/tone up.

After a day of trying to create a badge etc I gave up as I just couldn’t work out how. So I ask that you go to Carley’s page to link up and also to read her fabulous post. Here is the link:

We are all doing this for different reasons/goals but regardless, it is a supportive link and we look forward to hearing of everyone’s success.

I will be posting before and after pictures. I start the shred tonight and have also walked for approx 1.5hrs today. My eating is also back on track and I look forward to getting back in to some old clothes.

So what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself!


Damn knickers and Running

Do you or have you had an experience where you haven’t thought about what you’re wearing under your running gear.. Until its too late?

Forgive me experienced runners ,for I have not been out in over 9mnths and I was excited to get going this week. I did not think about my excess skin from my pregnancy or as I like to call it, my marsupial pouch, so I made the bad mistake of wearing silly bloody knickers and I had to tuck my skin in every now and again when it went over my knicker band.

Bad mental picture, yes, but we’ve all done it so don’t kid yerself pal. Not only did I wear shitty knickers(figure of speech by the way), but I wore a non sports bra bra! Luckily no one was out where I was jogging to see what I can only describe as Rachael from friends (remember that ep of her running?), tucking her skin in, pulling up the bra straps and looking like a bright red tomato.

But I did it and I feel bloody good! I’m off to do the plank, catch ya all later:)


This is the lovely place where I run, right beside the house.

Biggest Challenge In the Gym

I was on twitter last night and I saw that @apregnantpause, burned over 800 calories a few days ago and since I had the day to myself and I was taking a break just for me, that i would use it as a day devoted to the gym.

I dropped Thunderpants off at nursery and then went to get some lunch before heading over to the gym, I felt very motivated today as though it was time to take it up a notch and really burn some calories. I had a plan in my head of doing a 5k and then move on to weights but my plan changed a bit. I did the usual run/walk and increasing the incline as it really helps when i can’t run anymore but I’m still burning. I also started running at an incline and I think my thighs are going to be super sore in the morning but I think I have finally cracked it in what works for me and whats going to tone me up and lose the pounds.

I also went on the bike again, twice as when I went on to the rowing machine, the screen didn’t come up and I wouldn’t have known how many calories that I was burning. I also used the cross trainer which i really detest but stayed on for only 15minutes as I just cant be bothered with it at all. Exercise is supposed to be fun and not a chore, I think people get in to the trap that its something to get out of the way but when you really find things that you like, the feeling after is just so amazing.

I think tomorrow, depending on how sore I am , I may do weights and do the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. But I will be sensible and listen to my body because I really can’t afford to be sick again, no do i obviously not want to be. I think that if I stop taking so much on , I can get to the gym more regularly and start achieving my goal of weight loss, possibly reach my goal by August which will be great as I have a friends wedding and I want to find a really nice dress without feeling like I need to hide the bingo wings ect. I guess it’s all about learning to love your body but accepting it as well.

I hope to be able to post some progress pictures in a few weeks , to see how much change there has been to motivate myself even more. It’s a big thing for me to do that, but it’s also kind of liberating too.

Grooving Mums

Since I wasn’t able to  tweet/facebook or blog at work, I thought a really good way to keep up with things would be to write and email myself, and then copy and paste! Who said multi taskign was hard?

 Today as I start my journey back in to blogging, I thought I would join those who are getting back into their groove over at and as I had started a few weeks ago, why not continue but with the help of the other ladies who are well on their journey? Talk about motivating! Its better than a weight watchers meeting thats for sure!

 I was at the gym yesterday morning after dropping Thunderpants off at nursery and really needed it due to the amount of eejiits who were present on the roads . I decided last night that I was going to try for 6k instead of 5 and I did achieve which made me happy but the amazing thing for me was that I managed to bring my time down by 6minutes. I have never been a fast runner as I have often said but would like to get back down to my time pre baby which was 38mins for a 5k.  To a lot of people who are regulars at running, this isnt fast but its good enough for me.

I guess I have a lot of things that I want to do this year, and it is with writing and having the support of others that I feel strong enough to do it. I look forward to being part of the group and look to be inspired by the other mum’s who are also takiing part. Life is becoming exciting and its my thing that is seperate from other things that I do.

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