Fitness Fanatic Friday:Week 6

I’ve just returned from a session with my personal trainer, the second one of the week!

I also did Metafit for the first time which was fantastic and I did some walking as well. I haven’t done any running but I hope to get back in to it this week, starting tonight and tomorrow morning. I miss it , I was really busy this week and just felt like I couldn’t fit it in.

I had a bit of a wobble over last weekend and when it came to doing my session with Mark on Tuesday, I nearly burst into tears a few times due to the build up of emotion. I worked through it though and I’m feeling like me again, and I’m also considering speaking to my doctor about coming off of or reducing the dosage of my anti depressants. That’s how good exercise makes me feel. However it’s a conversation that I need to have with the husband as well, not something to be taken lightly.

So that’s been my week, pretty good exercise and eating wise! How did your week go?


┬áLast night, I took the plunge and I went to my first Metafit class at the Western Tennis Club with Geraldine aka “GinorGym“… It was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and it was really nice to mix things up a bit in terms of different activities that I have been doing.

We started with a warm up and stretching as well as running in circles to get the heart pumping. We then moved on to different sets of exercises including bunny hops, plank variations, and others which I can’t remember as it was a sweat filled haze. My heart rate climbed and the tiny breaks which lasted for a few seconds were very welcome indeed. I would certainly recommend it and will be going back.

The people were lovely, and I got to have a coffee with Geraldine after the class. I could have spoken to her all night! You see, this was the first time that I had met her in person although I’ve been tweeting with her for quite some time now.

After the class, had it not been earlier I probably would have attempted a run but I’m thanking my lucky stars just now that I didn’t. My body is quite sore and I think it would have been too much. I’m absolutely shattered today so apart from a walk, I think I will have a rest day.

Tomorrow I have my second personal training session with Mark , I’m looking forward to being put through my paces but I’m thinking that he’s going to step it up a little… So a rest this weekend may be justified… Until tomorrow…

Personal Training Session


I had a 6am session yesterday and today I want to die for I am in an incredible amount if pain. However, it is a good pain, an a complicated pain…. And I did accomplish a lot in that session and pushed my body probably the furthest that it’s ever gone.

We did the bike to warm up, kettle bells, normal weights, squats and abdominal work. I went into the session close to tears because over the weekend I had eaten not very well at a family BBQ and u also had some cava too. I felt that I had let myself down but after a chat with my trainer, he put a few things into perspective for me.

I know that I’m working hard, for the days that I am not training with him, I am running ( although if tired I do take time off but make sure I walk). I just need to remind myself that I have only been hard at it for approx 7 weeks and I have had someone comment telling me that she noticed that my weight was flying off.

So today I am hoping to walk to school on way home, do a run or attend my first metafit class at the Western Tennis Club. Someone said to me at the school gates yesterday “are you nuts paying all that money ? I’ll shout at you to exercise”. I said no thanks, I prefer being told how to do it properly, safely and professionally. What I was really thinking was… As you stand there with your cigarette hanging out your mouth, and the skin that goes a long with it, i’d rather poke my eyes out …

Again, as I’ve said before, until you’ve really pushed yourself to the limit, you’ll never understand the feelings that come a long with it.its a discipline and to feel fit is just amazing…bring on Friday’s 06:00am session!

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