Story Fest : St Enoch Centre

Last week M and I were invited along to the St Enoch’s Centre in Glasgow, to be part of “Story Fest”, to meet and hear Author Lyn Nicol , read from one of her “Badger The Mystical Mutt”, books. We both had a great time hearing about Badger and she engaged really well with the other children who also attended. It was so lovely to be part of this event, its a magical experience to not only meet an author but to also hear them read one of their books aloud. We had some photos taken with Lyn at the end and she signed M’s book as well. We have since purchased more of her books, they tell a story but they also deliver messages within.

We loved how the St Enoch’s centre was transformed into a pop up library with comfy bean bag chairs and fake grass. It certainly drew in the children who were round about, shopping with their families as it was half term. I think to have a “library” to stop at, read for a little bit, should be a permanent fixture as it does encourage children to do more reading and adults to sit and spend time engaging with our kids rather than be distracted by our phones etc.

I love that the St Enoch Centre has events like these, this was in conjunction with Glasgow City Libraries,  and it wasn’t just our event that was run but there were creative workshops, other author appearances, the lending library and readings of books. All of these events were free, and its exciting to see how the Children’s book festival will develop throughout the years. I’m a huge advocate for families spending time together and reading to one another because not only does it help children with learning, vocabulary, and expanding their minds, it also means finding that hour or so a day/night in a busy and hectic life that we all seem to be living these days.


 As part of our experience, we were kindly gifted with a goody bag, which was very special as it had something for all of us in it.. From the Chocolate, from Hotel Chocolat, A HUGE stuffed Olaf from Debenhams , and a very kind gesture from the St Enoch Centre which will come in handy for Christmas shopping, a £50 voucher . We also received a Voucher from Optical Express for £50 and my husband will be using this as he needs new glasses – will help him with reading to the children at night! I have to say that Optical Express is amazing, I had my laser eye treatment from them and their service is absolutely fantastic!

We had a lovely experience, my daughter is so keen to get her books out at night and if you haven’t already got a library card, I highly recommended that you go to your nearest one. There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you, filled with adventure, learning and entertainment. The whole family can get involved! Go on, choose your own adventure!



Update Post Laser Eye Surgery- Optical Express

Well folks, its been just over 6 months since I had my life changing surgery with Optical Express and I can still say that I am still surprised at how my sight is after wearing glasses for so many years of my life and wishing I had bit the bullet and just had it done earlier than at age 36. However, it’s done and I don’t regret a thing.

The strange thing that I find recently is that when I’m waking, for some reason I am trying to reach for my glasses still! Its very strange just how much it must still be on my mind and how our subconscious mind works. It knows that there has been changes but 6 months on, I am still adjusting more than I thought?

I actually found a pair of my old glasses and put them on, looked in the mirror and realised just how much I have changed and how my confidence has grown since I had it done. For example, I completed a personal challenge that I don’t think I would have if still wearing glasses, which was “Tough Mudder” in June and I have also started going to the gym more because there is no hiding from how much my weight had creeped up on me as I can see ALL the time now where as before , I could hide behind the not so perfect sight that my glasses gave me.

I also convinced a friend who had -9 sight, to have  the procedure and he had his eyes done in February, and hasn’t looked back. He too says that things have been amazing since , and its making his cycling and swimming much easier to do as he no longer has issues with glasses falling off or not being able to see in the pool.

Here is a review by actress Kathleen McDermott and her experience and why she chose to have her eyes done. Katherine also shares my opinion of the aftercare being amazing and how much the staff educate you on the procedure so that you can make an informed decision. If you are considering it, please do feel free to contact Optical Express or mail me and I can tell you more about how my life has changed for th



*This post is sponsored by Spreaditfast

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