My Plan Has Arrived

Yaay!!! I was so excited to hear the “ping” of my emails yesterday and the arrival of my BodyCoach Plan… It’s here, it’s here!!!

I couldn’t really get a good look at it when it first came through because I was doing my training for Oncology Massage, in the West End, so I emailed it to my husband and asked him to download and print it out. He actually hole punched it and added it to a folder which made it even easier to look through.

So, I had decided to go for the vegetarian option. I’m not completely veggie but I wanted to keep costs low and get as much nutrients into me as possible and I think that this is a really good way to do it. I will miss chicken most and there’s different types of fish that I wouldn’t normally eat but I knew this before I signed up, so it’s not at all a shock or disappointment. I did have my friend Jo send hers over and some of her meat recipes look great, but I know I made the right decision.

I like that there are a lot of amazing recipes to choose from, and I mean a lot in cycle 1. I was nervous that there wouldn’t be but safe to say that there is no chance that I’ll be lost for ideas. The only thing that I have to say is that there isn’t a lot of snack ideas but as it’s only cycle 1, I’m not going to complain and moan about it!

Now, the whole idea is 3 main meals with two snacks in between and at least 3 litres of water.. on rest days, all meals are low carb and in training days, I have a refuel meal at least 60-90 mins after my HIIT session. This is more than I am used to eating in a day but I think this is also one of the reasons why I have gained weight.

We decided last night that I could have a last take away and a bottle of fizz! Here’s what we had… chicken fried rice, chick balls, chips and egg rolls! Oh, and a bottle of prosecco.

Tonight I will go shopping and pick up the things that I will need for the next 4 days recipes. I’ll do my first HIIT in the morning and I’ll probably head on over to Instagram and YouTube for my very first impressions.

I have done a lot of HIIT in the past with @Gymguymark so it won’t be a shocker for me although I’m really not all that fit at the moment! I’m also used to having 1 hr sessions so 30 mins is going to seem really odd and almost incomplete for me. I do love exercise, but I just got so busy studying and caught up with starting my own business as well as having two young kids, that I lost myself.

I’ll post my “before” pics, and measurements, tomorrow… well maybe not the pics but my weight reading. I hope to achieve a lot in the next 4 weeks… it’s almost 4 weeks to the day that I turn 40!


Have you tried The Body Coach?



Hi All

Just a quick update on how I am doing fitness wise.. I am really pleased with my weight loss which is 4lbs so far and how well I am feeling within myself. I was at the gym on Friday night with a friend and walked 5k prior to that. I have become so inspired by the “This girl can” campaign which you may have seen adverts on tv or social media, that I am not afraid to post a short video of me running a few weeks ago.

I’d like to maybe enter into the world of vlogging with some more videos on progress to inspire others that small changes lead to bigger changes and challenges. I finally figured out how to use my fitbit properly thanks to one of my friends on twitter and its all go with my goals! Still debating Tough Mudder, it all depends on time off of work but I would love to do it for a second year running. If not, I will just continue with what I am currently doing, mixing it up with more weights and HIIT.

Today I am going to introduce some hills into my running as I have the luxury of living next to a field where there are 3 pretty good ones and although I don’t imagine that I will be able to run up more than 3 times, I’m trying because THIS GIRL CAN 🙂
What are you planning on with your goals for the week?

Monthly Meal Plan

Due to our upcoming trip this summer to Canada and wanting to pay more money towards our mortgage, I am doing more over time at work and tightening our belts when it comes to spending. I’ve always liked a good bargain and I have always been someone who loves to cook, especially for the family and I have been following a few websites such as “Feed your Family for around £20“,  which is absolutely ace, whilst coming up with even more ways to save money when it comes to our food. I have also seen us throw out less and less and that also means spending less on fresh fruit and veg, instead using it for sauces etc. If you look at the pic below, you can see the counter full of food that was purchased, and a bit of the shopping list I used.


Today was pay day and I decided to do an overhaul of everything and that’s when I came up with a whole months worth of healthy meal planning which you can see below. I went to the shop and spent £64.00 and it is going to do us for the whole month food wise because I simply sat down and worked it out. It’s not difficult and took me a little over 20 mins, shopping took about 20 mins too and batch cooking for some meals took about an hour.

I don’t know why people don’t do more of this, especially those who have to live on smaller budgets because it really is much healthier and less expensive. I know that time is a factor but after the kids go to bed you can plan your menu and then pop off to the shops the following day or night. Also, cooking can be done at night or when the kids are at school/napping and its really that easy.

I used our local Aldi store and didn’t have to venture to the usual supermarkets to purchase items, but was able to get all that I needed because I am quite familiar with what they stock and based our ideas around that. I haven’t had to pick up  anything at all this month and as we are into week 3 of my personal challenge, with plenty of meals still to be made. I realise that I was spending far too much before and now  £15 can feed us for a week without going hungry where as before I would go into the supermarket and spend that on one meal alone.

Here is what we got and some of the meals that I prepared, saving us over £200 this month alone.



Although it may seem like its easier and cheap to use jars for sauces, I really do shy away now from buying them and now make things such as naan bread as you can see above and pasta sauces. its a great way to use up and not waste. If you feel that your fruit could go to waste, put it in the freezer or make a loaf of banana bread. Veg makes great soup and sauces but can be used in loads of different soups and you can freeze things too.


I also buy less breast meat and more thighs when it comes to chicken and I bought two packs with 6 chicken thighs in each which meant cooking them all at once, cooling and then freezing. They were handy for curries as well as fajitas , soups and risotto.


So what do you think, could you meal plan and save more each month? Or do you do this already and get it even cheaper? I’d love to know your recipes.


Weekly Exercise Plan


I returned to Mark, aka- GymGuyMark, my  personal trainer last week and had my measurements and weight taken and found that I lost another 2lbs. I had been away from exercise due to my trip home to Canada and everything that happened there but I’m delighted to be back into the swing of things. We had a fantastic session together and I did some running on the treadmill, used the rowing machine, did squats with the medicine ball, hillclimbers and the plank. I like the way that he mixes our sessions up and the variety of exercises that we do and I never get bored at all. I highly recommend Mark, especially if you live in and around the Glasgow area because he’s fantastic.

As I have a lot on and can only have 1 session (usually) per week with him, I am going to log all exercise that I undertake and it means that I have recorded not only my meals as in this post here but I can direct Mark to the activity that I am doing when not in a session with him. This means that he can tell me if I’m doing enough or too much (highly doubt it).  He can also tell me if my diet is lacking in anything or if I’m eating too much of any one thing as sometimes I can be guilty of that, especially with carbs!

Monday: Up at 6am, walk dog for 30mins and go to gym for 7am where I plan on running on the treadmnill for 30 mins. I need to be back to get the children up and Daughter ready for school. If all goes to plan, we will either walk or cycle.

Tuesday: Up at 6am, walk dog for 1 hr, walk to school weather permitting. Also take in a body pump class in the evening.

Wednesday: up for 7am, walk dog for 30 mins, walk to school. Swim at night before night shift. Will try to fit in a session with Mark if he’s available.

Thursday: walk dog for 30mins , not much in the way of exercise as nightshift KILLS me

Friday: walk dog 30 mins. When I wake, a possibility of a swim or another dog walk.

Saturday: Run with Daughter , taking dog. We decided that we would do the Santa Dash on the 23rd November and she is keen to try running, so I will introduce her to the “Couch to 5k”

Sunday: It’s my birthday .. a family walk with the dog.




Meal Planning Monday

My friend and I were discussing how much we spend on a weekly shop, she didn’t think that it could be possible to spend the amount that I do and get a full weeks shop but has challenged herself this week. I have challenged myself to make EVERYTHING home made and under £30.00 as I really need to save money and because I’m trying to make our diet as healthy as can be and eat clean. Due to my shifts, there will be two days where I don’t include a lunch idea because I am night shift and obviously won’t be up to eat.  For breakfasts, it is always porridge and whatever fresh food we have at hand,  which I felt wasn’t necessary to add.


Lunch: Homemade lentil Soup- I have the lentils already and some veg.

Dinner: Steak Pie , I only have to purchase the beef and sausages as I already have the pastry and it will be served with potatoes, carrots and roasted veg.


Lunch: Bacon and Sweetcorn Chowder

Dinner: Asparagus and Pea Risotto


Lunch: Grilled Veg and Hummus Wraps- I’m making the wraps myself from a recipe found on line, I think this can be used to make pizza bases as well, which if it works we will also use this for Friday and what we have planned then.

Dinner:Chicken Jalfreizi- its a family favorite in our house and its a recipe from the Hairy Dieters Cookbook.


Dinner: Homemade Beef Burgers and Homemade Wedges


Dinner: I’ve had a request from my daughter to make my Homemade Chicken Nuggets which use Parmesan and breadcrumbs, and also Homemade Pizza where the kids add their own toppings.


Lunch: Vegetarian sausages and Eggs

Dinner:Vegetarian Lasagne and Homemade garlic bread.

I am going to possibly go over my £30 but we now have an Aldi and a LIDL which have recently opened up and their prices are fantastic so I might just get away with it!

Thanks to Mrs M for making this linky possible, its a fantastic way to save money and keep healthy! Head on over and link up , there’s a lot of inspiring recipes to see and its interesting to see how others budget and plan.


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