100 Day Fitness challenge

I have been getting my mental and physical health in check due to some recent events back home, and through watching some YouTube videos, I came across a wonderful woman who lost over 50lbs since last January.

As you all know, I like to keep fit but sometimes it falls by the wayside and I never seem to fully get on top of it. So as of tomorrow, I’m setting myself a “100 days of fitness” challenge. I want to either walk, run,gym or swim myself to a better me in 100 days.

I joined “The Gym”, a few months ago and I really enjoy the atmosphere as well as the 24hr access and the fact that it is close by. I have gone late and also early in the morning and I like that I have that flexibility which can change daily due to family and work commitments.

So tonight I will get a good night sleep and be ready to take on my challenge from tomorrow. I will blog/vlog and maybe put some stuff up on Facebook but I’ll share the links when and if I do.

I’m lucky that my birthday is coming up as I’ll be buying some personal training sessions as well as working with a friend who is writing me a programme on line as well as checking in with me. I think with all of these things, I’ll nail it and get some good results by February.

How do you tackle your fitness commitments? Do you go to a gym or do it at home with weights or fitness dvds?

What do you eat?

A lot of people have asked me what I eat when training and  in general so I thought I would include pics of the meals that I make on a regular basis. I generally try to use what I have to hand but I also look to instagram and the people I follow for inspiration and facebook groups, too.  I try to plan as much as I can and this means less food waste and I also don’t spend a lot because I do 1 big shop a month, where as if I was going to the shops daily, I could be tempted to pick up things that I don’t really need and we are all guilty of that.Clean eating


Since being at The Camp, I’ve reduced my portion sizes considerably and of the 7.5lbs that I lost that week, I’ve managed to keep it off- and still losing, nearly 3 weeks later! If you want to follow my food posts, just click over it Instagram where I’m known as “Angelfire16” and I love showing people what I eat as instagram has helped me when I’ve been stuck for ideas. I’ve been mindful of not having any processed foods and I haven’t really even craved sweet stuff but when I do, its a couple of squares of dark chocolate or some dates.

Have you recently started eating clean? What sorts of food do you make?



Hi All

Just a quick update on how I am doing fitness wise.. I am really pleased with my weight loss which is 4lbs so far and how well I am feeling within myself. I was at the gym on Friday night with a friend and walked 5k prior to that. I have become so inspired by the “This girl can” campaign which you may have seen adverts on tv or social media, that I am not afraid to post a short video of me running a few weeks ago.


I’d like to maybe enter into the world of vlogging with some more videos on progress to inspire others that small changes lead to bigger changes and challenges. I finally figured out how to use my fitbit properly thanks to one of my friends on twitter and its all go with my goals! Still debating Tough Mudder, it all depends on time off of work but I would love to do it for a second year running. If not, I will just continue with what I am currently doing, mixing it up with more weights and HIIT.

Today I am going to introduce some hills into my running as I have the luxury of living next to a field where there are 3 pretty good ones and although I don’t imagine that I will be able to run up more than 3 times, I’m trying because THIS GIRL CAN 🙂
What are you planning on with your goals for the week?

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