March To End Violence Against Women

Last night I attended a March called “Reclaim The Night” with Thunderpants, and over 100 other women, to mark the start of “16 days of action for the elimination of violence against women”, with the message being that women are not for sale in Scotland. It was an amazing experience made even more special due to having my daughter with me and for her to experience the solidarity of women coming together for such an important cause to deliver this very important message.

I tried explaining to her what it was mainly about, she asked about violence against men and was that wrong too and I explained that of course it was and fantastic that she would say such a thing but that tonight it was about us women coming together. I think she had a fantastic time, for the amount that we walked, she did not complain once and she made it clear about how in awe she was by the women who were drumming and the others who were shouting.

The people who stopped to take pictures or to film, seemed in support of what we were doing and its great to finally see certain messages finally getting through to people rather than people laughing and making ridiculous comments which is something that I had encountered before when doing a stall at one of the college’s here in Glasgow. One of the lecturers even said “I don’t need to take one, I’m not a rapist”.. EH HELLO? Its amazing the ignorance that you can come up against in society…

Anyway, it was a very special night as I said, there were quite a lot of kids there with their parents too which in my eyes was great to see as a few people asked me what I thought I would achieve in bringing Thunderpants with me as she was “too young”.. to that I generally say “fuck off”. Children learn things at a very early age and I would rather have her surrounded by positive messages that I know she will pick up than sitting at home and watching cartoons and women being objectified over and over again.

I took a few pictures but unfortunately they didn’t come out too clear but I will post them anyway:



As you can see, it was a busy night, one
which was very well organised and thanks to those who put in such hard work to make it happen.

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