Fort Transformation

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and these can few and far between in Scotland so I put the kids outside  on the trampolene and I picked up a paintbrush and started on the kids fort. I had some white paint left over from when the Husband painted their bunk bed and I really only thought that I would get one panel done so was surprised when it did the whole first coat of the front. What a difference it makes as you can see below!
Later on, I took some bunting from last years garden decoration, to see what it would look like and although it needs a quick spin in the washing machine, I’m pleased as punch with the results. 
As night came, I thought I would put on the old Christmas lights which I purchased with the left over money on the card that I received from B&Q and then lit the lanterns I got as a bargain from Morrisons- they were only £0.50! I’m going to go back and see if they have anymore left because they would look lovely throughout the garden. 
Tomorrow I have the day free and I am going to go to a carpet shop to see if they have any off cuts, and pick up some blue paint to do the porch. My daughter had requested “sky lights” for inside which hope to find some perspex in either a charity shop or in a shop quite cheap. What do you think so far? Quite a difference from what we started off with, as you can see here. I hope to have the rest of it done in a few weeks time, let me know if you have any  tips or ideas!

Gardening Woes

Anyone who reads my blog over the summer knows that I took part in a linky about garden growing, and how miserable I was at trying to do something with it!No matter what I tried to grow whether it be flowers or vegetables, nothing seemed to work and I shed blood sweat and tears(ok, maybe not tears)…I just wanted this year to be different.
When researching on how to get the best out of my garden, I came across this articletalking about how we Brits spend almost 2 months of our lives mowing our lawns! It’s not totally unfathomable to me especially given my attempts at it over the summer – it was next to impossible to make it look the way I envisioned. Also, with the soil of our backyard being akin to old farmland type soil, it’s really hard to care for and maintain, despite how much we’ve tried.
It was also interesting to learn that it is not just mowing but weeding and edging our gardens was at the top of the list.
Weeding is something that I detest… We have a wooden deck/path that leads to the back garden and we put woodchip down, but unfortunately at the time, we didn’t do it properly and we have to pull the weeds up through the gaps and also down the sides.
I don’t know why we didn’t do it properly seeing as we didn’t have any kids at that point and had all the time in the world. Manager, Paula Rodham from Hi-Tech Turf also added that “the changing weather cycles actually make it a lot harder to look after a natural lawn. One month we experience hot dry weather, followed by a month of torrential rain in mid-summer that can ruin your lawn. Artificial grass is a viable alternative if you want a low maintenance lawn that will look lush and green whatever the seasons throw at us, and moreover with little less than no maintenance”.


As I mentioned above, the land around here is not very good and with the new houses that were built across the street, they have horrible damp gardens and people have generally built decks but one neighbour does use turf and I had no idea at first glance, or even second.

I can see why someone would use it because tending to a garden can be difficult even if you consider yourself a green thumb. Throw in a couple of kids and its darn near impossible to maintain it on top of all of the other things that you need to do!

Wouldn’t it just be nice to step out in the summer to something that doesn’t need to be maintained and for the few days that we do have of nice weather, that they would be better spent with the kids or doing something much more enjoyable in your backyard rather than tending to it?

How Does Your Garden Grow

I’ve decided to join in with the lovely Annie aka mammasaurus in her “How does your garden grow” linky.

Mine is a bit different to most as my garden really doesn’t grow well at all, and unless we come up with a few thousand pounds it will forever be a bit of a mess.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate our garden at all, quite the opposite. We have a lot of fun and it hosts the annual Christmas BBQ,summer BBQ’s and last night we hosted an end of school great Canadian BBQ for the kids and cousins.

Here are some of the pics:)




<div align="center"><a href="" title="Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

I need a Miracle!

I need someone to come in and do a complete overhaul with my garden. I thought that this year , I would be able to manage it better than previous years but so far, I am failing.


The garden has so much potential , but it also needs a lot of money put into it due to being so uneven. Our previous neighbour didn’t give a rats ass about how theirs looked and as it a communal garden (kind of), it didn’t really seem too bad as our part has usually been quite tidy. However, we now have a new neighbour who is fantastic at all things gardening and it’s quite motivating to see someone else’s handiwork.

The only thing going against us is time and money but I have been on Pinterest and seen what you can do with pallets. It’s absolutely amazing, the things that people do such as building decks, garden furniture,tree houses etc. This year I am having to start from scratch and re think the lay out and as we are able to get pallets for free, we may as well take advantage and go for it.

First things first, I need to map out where I am going to put flowers and fruit/veg. I have made a temporary hold for them where my flowers are starting to grow and I am also getting some strawberries!


As you can see in the pics, the grass /soil is pretty rubbish and it does make it difficult to grow things.. So we have tried something different this year.. Had a little help in the form of Flower Magic Flower Magic which was so easy to use and I wish that I had discovered this a few years ago. It’s so easy to use!

I used it 2 weeks ago so I’m now starting to see the start of what should be, a beautiful garden this year! I’m really excited as we have been here 6 or so years and despite previous efforts, we haven’t had much success.

Ideally I would like a “wild garden” with loads of flowers and a small veg patch. I think we can achieve it this year with a bit of hard work and patience. Watch this space and hopefully you’ll see a different set of pictures in months to come.

*i was sent this product to review but have not received any payment, all views are my own.

Gardening and WHICH? Magazine

The time is nearly upon us when we have ides of what to grow , how to transform our garden and what mistakes we can rectify from last years mistakes. So imagine my happiness when watching tv and an advert from WHICH? came on offering a free gardening guide , all I needed to do was call a free phone number 0800920160, to order .

When speaking to the operator, he asked me if I had grown my own veg and fruit before and I had mentioned that I had but that it didn’t always work out and I didn’t know if it was the soil or the slugs. He said that today they were offering a trial of 3 magazines of their proper gardening editions, for only £3.00. I was told that I could cancel after the three months as the price goes up to just under £30 for a subscription. Bargain here I come!

Its not just for economical reasons, that we want to be more self sustainable but there is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that you have made something grow and that it doesn’t have the usual pesticides and whatever else they do to it before it reaches the supermarket shelves and your home.

Its also a very good learning opportunity for Thunderpants, who loves seeing the end results and especially loved digging through the soil for her potatoes and carrots last year. She is also trying new veg and fruit that she possibly would not have tried otherwise and I feel that it also works along side the cbeebies show, Mr Blooms Nursery. I as a child ate a lot of home grown fruit and veg whether it be from my Dad’s efforts or those of my aunts. I remember the green beans especially that I helped to snap the ends off of and then cooked and cooled for a salad or had them hot with the rest of the dinner. We also had cucumber, tomatoes and beetroot which were usually combined or on their own with balsamic vinegar, oil and pepper. Very simple but nutritional and tasty.

I have also pinned various different ideas in pinterest to my boards and have ideas of old welly boots that no longer fit, to old crates and tea pots to plant herbs and wild flowers. There are so many things that can be done , I think it will be a mish mash of odd bod’s and craziness this year. I have always liked chaos , there is no reason for the garden to be left out in that.




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