Holiday Count Down

It’s that time of year when I always get homesick and as I started a new path in life this year, I had told friends and family that I was going to stay home this year and concentrate on building my new business. However, when the nights get lighter,we have a glimpse of the sun and I see regular updates and picture of things taking place at home… I want to return home. So I might if finances allow and I do think it will.

This year though,my best friend is coming over from Canada with her daughter and I will have my little bit of Canada at home, We plan on going to London,one of the Islands,camping and various other things which will make the 11 days that they are here,pass by very quickly but with memories to last a lifetime. I’m really lucky that I have friends in my life that I do as different ones have visited over the years and have taken time out not to mention spent a lot of money coming over. so I am very grateful to them for their efforts.

Since we are going to be doing differen’t things, I thought that after passing my diploma, and gaining a second income that I would treat myself to a new wardrobe.I haven’t shopped much for myself as this past year studying has been so busy and with working and family life, it meant that I didn’t really look after myself much and weight has piled on but I am addressing that.  So on one nightshift,I was looking through the usual websites and found something new , and I started spending money.. This is my first choice for our dinner in London,will be this “Self Portrait Black Dress”

I chose it as it’s slightly differeren’t to what I would normally choose for myself but that is what the next year will be about for me now that the presure is off and I no longer have to worry about loads of assignments needing to be handed in. I might actually learn howto finally apply make up .. better late than never! I want to get healthier as I really have let myself go and I don’t feel healthy at all. I am going back to my clean eating and getting the kids and husband involved again. It feels good to have made that decision and if the kids help out in making dinners and lunches,they will be more inclined to eat healthier with me. Don’t get me wrong,they are pretty good with fruit and veg but ideally, I’dlike to eradicate sweets altogether.

As for new and healthier lifestyle, I reckon I can get back down to my previous weight and I think my goal will be a night away with my husband,hotel,dinner and theatre wearing this dress 🙂

Image 1 of Needle & Thread Voluminous Tulle Embellished Dress

It’ a color that I don’t usually go for and I hope it suits membut teamed with some lovely shoes and jacket,I might be able to pull it off! What do you think?

For now,its time for a walk and to be on count down to my best friend coming and to start my healthy eating regime again. I will be updating my health and fitness part of the blog in the next few days and its great to be blogging again after what seems forever.  I do hope that my progress will motivate some of you who feel stuck in a rut and want to make that first step.  You owe it to yourself,first and foremost!


Getting Back To Me Bit By Bit

I have started getting back into running/exercise/gym and healthy eating. I think as spring approaches, I am coming out of hibernation and finally taking control of my eating and exercise habits again. I also have a trip back home to Canada to look forward to and I don’t want to have to hide away in jeans because I’m too ashamed of my weight to wear shorts a dress or a skirt. So I have made a few changes.
Nearly 2 weeks ago, I made a decision to give up bread because I have been feeling as though it is making me very bloated. I can go through 2 slices of toast followed by another 2 at lunch if I don’t meal plan and then sometimes I can eat 2 at bedtime. However, I wanted to see what effect – if any, it would have on my stomach and weight.
I’m pleased to say that I have felt so much “lighter”, and I have lost 2.5 lbs this week but that might also be down to using my “fitbit”, and following “Slimming World” un oficially. When I had toast in the morning though, I always felt a bit off until about lunch time and I like that I no longer have that feeling. It means that I am eating things like smoothies, porridge, fruit and healthy fry ups – YES , THEY CAN BE MADE 🙂
I’ve also been taking part in a few challenges within the fitbit community and racking up at least 15000 a day which is well over the recommended 10 000. I’m using my couch to 5k app from time to time and eating tremedously well which means my sugar cravings are coming down big time. I can also notice a difference in my moods. Usually around the time of my period, Iget very anxious and angry but this time I dont crave unhealthy foods and I feel more “stable”. I may have the odd 99 calorie milky way or packet of crisps but I don’t really crave it anymore.
Another healthy change that I have made is recognising the foods which upset my hiatus hernia, such as citrus fruits which is unfortunate as I love oranges and grapefruit but I just feel like it isn’t worth the discomfort and pain. Next on my list, I am going to try and replace normal milk with almond or rice milk to see if there is any link with that too.  I’m totally into the clean eating thing and am following it as much as possible. If you look at my previous posts, you’ll see that I make everything from scratch which is of great benefit to m

Diet Chef:Final Week!

Well everyone, I have completed 4 weeks of Diet Chef and I’m sorry that this post is a whole week late due to the eldest child starting back at school and us going back to a routine.. I have my results!

If you remember, I had wanted to lose 4lbs in my final week and was really going crazy with the exercise .. However, this didn’t go to plan and I lost 1lb and 1 inch from my thighs and I think approx 1 inch from my bust as well. Talk about happy! I couldn’t be more delighted at that weight/inch loss. Its amazing for me to be 1 lb off of a stone loss because although I have been working so hard to achieve,  I was a bit skeptical at the start as I just felt that it was  just”TOO EASY”. The proof though is in my results and I will keep on achieving.. I have now gained the understanding about portion control and cutting out alcohol during the week.

I have to say that Diet Chef really has made me sit up and face what was looking back at me in the mirror.. challenge the denial and take responsibility. I didn’t have to worry about going hungry, I could plan my week better and I even found time to relax more in the evening because I didn’t need to pre plan what I was taking to work and as I said in a previous post it made getting the dinners for the rest of the family, even easier.

My experience with Diet Chef has been a positive one and I would thoroughly recommend buying from them because you will lose weight if you follow the plan, and you’ll feel fantastic too. I never felt that I was on a diet because it wasn’t, it was healthy eating and portion control with amazingly yuummy meals.  I challenge you to try it! My next challenge will be to lose another stone for Christmas as I have been motivated and I’d even say that I am on a high. When my daugter went back to school last week, some of the parents that I hadn’t seen this summer, had noticed my weight loss. That is a great feeling.


*Thank you to Diet Chef for allowing me to have a 1 month free trial. All opinions are based on my experience and I have not been paid to say anything other than how I felt and what I experienced.

Winning the Weight loss War

I’m two days post work out from Gymguymark and I still feel pain. I did work out yesterday as well and attempted “Insanity” I did not finish it but when you have a 15 month old sleeping in the next room, trying to be light on ones feet, is virtually impossible especially when you have an extra 2 stone of weight on you. So I abandoned it and went back to old faithfyl, “Jillian Michaels, 20 day shred”.

I weighed myself today and I have lost another 2 lbs which takes me to a total of 10lbs in weight loss… I sent out a tweet and thanked Mark for his encouragement and he said it was me doing all of the hard work through exercise and a proper diet. Yes, this is true but when you have the backing of a clued up , educated and motivating personal trainer… it kind of makes it a little bit easier to maintain your goal!

I am really excited to be 4 lbs away from a full stone weight loss. I have a pair of jeans that I have been trying on each week and I can notice that they are becoming easier and easier to get fastened. I remember when they wouldn’t even go past my thighs! Even more crazy is that I am contemplating buying a bikini for my holiday in July as I reckon I can lose the 4lbs before we go away. It would bring me down to a more comfortable size 14 and that would really make me one happy lady. Even if I don’t see the scales move, I k now that the inches are going and I cant wait until next week to see what I have lost as Mark is measuring me every two weeks.

Just seeing the muscles beginning to form, some definition, really motivates me so much and I can imagine what can be achieved if I keep up the hard work. I am planning on doing two 5k run/walks this weekend and I have my shred, the gym and personal training session to look forward to. The other thing that I hold as a success is the fact that I haven’t over eaten on my night shifts and instead I have snacked on salad and fruit with water. I am really wanting to make an effort to “eat clean”, I do second guess what I am buying from the supermarket and look at the ingredients as well as the nutritional content.

This week I have done a bit of meal planning for our Dinners and here is what is on the menu for us.

Monday: Pork meatballs with “free from” spaghetti and salad on the side

Tuesday: Mussles for me with salad and Smoked haddock and home made chips for the family

Wednesday: Chicken Jalfreizi courtesy of the “Hairy Dieters”

Thursday: Lentil and Vegetable curry

Friday: Baked potatoes with tuna

Saturday: Another “Fake away”- Beef and veg chow mein

Sunday: Unknown

I can’t wait to update on more weight and inch loss! WHat have you got planned in terms of exercise and diet?

Meal Plannning Monday:17/03/2014

Meal Planning Monday


I have fallen by the wayside once again but I'm back and I am participating in Mrs M's "meal Planning Monday" Linky.

I have discovered a love for chickpeas.. I made a dhal a few weeks ago and the children loved it. I also found out just how nutritious they are and made sure to search out more recipes that had them! So here is my meal plan for the week. If you wish to link up, just pop on over to Mrs M's blog!


Monday: Left over meatballs with pasta that the husband made. he's a pretty good cook and added red wine to the sauce.

Tuesday:Roast Chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes and carrots. I am using the slow cooker for the chicken. i added some spices and a few strips of back for some added flavor

Wednesday: Chickpea and Spinach Stew. I'm excited about this recipe and I hope that the kids will eat it as I don't cook a lot of things with spinach added.

Thursday: Spinach and Feta Cannelloni - Its not a recipe that is as healthy as I normally cook but my rule is 80/20. You can't deprive yourself!

Friday: Chicken Wrapped in bacon with philly inside. adding veg to this .. its a recipe I do a lot because its very tasty.

Saturday; take away as babysitting the cousins

Sunday: Roast Beef and all of the trimmings!


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