Eating Clean, Personal Training Session and Tough Mudder!

I’m afraid that my post from last week’s exercise session with @Gymguymark is long overdue but I do have a few reasons.. Hospital and BBQ plus work. Its given me some time to think about what to write and where the next few weeks will take me. But first, we need to talk about last week and my measurements! I lost half an inch from my thighs and a whole inch off of my waist , with a 1lb loss in total. I was slightly disappointed but as @gymguymark says, “at least you are losing”! He is absolutely right! It may be a bit slower but it’s coming off. Here is a pic of my progress so far.. if you look with a microscope, you might be able to see some abs appearing and a waist forming! Ignore the spots on the mirror, painting in bedroom and brush splatters happened!




Now on to the week ahead! I have a session with Mark tomorrow at 10am and on Sunday…….. ITS TOUGH MUDDER!!! Yes, I am still doing it, alone but I am doing it. When my friend first told me about it, I set myself the goal that day and I will complete it. I have a start time of 10am and if it takes me all day, so be it! I will get that orange headband and pint at the end of it! I think I might be going alone so actually, I will have to pass on the pint because of driving! I am super excited and I also had inspiration from one of my best friends who completed her first half marathon in Niagara Falls only 2 weeks ago. Shes some lady, I tell you!

Another goal that I have been wanting to achieve  was to start eating “Clean”, which means no processed food at all. There are things that I will find difficult to give up such as wine and diet coke! In fact, I’m drinking my diet coke as I type these words…. I know how bad it is for me and I know how bad wine is for preventing weight loss but these are my vices. With all things bad, though, there will come a point when you have to say “enough” and as the weight and measurements drop, my confidence soars and I feel that I can do more and more each week.

I’m going to do a big shop tomorrow after my session to make sure that I have most things that I need, but I will need to top up on the yogurt, veg and fruit every few days,. I expect to get some things wrong but its all a learning curve. I remember reading somewhere that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you shouldnt be eating them! So very true and so very right. My eating is improving and I had an off day yesterday where I ate crap and I could feel it physically and emotionally. I never really thought that eating bad would affect me so much and only for one day but I did feel like utter crap.

Some of the new foods that I want to try again are things like avocado. I really have tried them in the past but I have to say that they really taste like ass. I think if I can mix it with other things though, it may taste a bit better and I can at least say I tried, right? I don’t have high hopes with it but , well.. Meh.Stay tuned 😉 There is one food that I need to try to do without and I have tried many times in the past and not succeeded which is bread! I may switch to rye bread and then wean myself because it has a similar taste to dog food.. but toasted, it isn’t half bad.

So some of the foods which I will be eating are, eggs, fish,loads of veg and fruit.. a lot of my food will be made as “one pot meals” because its fast and its convenient to do so. With two young kids, work etc, its right up my street.  I am also going to chat to @gymguymark tomorrow in our session and see what kinds of recipes and food to try that I haven’t thought of.

What’s your interpretation of “Clean eating”?





Winning the Weight loss War

I’m two days post work out from Gymguymark and I still feel pain. I did work out yesterday as well and attempted “Insanity” I did not finish it but when you have a 15 month old sleeping in the next room, trying to be light on ones feet, is virtually impossible especially when you have an extra 2 stone of weight on you. So I abandoned it and went back to old faithfyl, “Jillian Michaels, 20 day shred”.

I weighed myself today and I have lost another 2 lbs which takes me to a total of 10lbs in weight loss… I sent out a tweet and thanked Mark for his encouragement and he said it was me doing all of the hard work through exercise and a proper diet. Yes, this is true but when you have the backing of a clued up , educated and motivating personal trainer… it kind of makes it a little bit easier to maintain your goal!

I am really excited to be 4 lbs away from a full stone weight loss. I have a pair of jeans that I have been trying on each week and I can notice that they are becoming easier and easier to get fastened. I remember when they wouldn’t even go past my thighs! Even more crazy is that I am contemplating buying a bikini for my holiday in July as I reckon I can lose the 4lbs before we go away. It would bring me down to a more comfortable size 14 and that would really make me one happy lady. Even if I don’t see the scales move, I k now that the inches are going and I cant wait until next week to see what I have lost as Mark is measuring me every two weeks.

Just seeing the muscles beginning to form, some definition, really motivates me so much and I can imagine what can be achieved if I keep up the hard work. I am planning on doing two 5k run/walks this weekend and I have my shred, the gym and personal training session to look forward to. The other thing that I hold as a success is the fact that I haven’t over eaten on my night shifts and instead I have snacked on salad and fruit with water. I am really wanting to make an effort to “eat clean”, I do second guess what I am buying from the supermarket and look at the ingredients as well as the nutritional content.

This week I have done a bit of meal planning for our Dinners and here is what is on the menu for us.

Monday: Pork meatballs with “free from” spaghetti and salad on the side

Tuesday: Mussles for me with salad and Smoked haddock and home made chips for the family

Wednesday: Chicken Jalfreizi courtesy of the “Hairy Dieters”

Thursday: Lentil and Vegetable curry

Friday: Baked potatoes with tuna

Saturday: Another “Fake away”- Beef and veg chow mein

Sunday: Unknown

I can’t wait to update on more weight and inch loss! WHat have you got planned in terms of exercise and diet?

Fitness fanatic Friday:Week 9

Wahooo ! I have lost another 1lb! I think it mkes a total of 16lbs since I’ve had Bubblebutt, 2 since starting fitness fanatic Friday’s but although that sounds really rubbish over 9 weeks , I have lost inches.  I have also gone from a 16 up top to a 14 and am well on my way to getting back down to a size 12.

I have had to drop one of my sessions with personal trainer Mark as I am going down to less than half pay. I really missed my session last Friday as I have been so used to going twice a week but I will be able to start up again from September when I go back to work 🙁

It seems as though I am on my own with this challenge , but whatever.. I know I am going to lose weight that I set out to and that through all the hard work that I have done is paying off. I saw something on Pinterest which made sense and it was basically saying that if you commit and dont go back on what you set out to do, you don’t have to continue with “new starts”.

Next week I commit to running more and will also be buying kettlebells , also mark is putting together a programme for me to do at home and with my sessions on Tuesday’s as well as running and video’s, I think I will have lost all the weight by Christmas. Thats my goal, a realistic one done the old fashioned way of eating healthy,exercise and no diets that will leave me starving or have me pile on the weight only a few months later.

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