My Plan Has Arrived

Yaay!!! I was so excited to hear the “ping” of my emails yesterday and the arrival of my BodyCoach Plan… It’s here, it’s here!!!

I couldn’t really get a good look at it when it first came through because I was doing my training for Oncology Massage, in the West End, so I emailed it to my husband and asked him to download and print it out. He actually hole punched it and added it to a folder which made it even easier to look through.

So, I had decided to go for the vegetarian option. I’m not completely veggie but I wanted to keep costs low and get as much nutrients into me as possible and I think that this is a really good way to do it. I will miss chicken most and there’s different types of fish that I wouldn’t normally eat but I knew this before I signed up, so it’s not at all a shock or disappointment. I did have my friend Jo send hers over and some of her meat recipes look great, but I know I made the right decision.

I like that there are a lot of amazing recipes to choose from, and I mean a lot in cycle 1. I was nervous that there wouldn’t be but safe to say that there is no chance that I’ll be lost for ideas. The only thing that I have to say is that there isn’t a lot of snack ideas but as it’s only cycle 1, I’m not going to complain and moan about it!

Now, the whole idea is 3 main meals with two snacks in between and at least 3 litres of water.. on rest days, all meals are low carb and in training days, I have a refuel meal at least 60-90 mins after my HIIT session. This is more than I am used to eating in a day but I think this is also one of the reasons why I have gained weight.

We decided last night that I could have a last take away and a bottle of fizz! Here’s what we had… chicken fried rice, chick balls, chips and egg rolls! Oh, and a bottle of prosecco.

Tonight I will go shopping and pick up the things that I will need for the next 4 days recipes. I’ll do my first HIIT in the morning and I’ll probably head on over to Instagram and YouTube for my very first impressions.

I have done a lot of HIIT in the past with @Gymguymark so it won’t be a shocker for me although I’m really not all that fit at the moment! I’m also used to having 1 hr sessions so 30 mins is going to seem really odd and almost incomplete for me. I do love exercise, but I just got so busy studying and caught up with starting my own business as well as having two young kids, that I lost myself.

I’ll post my “before” pics, and measurements, tomorrow… well maybe not the pics but my weight reading. I hope to achieve a lot in the next 4 weeks… it’s almost 4 weeks to the day that I turn 40!


Have you tried The Body Coach?

Update Post Laser Eye Surgery- Optical Express

Well folks, its been just over 6 months since I had my life changing surgery with Optical Express and I can still say that I am still surprised at how my sight is after wearing glasses for so many years of my life and wishing I had bit the bullet and just had it done earlier than at age 36. However, it’s done and I don’t regret a thing.

The strange thing that I find recently is that when I’m waking, for some reason I am trying to reach for my glasses still! Its very strange just how much it must still be on my mind and how our subconscious mind works. It knows that there has been changes but 6 months on, I am still adjusting more than I thought?

I actually found a pair of my old glasses and put them on, looked in the mirror and realised just how much I have changed and how my confidence has grown since I had it done. For example, I completed a personal challenge that I don’t think I would have if still wearing glasses, which was “Tough Mudder” in June and I have also started going to the gym more because there is no hiding from how much my weight had creeped up on me as I can see ALL the time now where as before , I could hide behind the not so perfect sight that my glasses gave me.

I also convinced a friend who had -9 sight, to have  the procedure and he had his eyes done in February, and hasn’t looked back. He too says that things have been amazing since , and its making his cycling and swimming much easier to do as he no longer has issues with glasses falling off or not being able to see in the pool.

Here is a review by actress Kathleen McDermott and her experience and why she chose to have her eyes done. Katherine also shares my opinion of the aftercare being amazing and how much the staff educate you on the procedure so that you can make an informed decision. If you are considering it, please do feel free to contact Optical Express or mail me and I can tell you more about how my life has changed for th



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The Commonwealth Games Are Here!

I remember driving along the clydeside expressway, after learning of the news that the Commonwealth Games would be coming to Glasgow in 2014. My husband said to me “Thundperpants will nearly be 7, can you believe it”? At this point, she was in the back of the car in her babyseat and was probably only a few months at the time. Life has changed so much and we also have another baby which is something that we wouldn’t have even thought of at the time!

Last night saw the opening ceremonies in Glasgow at Celtic Park. We watched it together and saw the Red Arrows fly over the house which was a very proud moment for us all. I think that they did us proud and really did show a true representation of all things Scotland. The thing is though, I’m in a bit of a pickle about who to support… I have spent more of my life here now but by birth I am Canadian. I left when I was 15, parents , some family and a lot of friends are still there and I still do call it “home”. My daughter asked me last night who I was rooting for and I told her it would be both but I’m sure there will come a time when both teams will be neck and neck and I probably won’t be able to watch.

I watch the news, hear the chat at work and see first hand, the atmosphere that has been created in Glasgow and my heart soars. I may not be born and bread but it’s the place that Is home for me now. Its amazing how friendly and accepting that the people of Glasgow are towards not only their own but people of different nationality. I experienced that when I first arrived here and I still do when people hear the twang in my accent. Its a very accepting city and I am sure that the people who have arrived as visitors and athletes, will come to learn that about Glasgow and Scottish people as a whole. I always said that if I moved home I would want to take the Scottish people with me!

So next week, my daughter, son , friends and I will go into the city centre to enjoy the events which are happening, and to enjoy the weather that we have been having. I hope to go to Glasgow Green, but one event that I really want to go to with some friends is the John Lewis “Tea on the Green”, in Royal Exchange Square. I want to sample some of their lovely food that is on offer. Being a frequent visitor to John Lewis in Glasgow, I know that I won’t be disappointed!

Have you been to Tea on the Green or any of the activities which are on offer? What did you think about the Opening Ceremonie

Snow Factor



Yesterday was all about some girl time with my daughter as we haven’t had much of it to spend with one another due to working most weekends and having a 17 month old who takes up a lot of our time. So I was delighted when I was asked to come along to Snow Factor, in Glasgow for a 30 min session of sledging.

We headed to Breahead 20 mins before our session to get fitted with some suitable clothing, and our safety helmets,  and we were then ready to brave the cold temperatures that were about to meet us. I welcomed the cold temp as it was still so very mild outside and although it felt so wrong to put on a jumper, and get our winter boots on, it was needed! We saw some people who were in jeans and I was thinking to myself that they would be in for a bit of a shock!

When our session was called, we were met by a lovely staff member who told us to pick up a sledge and he took us in to where the hill was, and explained the safety rules. We were then were told to have a great time and let loose, which we certainly did!


My daughter had probably one of the best mornings there, she loved the snow and got a workout when we walked back up the hill after going down. I think that the 30 min sessions are perfect because its enough time to have fun but not tire of it, and it holds the kids attention well. There were many happy people in the session that we attended and that was both adults and children, myself included in that.


The other facilities that we saw within Snow Factor was the snow boarding, skiing, ice wall and snow tubing down the ice track. I will be booking Thunderpants into some skiing lessons in preparation for the winter because at her age, I was a whiz on the slopes and I want to take her away in the winter for some skiing in Aviemore as a Christmas present. I used to have lots of fun when I was younger and I hope that she gets as much enjoyment from it as I did as it’s a fantastic sport and also very character building.

I would thoroughly recommend visiting Snow Factor, either as a fun activity to do with the kids , something for yourself or if like me you want to get the kids involved in snow boarding or skiing because its one of the best facilities that I have had the pleasure of attending.  Give them a follow on @Snow_Factor on twitter or on their Facebook page and look out for their fantastic events that they have coming up!


*Thank you to the staff at Snow Factor for allowing my daughter and I to share such a fun experience together.




The day I met Robbie



Last Sunday, I was invited a long to meet and train with Robbie Renwick, Scotlands award winning freestyle swimmer who is competing in Glasgow’s own Commonwealth Games next month, by Strathmore Water along with 6 other bloggers at LA Fitness in the city centre.

As someone who loves exercise and encourages my own daughter to be active, I really was excited to meet one of sports superstars to see what makes him so determined, focused and most of all, motivated. I think it takes a special kind of person to be able to rise at 05:00am train for a few hrs in the pool, go to the gym and continue this for 6 days a week. Yes, the places and people that he meets , visits and trains with are all equally remarkable but psychologically I believe there is an inner strength which few people have in order to maintain and compete at his level.

On Sunday morning, I woke with excitement. I was about to meet in my eyes, a superstar! As someone who has enjoyed sports from a very young age, skiing , skating, tennis, running, volleyball, basketball, etc. I wanted to know what Robbie thought about the lack of school teams here in Glasgow, something which I struggled with when I first came to Scotland. When we arrived at LA Fitness, we were given a bag which contained some nice goodies, and those who were going into the pool, were asked to change and meet at the pool side. . Robbie went through a series of techniques and also gave out some very handy training tips. From the start of the session to the end, there was a big difference in technique and it was amazing what can be accomplished in such a short space of time.


When we went through for the Q&A part of our session , He seemed to share my opionion that there wasn’t enough encouragement for sports in young people, that cost and lack of education were a big player. He also expressed that the government really is lacking in pushing sport but he remains positive that the Commonwealth Games might be what we need in Scotland. I have to say, I do remain skeptical about this but the campaign that he, Libby Clegg – the Paralympic Sprinter, and Dan Keatings who is an award winner for Pommel in Gymnastics, with Strathmore “Do More”, really is a step in the right direction. The Campaign is pretty much self explanitory in that Strathmore are encouraging and inspiring people to get out there, try , and really see the benefits of exercise and to coincide with the games, they have released 3 short films to help get their message across. You can find the films here as well as some really inspiring information for all ages. You don’t have to be part of a gym to exercise, things such as doing the school run by walking or cycling etc, really are small steps which can lead to a much bigger picture.

So why not try making small changes, see what they bring you and how much better you feel. Do it for you, do it for your kids if you have any but most of all, enjoy!

*Special thanks to the lovely team at Strathmore and Stripe Communications for letting me be part of such a wonderful even.



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