Pontins  Southport: Health Hazard

My friends experience today…

Booked in here today and it’s absolutely disgusting. 

1. Floor filthy and full of crumbs, dirt and mess on our arrival.

2. Toilet full of faeces and stains. 

3. Shower with pubic hair

4. Pungent smell in room, found to be coming from mouldy fridge. 

5. Windows steamed up and unable to open initially.

6. Dirty underwear under bed.

7. Used condom in cupboard.

8. Swimming pool filthy and smelly 

9. Changing rooms in swimming littered with dirt, used toilet paper & sanitary items.

10. Outside area littered with rubbish, food & general mess.

11. Sofa bed in room disgusting,stained & smelly.

12. Sofa bed collapsed when my daughter sat on it. She sustained a significant head injury when she bumped it on the wall. 
I went to reception twice to complain about the dirty room & the pungent smell from the fridge and both matters were dealt with appropriately.

However, while waiting in the staff arriving, I spent 30 minutes cleaning it and £8 in cleaning materials. 

The collapsed bed was “repaired” immediately, however i waited 30 minutes in the room for a manager who failed to turn up. After seeking him out in reception, he didn’t even have the decency to apologise for not turning up to discuss my issues & was frankly unhelpful, advising that he could not refund me or move our room. He actually seemed to find the whip situation amusing. 

I expect a full refund and monetary compensation for this awful experience.  

Due to concerns for my health of my family I cannot stay here here any longer as i fear my health and the health of my family. 

Incidentally, my daughter has an auto immune disorder which makes her susceptible to infection and this makes this situation even more horrific. 

I look forward to your immediate reply.

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