Weekly Exercise Plan


I returned to Mark, aka- GymGuyMark, my  personal trainer last week and had my measurements and weight taken and found that I lost another 2lbs. I had been away from exercise due to my trip home to Canada and everything that happened there but I’m delighted to be back into the swing of things. We had a fantastic session together and I did some running on the treadmill, used the rowing machine, did squats with the medicine ball, hillclimbers and the plank. I like the way that he mixes our sessions up and the variety of exercises that we do and I never get bored at all. I highly recommend Mark, especially if you live in and around the Glasgow area because he’s fantastic.

As I have a lot on and can only have 1 session (usually) per week with him, I am going to log all exercise that I undertake and it means that I have recorded not only my meals as in this post here but I can direct Mark to the activity that I am doing when not in a session with him. This means that he can tell me if I’m doing enough or too much (highly doubt it).  He can also tell me if my diet is lacking in anything or if I’m eating too much of any one thing as sometimes I can be guilty of that, especially with carbs!

Monday: Up at 6am, walk dog for 30mins and go to gym for 7am where I plan on running on the treadmnill for 30 mins. I need to be back to get the children up and Daughter ready for school. If all goes to plan, we will either walk or cycle.

Tuesday: Up at 6am, walk dog for 1 hr, walk to school weather permitting. Also take in a body pump class in the evening.

Wednesday: up for 7am, walk dog for 30 mins, walk to school. Swim at night before night shift. Will try to fit in a session with Mark if he’s available.

Thursday: walk dog for 30mins , not much in the way of exercise as nightshift KILLS me

Friday: walk dog 30 mins. When I wake, a possibility of a swim or another dog walk.

Saturday: Run with Daughter , taking dog. We decided that we would do the Santa Dash on the 23rd November and she is keen to try running, so I will introduce her to the “Couch to 5k”

Sunday: It’s my birthday .. a family walk with the dog.




Sessions With The Gym Master


So, I have been seeing my personal trainer @GymGuyMark for quite some time and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions, we chat and have some pretty good banter and I really look forward to my sessions as I can off load and its my 1 hr where I can just de stress.

It’s taken me a while to get my head around some of the nutrition issues that I have had but I think that I have cracked it AND stopped drinking wine during the week! Never thought I would hear myself say that but it was something that I knew I needed to do for many reasons but that I just needed to let it happen and it did. I like the no hang over feeling, the not eating shit the following day because of drinking and the hang over depression. I will have the odd drink now and again, but defo not worth it during the week and with young kids,

Of course when I told Mark, he congratulated me and said that my weight loss was now going to come down to what I eat and how much I exercise. I think I was kidding myself on when I thought that if I saved some calories and had a few drinks in the evening, that I would still lose weight. Not true. Not at all. You can’t go out and drink , eat rubbish and cancel it out with a gym session. It really just doesn’t work that way but you would be surprised at just how many people think that way, myself included.

So my food diary will be brought back into sessions with Mark, I fell behind on that but I have been tracking with the “My fitness Pal” app but as Mark said to me, tracking and writing it down for some reason, seems to be more effective. I might include it in my weekly blog posts when I remember ….



Winning the Weight loss War

I’m two days post work out from Gymguymark and I still feel pain. I did work out yesterday as well and attempted “Insanity” I did not finish it but when you have a 15 month old sleeping in the next room, trying to be light on ones feet, is virtually impossible especially when you have an extra 2 stone of weight on you. So I abandoned it and went back to old faithfyl, “Jillian Michaels, 20 day shred”.

I weighed myself today and I have lost another 2 lbs which takes me to a total of 10lbs in weight loss… I sent out a tweet and thanked Mark for his encouragement and he said it was me doing all of the hard work through exercise and a proper diet. Yes, this is true but when you have the backing of a clued up , educated and motivating personal trainer… it kind of makes it a little bit easier to maintain your goal!

I am really excited to be 4 lbs away from a full stone weight loss. I have a pair of jeans that I have been trying on each week and I can notice that they are becoming easier and easier to get fastened. I remember when they wouldn’t even go past my thighs! Even more crazy is that I am contemplating buying a bikini for my holiday in July as I reckon I can lose the 4lbs before we go away. It would bring me down to a more comfortable size 14 and that would really make me one happy lady. Even if I don’t see the scales move, I k now that the inches are going and I cant wait until next week to see what I have lost as Mark is measuring me every two weeks.

Just seeing the muscles beginning to form, some definition, really motivates me so much and I can imagine what can be achieved if I keep up the hard work. I am planning on doing two 5k run/walks this weekend and I have my shred, the gym and personal training session to look forward to. The other thing that I hold as a success is the fact that I haven’t over eaten on my night shifts and instead I have snacked on salad and fruit with water. I am really wanting to make an effort to “eat clean”, I do second guess what I am buying from the supermarket and look at the ingredients as well as the nutritional content.

This week I have done a bit of meal planning for our Dinners and here is what is on the menu for us.

Monday: Pork meatballs with “free from” spaghetti and salad on the side

Tuesday: Mussles for me with salad and Smoked haddock and home made chips for the family

Wednesday: Chicken Jalfreizi courtesy of the “Hairy Dieters”

Thursday: Lentil and Vegetable curry

Friday: Baked potatoes with tuna

Saturday: Another “Fake away”- Beef and veg chow mein

Sunday: Unknown

I can’t wait to update on more weight and inch loss! WHat have you got planned in terms of exercise and diet?

A Little Bit of Pain ….

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A Little bit of pain never hurt anyone, right? That’s what I was keeping in mind today when I was being put through my paces by the “The Punisher”aka, GymGuyMark at the Western Tennis Club earlier this afternoon. I’ve given him a new nickname because today’s session was hard. I over indulged this weekend and I got the talking to that I quite rightly deserved. Consider me having my hand slapped…

This past weekend, we were given a holiday cabin to review and because some family came with us and we did the usual BBQ and drinks,of which I took part in  knowing that what I was eating, really wasn’t any good for me and by making the choices, it just sets me back that little bit more. My two stone gain over the past 7 years really didn’t happen by choice and if I want to lose it any time soon, I need to stop making excuses and know that its all about something simple … Choice.

So today, we took measurements and reality well and truly kicked in. I was at one point a 28″ waist and always took great pride in how small it was but after Mark measured me today, I got a huge shock. It was a shock because I have read the statistics about women who’s waists are over a certain measurement are more prone to certain cancers and also prone to heart attacks. I don’t want to be a statistic and I want to be a role model for my children but more importantly, I want to be around for them as they grow up. Sounds like a cliche but in my job, I hear of at least 3-4 people per shift calling up about chest pain and other illnesses.

Now, for a difficult thing.. Measurements. I said that I would post them and I will be true to my word. I don’t mind so much about doing it because I know that this will not be me forever. I have gotten my weight down before after having my first and I will get it down again. This time though, I am not just about losing the pounds but very much about sculpting and toning. Looking healthy, showing the work that I have put in and let me tell you.. It is really hard.

So here goes… Waist: 36.7     Thigh:26

Chest: 41.8     Upper Arm:13.4

Hips: 44.5

In today’s session we started with the bike for a warm up, weights, abdo, weights machine and a grueling exercise where Mark put rope around my stomach and he held on behind me and I had to run and pull him along. I thought I was going to puke but there was sense of achievement after… proceeded by launching a bottle of water at him after we were finished. I’m pretty lucky he has a sense of humor cause with his back round in martial arts, I’m sure he could do some damage!

Stay tuned for  more updates on my weight loss challenge with “The Punisher”!

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