Fitness Fanatic Friday


Is back! Yes, I have been quiet for many weeks , in fact I think it may be several months but that’s due to a few things getting in the way…. I stopped exercising due to an injury involving my right foot and I am waiting for the results to come back before I start running again.

Also, due to being on the lowest part of maternity pay now, I had to stop my sessions with Mark who is my personal trainer. I have still kept active over the summer with running after the kids and doing activities but I haven’t been doing anything challenging but after the summer holidays finishing, I can now set a new exercise routine in to my life without killing myself.making better food choices 2 weeks ago and have so far lost 1.5lbs, and it has really given me some motivation to set a goal for Xmas , to lose a dress size.

In order to do that, I have picked out a few outfits from my own closet as well as looking on line to choose an outfit and I have came across some great websites to pick from for the festive period. I like having a goal in mind and I like to try and visualize getting back down to my pre pregnancy weight. I know I can and I know I will with a bit of hard work, its achievable.

I will continue to put any weight loss on future posts, feel free to join in!

I started

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