Fitness Fanatic Friday:Week 7

I’ve just returned from my session with my personal trainer… Again I am sore but feeling alive , cause that’s the way exercise makes me feel.

Today was hard, as much as I hate to admit it to myself, and my trainer I realise just how little upper body strength I have just now. However I’m sure that will change in time.

Last week I didn’t exercise on Monday but I did Tuesday, Thursday and today. I walked a bit on Wednesday but no real fat burning as I was really shattered from the session the day before.

This weekend I will run and try to get past the 5k mark and i will be cycling to school with Thunderpants and walking back in the afternoon. My right leg seems to be giving me some trouble and I think that it’s my shoes which I’ve only had for a few months. I had my gait looked at, and it seems as though my right foot turns in so I should have been given shoes that fit accordingly.

Also this weekend, I have the school football tournament which I signed up for and it’s on Sunday afternoon. Me and my good ideas… Least it’s more exercise!

Food wise, I’ve noticed that I’m eating a tonne more fish and less meat. I just don’t fancy it and I’ve kind of gone off chicken too. I was given some protein rich dinners from my trainer which involve quorn and tofu, may give them a go.

So that’s my week! How has yours been?


Personal Training Session


I had a 6am session yesterday and today I want to die for I am in an incredible amount if pain. However, it is a good pain, an a complicated pain…. And I did accomplish a lot in that session and pushed my body probably the furthest that it’s ever gone.

We did the bike to warm up, kettle bells, normal weights, squats and abdominal work. I went into the session close to tears because over the weekend I had eaten not very well at a family BBQ and u also had some cava too. I felt that I had let myself down but after a chat with my trainer, he put a few things into perspective for me.

I know that I’m working hard, for the days that I am not training with him, I am running ( although if tired I do take time off but make sure I walk). I just need to remind myself that I have only been hard at it for approx 7 weeks and I have had someone comment telling me that she noticed that my weight was flying off.

So today I am hoping to walk to school on way home, do a run or attend my first metafit class at the Western Tennis Club. Someone said to me at the school gates yesterday “are you nuts paying all that money ? I’ll shout at you to exercise”. I said no thanks, I prefer being told how to do it properly, safely and professionally. What I was really thinking was… As you stand there with your cigarette hanging out your mouth, and the skin that goes a long with it, i’d rather poke my eyes out …

Again, as I’ve said before, until you’ve really pushed yourself to the limit, you’ll never understand the feelings that come a long with it.its a discipline and to feel fit is just amazing…bring on Friday’s 06:00am session!

I’m in labour…Part One of Birth Story

I started having contractions at 20:50 but thought it was just gas due to feeling pain in my back… My uncomfortable feelings and repeating “ow” every 10 mins, then became very sore and within 1.5 hrs they went to every 2/3 mins and were incredibly strong. I had never felt pain like it, not even when I’d had thunderpants.

I realise that every pregnancy and labour is different, enough to never EVER experience it again. I couldn’t believe that when we left the house, I was ready to push and knew that if we didn’t get to the hospital soon, that we would be gifting the new extension of the motorway in Glasgow with a baby boy… I could feel him coming down and was resisting the urge to push all the way to the hospital and couldn’t deal with it much longer that when getting out of the car, I did indeed, push.

I screamed for my husband to get someone as I was paralysed to the spot and he came out with a chair on wheels. I had no idea how the hell I was going to manoeuvre myself in to it but he and the midwife shoved me In It sideways. At the time, poor Thunderpants was watching all of this completely horrified..

In I went to the labour suite rather than maternity assessment and waiting for my contraction to go, I managed to get my jeans off and into the bed. He was then born on the third push… Husband missed the birth as he needed to travel the quick few mins to drop off Thunderpants, in all I arrived and have birth within 8 minutes!

It was pretty traumatic for both N and I, I had lost a lot of blood, took no pain relief not even any gas and air because it was just that quick and I had a 2nd degree wound plus a few other things which resulted in man hands in the lady garden which really wasnt ready for potting season!My midwife was lovely, really amazing and she took her time explaining everything, there was no rush and a completely more chilled out experience than the first time…..

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