The Camp: Pushing My Limits

I talked a lot about my emotional journey at the camp, and how it affected me whilst I was there which you can read about here, , but I need to tell you about what we faced physically and what we put our bodies through daily which brought tears of frustration but also tears of accomplishment – the mosy satisfying cry that a person will ever have in life which is mixed with relief and disbelief!

I’m talking about the times when you didn’t care about the exercises done in the pouring rain, when it was cold and when you thought the day wasn’t going to end. That didn’t matter because you achieved further results in each class that you did and with that achievementr brought more empowerment. It’s phenomenal what those emotions can do for someones determination,and well being and how an extra lunge or sprint can toughen you up so no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be ready for it.

There were times when we all wanted to give up but it was with the encouragement of the staff to take things session by session, to go harder and stronger than we have done in our own physical activities done pre camp,and to just try! Trying and doing is what gets you results in the end. We heard on many ocassion that the physical body can do so much more than one would think. I learned this very early on… I mean, the intructors have been on survival courses,have survived army tours and survived on a lot less than we were given in one meal. I think the camp was a lot less demanding than anything that they have experienced!

However, in saying that,it’s all relative to ones own life,right? So flipping lorrie tires,doing squats each time you put your hands on your hips and mountain climbers(groan), was what got us in shape and by the end of the week we sure were! The results were phenomenal with the weight and inch loss.I never thought that I could lose as much as I did in a week,but I did.. WE did.

I now know proper technique,thanks to our classes and I have gained a much better understanding about nutrition which I had hoped to do when signing up. What you eat and what you do really determine how you will look and feel. It isn’t rocket science and no “fad” diet can replace that. We had afantastic talk from qualified nutritionalist Amy, and she wasn’t telling us to do silly restrictive stuff but she explaiuned how to get the most out of our food. I was always someone who cooked our meals which I take great delight in but I have learned how to decrease sugars found in things that you wouldn’t normally and instead use things such as honey or pure maple syrup. I have also learned about why I often “crash” in the afternoon, and I switch my food groups around to avoid that. Its about working with what you have and cutting out any processed or foods containing too much sugar.

Amy also told us about differen’t books to consider purchasing, I did and I am now making “sweet potato”brownies for my kids! They have also started eating more brown rice too as well as opther really healthy snacks. Its great that its all had a knock on effect for the whole family and not just for me.

In my next post, I will reveal my weightloss….

Boot Camp!

I had mentioned in my last post that I had something to reveal… Well here it is! I have been given the opportunity to attend a week long boot camp to review and blog,  in the beautiful settings of a luxurious estate in Galloway. That’s right folks, I am heading to “The Camp“!! It’s like a dream come true and I can’t wait. I attend the boot camp from the 2nd to the 9th of May and I have slowly been getting body ready! It tells me that I could lose a dress size in a week and up to 6/7lbs.. under their watchful experienced and well educated eye!

I have heard many great things about “The Camp” and was really impressed by the history and why it got started , to the many qualified instructors and staff who are employed by the camp itself.  It is a woman’s only boot camp and I think that many are attracted to this as you feel more self conscious when in a setting of mixed company due to confidence issues and I feel that it creates a feeling of closeness and bonding (nothing against men, honest) and I am really looking forward to making new friends. The camp offers 2, 3 ,4, and 5 day flexible week boot camp as well. So if you’re needing a touch up to your already established fitness regime or just want to try it out to see what to expect on a 7 day course, the option is there.


I spoke with the lovely Pauline who arranged my stay for me and who I have been corresponding with since I was invited to come along.  She has been in touch to tell me about the items of clothing and equipment that I need – which really isn’t that much at all as most people who lead an active lifestyle will have. I will need to bring walking boots, clothing for outside/inside, indoor and outdoor shoes , swimming costume ect. just your usual workout gear which is comfortable and water proof for outside training.

So what’s a typical week like in The Camp? Have a look here and see what I will be up to!

Day 1 – Saturday

16.30 Introduction Brief in the Main Lounge

17.00 Chief Instructors Brief in the Stewart Lounge

17.30 Weigh in the Staff Room

18.30 Dinner

19.15 Intro to PT

20.00 Ice Breaking Session at the Fire Pit

Day 2 – Sunday

06.00 Morning PT. PTI’s Fitness Test

07.00 Breakfast

08.00 Lecture on Fitness Principles and HR with Swiss Balls

09.30 Trim Trail Outside

10.30 Snacks

11.00 Stretching Lecture and Session

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Walk in Penninghame area

14.30 Snacks Outside

16.00 Intro to boxing and foam rollers

17.30 Dinner

18.00 Injury Clinic in the Clinic Room

Day 3 – Monday

06.00 Morning PT/Insanity

07.00 Breakfast

07.45 Personal Training Lecture

08.50 Trim trail Outside

10.15 Snacks

10.45 Boxing Circuit

12.00 Lunch

12.30 Hike to Glen Trool

17.00 Abs, Stretch and Foam rollers. Walk to river

18.00 Dinner

18.30 Injury Clinic / Stretch Class

Day 4 – Tuesday

06.00 Morning PT/Run around loch

07.00 Breakfast

08.00 Navigation Lesson

09.00 Swiss Ball session

10.00 Snacks in the Common room/Outside

10.30 Strength Circuit Outside

12.00 Lunch

12.45 Survival Lesson and fire building

14.00 Snacks

15.00 Sprint Work in Penninghame estate

16.00 Stretch Class

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Circuit Training

Day 5 – Wednesday

06.00 Morning PT/Crossfit

07.00 Breakfast

07.45 Self Defence and shooting stance

09.00 Circuits

10.00 Nutrition then snacks

12.00 Lunch

12.30 River Crossing, walk in surrounding area and shelter building

16.00 Boxercise

17.15 Dinner

18.15 Stretch/relax session

18.15 Injury Clinic

Day 6 – Thursday

06.00 Morning PT/Insanity on the lawn

07.00 Breakfast

08.00 Zip wire, grass slides & beach activity

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Boxercise

14.30 Snacks

15.00 Swiss Ball Circuit

16.00 Stretch class

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Circuits

18.30 Injury Clinic in the Treatment Room

Day 7 – Friday

07.00 Morning PT and PTI’s Fitness Test 2

08.00 Breakfast

08.15 Expedition Walk to The Mast

14.30 Snacks at Cree Hall

14.45 Campathalon

16.30 Stretch Outside

18.00 Dinner

19.30 All kit to the store

Day 8 – Saturday

06.00 Weigh out in the Staff Room

07.00 Self Help Breakfast in the Dining room

07.30 Taxis and Mini-bus for Station


As you can see, its run with precision and a long with the exercise, I am very much looking forward to the nutrition information/lectures which are provided. I want to see what foods work and why, what is beneficial, what is best in moderation and basically  re educating myself on making better food and exercise choices. From all of the reviews that I have seen already, people don’t just make changes for 1 week but they continue to do so after they leave the camp. I plan on updating on my progress throughout the year and also if any of the ladies are open to sharing their stories too, I will also show their progress.  This is not just a review of 1 week but at least 1 year, because fitness is an on going journey, which we challenge on a daily basis and I want to be able to look back and see just how far I have progressed, after leaving The Camp. A “quick fix” is just that. these magazines which talk about getting bikini bodies within a month are so misleading. Its about exercising and making proper food choices and understanding the body and how it works.. Its about clean eating, health, not depriving yourself, loving food and loving life.

Please do follow my progress!



Hi All

Just a quick update on how I am doing fitness wise.. I am really pleased with my weight loss which is 4lbs so far and how well I am feeling within myself. I was at the gym on Friday night with a friend and walked 5k prior to that. I have become so inspired by the “This girl can” campaign which you may have seen adverts on tv or social media, that I am not afraid to post a short video of me running a few weeks ago.

I’d like to maybe enter into the world of vlogging with some more videos on progress to inspire others that small changes lead to bigger changes and challenges. I finally figured out how to use my fitbit properly thanks to one of my friends on twitter and its all go with my goals! Still debating Tough Mudder, it all depends on time off of work but I would love to do it for a second year running. If not, I will just continue with what I am currently doing, mixing it up with more weights and HIIT.

Today I am going to introduce some hills into my running as I have the luxury of living next to a field where there are 3 pretty good ones and although I don’t imagine that I will be able to run up more than 3 times, I’m trying because THIS GIRL CAN 🙂
What are you planning on with your goals for the week?

Weekly Exercise Plan


I returned to Mark, aka- GymGuyMark, my  personal trainer last week and had my measurements and weight taken and found that I lost another 2lbs. I had been away from exercise due to my trip home to Canada and everything that happened there but I’m delighted to be back into the swing of things. We had a fantastic session together and I did some running on the treadmill, used the rowing machine, did squats with the medicine ball, hillclimbers and the plank. I like the way that he mixes our sessions up and the variety of exercises that we do and I never get bored at all. I highly recommend Mark, especially if you live in and around the Glasgow area because he’s fantastic.

As I have a lot on and can only have 1 session (usually) per week with him, I am going to log all exercise that I undertake and it means that I have recorded not only my meals as in this post here but I can direct Mark to the activity that I am doing when not in a session with him. This means that he can tell me if I’m doing enough or too much (highly doubt it).  He can also tell me if my diet is lacking in anything or if I’m eating too much of any one thing as sometimes I can be guilty of that, especially with carbs!

Monday: Up at 6am, walk dog for 30mins and go to gym for 7am where I plan on running on the treadmnill for 30 mins. I need to be back to get the children up and Daughter ready for school. If all goes to plan, we will either walk or cycle.

Tuesday: Up at 6am, walk dog for 1 hr, walk to school weather permitting. Also take in a body pump class in the evening.

Wednesday: up for 7am, walk dog for 30 mins, walk to school. Swim at night before night shift. Will try to fit in a session with Mark if he’s available.

Thursday: walk dog for 30mins , not much in the way of exercise as nightshift KILLS me

Friday: walk dog 30 mins. When I wake, a possibility of a swim or another dog walk.

Saturday: Run with Daughter , taking dog. We decided that we would do the Santa Dash on the 23rd November and she is keen to try running, so I will introduce her to the “Couch to 5k”

Sunday: It’s my birthday .. a family walk with the dog.




Diet Chef:Week Three

I am wearing a belt for the first time in 6 years, people! do you know how great that feels? Its amazing, victorious and down right spectacular!!! I never thought that I would get to the stage that I am at now, I didn’t think that I would ever need to wear a belt but this morning, I had to hunt through my old clothes in order to find one.

I didn’t think that I was going to lose weight last week because my stomach was giving me a lot of trouble and I was only managing to eat approx. 700-800 calories on average. That really isn’t enough to live on and I was afraid that my body was going to go into starvation mode, lowering my metabolism despite not feeling hunger but when I stepped on the scales this AM, I saw that I lost 2 POUNDS!!! I am now sitting at 12 stone 4 and I had to keep going on the scales just to double check.

Exercise wise, I had a session with a friend followed by a personal Training session with @GymGuyMark where we worked on abs and arms which are two of my problem areas. I also did some more cycling and walking with the dog. It’s all paying off and all it takes is a bit of common sense, commitment and self confidence which increases by each day.

Next week will be my last week with Diet Chef and I’m going to try for a 3lb loss!

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