A Little Bit of Pain ….

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A Little bit of pain never hurt anyone, right? That’s what I was keeping in mind today when I was being put through my paces by the “The Punisher”aka, GymGuyMark at the Western Tennis Club earlier this afternoon. I’ve given him a new nickname because today’s session was hard. I over indulged this weekend and I got the talking to that I quite rightly deserved. Consider me having my hand slapped…

This past weekend, we were given a holiday cabin to review and because some family came with us and we did the usual BBQ and drinks,of which I took part in  knowing that what I was eating, really wasn’t any good for me and by making the choices, it just sets me back that little bit more. My two stone gain over the past 7 years really didn’t happen by choice and if I want to lose it any time soon, I need to stop making excuses and know that its all about something simple … Choice.

So today, we took measurements and reality well and truly kicked in. I was at one point a 28″ waist and always took great pride in how small it was but after Mark measured me today, I got a huge shock. It was a shock because I have read the statistics about women who’s waists are over a certain measurement are more prone to certain cancers and also prone to heart attacks. I don’t want to be a statistic and I want to be a role model for my children but more importantly, I want to be around for them as they grow up. Sounds like a cliche but in my job, I hear of at least 3-4 people per shift calling up about chest pain and other illnesses.

Now, for a difficult thing.. Measurements. I said that I would post them and I will be true to my word. I don’t mind so much about doing it because I know that this will not be me forever. I have gotten my weight down before after having my first and I will get it down again. This time though, I am not just about losing the pounds but very much about sculpting and toning. Looking healthy, showing the work that I have put in and let me tell you.. It is really hard.

So here goes… Waist: 36.7     Thigh:26

Chest: 41.8     Upper Arm:13.4

Hips: 44.5

In today’s session we started with the bike for a warm up, weights, abdo, weights machine and a grueling exercise where Mark put rope around my stomach and he held on behind me and I had to run and pull him along. I thought I was going to puke but there was sense of achievement after… proceeded by launching a bottle of water at him after we were finished. I’m pretty lucky he has a sense of humor cause with his back round in martial arts, I’m sure he could do some damage!

Stay tuned for  more updates on my weight loss challenge with “The Punisher”!

Fitness Fail

I was without exercise for two whole weeks. Not on purpose, not intentionally but I was. Rather than dwelling on it which I would normally do, I got back to it this am with my personal trainer Mark, at The Western Tennis Club.

I did find it hard when running around the tennis courts at 07:00am when temperatures had already rose to 18 degrees, but I was also feeling sorry for myself.I can’t use the weather as an excuse, nothing apart from illness can stop someone from exercising.

I did do a lot of walking though when we were away down south, probably around 18hrs over 3 days with Lego land and our day spent walking around London. My trainer said today that I am probably running around more now that Thunderpants is no longer at school and off for the summer.

Then there is the eating and drinking that we did on holiday… To excess but I can’t complain as we had a fab time with family, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of indulgence. Right?

So today I am back on the wagon and it feels really good. I still feel lumpy and bumpy because.. Well lets face it, I am. That will change, running will keep me fit and toned, I have to stop my training sessions almost completely as my maternity pay goes down to barely anything.

So I’m still here, plodding away… I will update to keep myself motivated.

Fitness Fanatic Friday:Week 8

I’m sitting outside Western Tennis Club, waiting on going in to my usual Friday session and I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this one. I know it’s not like me to say that but I’m absolutely shattered!

I found out this week that I have low iron in my blood and went for further tests on Wednesday and it will probably just mean a few more b12 injections to get me up to the level that I should be at.

So this week I have done 2 sessions, 1 5k and 1 day of walking 5k with the kids. Not much running, I know but I can’t tell you have absolutely knackered I have been. I almost feel like I’m in the first trimester of pregnancy! No joke!

So this post is pre and post workout… I am now home and feeling absolutely shattered but also very good. We did a real hard session to the point that the sweat was literally dropping off of me. I also swore quite a lot, my poor trainer was right in calling it anger management!

Anyway, that’s been my week and I’m also happy to report that I have lost 1lb this week too:))) I have stopped eating after 7 unless of course I’m hungry and will snack on fruit instead because there’s no point in starving yourself.

How did everyone else get on with their exercise?

Fitness Fanatic Friday:week4

Late post again but very busy week! It’s going to be a short one as I did update with my personal training post on Tuesday.

This week my eating has been fantastic, lots of fish and shell fish and exercise wise , I have managed a very hard personal training session that I attended at 06:00am on Tuesday, a run/walk 1.89 miles on Wednesday despite being sore from the day before…. I could have cried! Thursday I did nothing as I had an extremely busy day (no excuse but was so tired), today I walked for just under 3miles and that was with the pram, up a few big hills.

Tomorrow I plan on going for a run in the morning, and I would like to go for at least 3miles but I have shin splints and just need to play it by ear. I know I should possibly chose another exercise to do until they get better.. A swim perhaps.. But I do like to run..

Next wk I have another session booked for Tuesday, I’m dying already at the thought… So that’s what I’ve done so far, that and I now have a loss of 11lbs over 12 weeks:)

What fitness goals have you achieved?

Personal Training Session 1

Twitter is a fantastic place, isn’t it? I find it amazing how you can meet so many wonderful people through it and how much knowledge and experience that you can gain.

I am writing this post as I am one of those lucky folk who have met said people, in person.I guess the story really starts last year when I started using twitter more and came across a lovely woman called Ray. She and I started tweeting one day and well the rest is really history… we meet up when we can and she is also a very talented complimentary therapist who I have first hand experience of and would recommend to anyone in Glasgow/Lanarkshire area.  It was through her that I started noticing her tweets to Geraldine and both were  talking about the Western Tennis Club in Hyndland and that they shared personal trainer Mark.

I finally managed to set up a meeting last Friday with him, I took the wee man along with me and we had a talk about what I was looking for in terms of personal fitness. As I have said before, it was his knowledge of nutrition , his qualifications and experience as well as  good nature, which sealed the deal. Usually when you go and meet with possible trainers, you feel as though you are on the clock and that its all about money but with Mark, he was genuinely interested in what my personal goals were and he didn’t seem bothered that we chatted for an hour. I felt motivated and that I was finally going to achieve my goals, but also have fun doing it.

I know that Geraldine and Ray had been going to him for quite a while and I knew from what they had said, that he wasn’t going to run me through an easy work out, even on my first day. Boy was I right.. At 6am this morning my body had the shock that it needed … I started off on the treadmill for what I thought was going to be a run but instead according to Mark it was a “brisk walk”. It was at this point only a few minutes into the session that the swear words, hand gestures and general feelings of hatred came out. I thought I was going to end up on the other side of the room from the treadmill and was told that if it happened, it would be all over You tube. I quickly picked up my pace.

After the warm up, I moved over to the bike where the levels were adjusted every so often and then the last part of my cardio was on the cross trainer… my least favorite machine but one  which produces results. I told him I didn’t like it but the fecker still put me on it and to add insult he made me do it without hanging on in order to strengthen my core. When my core is strong, he will  feel its wrath 😉

We then moved up stairs to the weights and used kettlebells which work more than one muscle at a time and are very good at improving strength and fitness levels. I had only used them once before and they were a distant memory.. until this morning and when I was made to use them properly! We also did abs and I made the stupid mistake of telling Mark that I was pretty good with sit ups etc… so he introduced some more moves which I know I will feel later today/tomorrow. I also learned resistance… I resisted the urge to swear and make certain gestures …

The last few exercises were  to work arms/waist and I felt like I was going to collapse in a heap but I made it through! I moaned throughout the whole session but I loved every minute of it . People say that I am crazy getting up at 5am with such a young baby but if you like exercise and get the same high from it as I do, you’ll be quick to understand. I like to be challenged , I felt good doing those exercises and I was impressed by what Mark gave me to do and for someone who has been to quite a few trainers, he is definitely the most professional and entertaining trainers out there! I’m back next Tuesday at 6am, and look forward to posting my updates.



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