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It’s that time again! Time to link up to Oliver’s Madhouse and to stop and remember just how blessed we are. It’s often hard when life goes so fast, to always appreciate what we have so it’s nice to have this linky:)

On Saturday morning, I had decided last minute that I would have a girls only day with Thunderpants. I have been feeling like we just don’t get a long but wanted to change and make more if an effort with her.

I asked what she wanted to do and her idea was the cinema. I also suggested a few other activities and out of them all she chose ice cream and having her nails painted. On our way to the cinema she saw a travel agents and as we had recently discussed going home to Canada and Disneyland Florida, she wanted to go in.

We priced up flights and all in one packages and although we can’t afford it this year, we may be able to go to Paris instead and then go home to Canada in the summer. As we had time and peace to talk, I asked her what her ultimate holiday would be to which she responded “to go to Canada and see all of her friends and family as she misses them”.

It was nice for us to be able to chat, not have to rush back for feeds or be distracted. It was all about my full attention on her and not saying things like “no, we haven’t for time to do that” or “maybe another time when we aren’t so rushed” etc.

It made me realise how little time I spend with her on a one to one basis and how the time is there at weekends and I need to utilise it more. Also, she really is a special little girl who just loves to play and have me all to herself. Nowt wrong with that:) We need to remind ourselves that our children are blessings and amazing when times are tough.

Here are some pics of what we did:)


We then finished up the evening with a McDonalds, a swim in the pool, a bath together and me putting her to bed. What was your magic moment?

Magic Moments:Linky 27/5/2013

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I have finally had a chance to link up with The Olivers Madhouse and her magic Moments linky. Call it fate but I think that it is just what I needed this morning due to many things. The weather is a bit dreich, the news depressing and my mind is racing at speeds of a million miles per hour and one thing which is particularly bothersome is the inevitable return to work after maternity leave.

Its not always easy to stop and take notice of the more important things in life, the things that we take for granted and I think that this is why I got the prompt about the linky. I need to stop, be mindful and appreciate and be thankful for those little magic moments of which I have been blessed with many, I just didn’t realise or remember … until now.

I don’t know which one to choose so I will use one from last night which meant a lot.. here is why. As some of you may or may not know, I had post natal depression with both of my children. It was much worse with Thunderpants and it was why I started writing my blog in the first place. Once i managed it and took steps to get through it,the experience became a positive one, it helped me use my experience to help other women and men and it made me stronger and a better parent.

The magic comes in the form of my relationship improving day by day with my daughter. Her and I clash big time, we have the same fire and feisty temperaments which means we really just dont get a long even though she is only 5 as we are in constant battles with one another. I used to put it down to me not bonding with her at birth due to being so ill but that simply isn’t true at all. yes I bonded much quicker with her brother who is 13 weeks old now, but its about personality and that’s it. No thinking deeply, no taking on board what the “experts” say, just accepting it.

Last night her Dad was out and I had put Bubblebutt to bed, it was just her and I. I had been thinking throughout the day after a difficult weekend of clashing with her and just decided to throw caution to the wind, letting her stay up late and having a cuddle on the couch whilst watching a movie. We had a fantastic time, no arguing and plenty of talking and apologizing from both of us. We are mindful of how we can be with one another but she knows that I love her and I know that she loves me.

I feel that we climbed a mountain this weekend but last night we got to the top. That was my magic moment this holiday weekend, what was yours? Have a look and link up because you just might surprise yourself at how great life can be in the midst of so chaos…


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