Summertime Memories

I have been a busy bee! After getting my holidays finalised,I  booked flights with Canadian Affair , to Toronto! I’m going home for 3 weeks with my daughter and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been pretty homesick of late and although we were all supposed to go home for a holiday as a family, the flights increased and well, we just couldnt afford it so my husband will be staying back with my two year old.
I haven’t been home to experience a proper Canadian summer in years and I cannot wait until my daughter is able to do this with me. I have many fond memories of my summers growing up and to be able to show my daughter some of those things, is in my mind a blessing.  From the usual smells of freshly cut grass, the fireflies with their glowing bellies , campfires with their usual smoky odours and sitting by the beach with a cup of coffee in hand the excitement is almost too much and I feel like a kid again myself, about to burst. … I just really can’t wait to experience all that my home town and neighbouring towns, have to offer but this time with my own child who will be making her own memories.
I have known most of the people that I will be visiting, for practically all my life and now its their kids and mine who will be forging strong bonds and relationships whilst us adults reminice by the fire.Also, one of the lovliest things is that M will be spending time with her aunty, uncle,grannie and her cousins!  We will be doing things like taking the kids Camping,going to Canada’s Wonderland  , Niagra Falls to visit Great Wolf Lodge and various water parks, going for Ice Cream at Lorna Doons which I used to go to and spending quality time enjoying everyones company.
There is talk about going to Algonquin Park with a canoe and doing a trek, paddling through the water looking for the local wildlife, hoping not to encounter any bears at a close distance, but catching sight of them if possible a long with moose etc. I don’t know what we will see but whatever we do, chances are it will be a first for my daughter.  We haven’t had these types of “firsts” since she was a brand new baby just brought home.
I’m hoping that before we go, I can purchase a new camera to catch these moments, which I will blog and maybe even vlog about because the trip will be jam packed and I want her to be able to have something to look back on in print and pictures.
Are you going anywhere this summer? Have you ever taken your kids back home to experience what you did as a child?

Scotland-The Beautiful Staycation

Scotland is my home and has been for over 20 years but it was not where i grew up or where I was born. Its is my husbands place of birth and also my kids, close friends and My mother.. but not my father or sisters.

I made the decision to come here when I was 15, from my home in Canada and I don’t regret it but would love to one day return to my place of birth for a while and show my kids when they are old enough to understand and appreicate it for the beautiful place that it is. I hope that this day comes sooner rather than later, although both children have been over but they are too young to remember it unfortunately. Until then, we have my second home and their first, to experience and live in.

I am very much in love with Scotland and its people, but certainly not the weather but I think the other two outweigh that and I want to take some time this summer to explore the places that I still haven’t been too and also re visit the places I have spent time in and loved.  One of these places would be Stornoway. This is the most beautiful Island with equally beautiful people and we are lucky enough that we have many friends up in this part of Scotland that we can visit and stay with.

It was never unusual for me to pack thunderpants into the car at 05:00am , to catch the Ullapool to Stornoway at 10:25 and drive the 200+ miles just to go and visit friends for a few days whilst the husband stayed in Glasgow to work but I ama bit of a free spirit and spontaneous , so it was never anything that took much planning.

Their beaches are some of the mid stunning that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, better and more beautiful than those abroad. They aren’t overcrowded at all and it’s not unusual to just outch

The drive up North never gets old with me and I never tire of the views at all. I wish that I could spend a bit more time in the smaller towns like Kingussie, Dingwall, Gairloch and head up even further to Achiltibuie and the Summer Isles.. we spent some time there visiting my sister when she was working up in one of the hotels and it was absolutely stunning. I always wanted to be one of those families who could tour the North in a motorhome and just decided on a day to day basis, what to do and where to go.. no agenda as such but a relaxed time taking in things like views, food, getting a feel for the town and people and enjoying the experience.



Brit mums”If I could have one day to myself”…

I am going to have to take this out of context slightly as I do often have a day or two to myself now that Thunderpants is at nursery and my hours have changed. However, on my days off, I am either having a PND meet up, volunteering at rape crisis, or meeting friends ect Continue reading “Brit mums”If I could have one day to myself”…”

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