Internet Trolls:You Can’t Silence Us

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, I started on blogger before I was encouraged to make the leap and go self hosted.

Along the way, my group of twitter friends has grown. I fall in and out with twitter and blogging but there are “constants” in the blogger and twitter sphere who if I met in person tomorrow, know that we would get on like a house on fire. One of these people, Kiran Chug, has recently been a target of on line trolls due to her believes in feminism and her right to bring her children up surrounded by these. I say enough is enough. She had to take a break from writing and the community of bloggers were left with a sense of loss because she is a fantastic writer and friend to many not to mention a fantastic support to quite a few!here is a link to that post and I do suggest that you read it.

She received messages such as being told that she should put her kids up for adoption amongst other things. To that person, I laugh at you and your cowardice ways that you need to hide behind a computer screen in order to verbally abuse a parent who cares enough about their kids to bring them up to love, care and respect women. You don’t even qualify for the term “bully”. I pity you for you are weak and pathetic.

Our community of support and respect will not deter us from bringing our kids (I have a girl AND a boy), with feminist values and I for one will continue to let my son wear his sisters high heels, make up and hair clasps should he wish to! You will not stop me/ us, from supporting our children’s independence and exploration of who they are and come to be. Gender is not dependant on clothing worn or toys that kids play with and the quicker people realise that, the better. If my children are gay, it’s not because of playing with toys not “designed” for their gender. If they are gay, I will be as proud of them as I am of them now.

Unite all bloggers who are feminists, parents, carers, friends because the trolls won’t win. Ignore and continue to do what you do because you do it well. As Kiran rightfully pointed out and as living proof, social media has helped me through PND twice and it will continue to help others time and time again.

Think about how you respond to someone next time you decide to ridicule because we will just ignore the negativity and become stronger against you/those who try to take us down, because we are stronger than you.

Catherine Zeta Jones, Syria and The Media

When did it become acceptable for Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas’s marriage split to be breaking news? I think you could have knocked me down with a fucking peacock feather when I opened up my sky news app , only to see this shit staring back at me. I mean come on! What about all that is happening in Syria and the rest of the world?? People are dying and we are preoccupied with celebrities? I admit to not keeping up to date every day on the situation as much as I should but for frick sake and  to use one of my most hated terms, REALLY?!

What have we become? I was further enraged when I happened upon “Daybreak”.. the topical (?) programme that’s on in the morning and they were featuring Penny whats her face who is married to Rod Stewart. She was talking to a woman from the states who was very well off , had loads of plastic surgery and who’s children who were 11 and 15. The 11 year old boy said that if he had a girlfriend and her nose was a bit crooked, as long as they were serious , he would suggest plastic surgery. The daughter said that she would get her boobs done when she was older because her mum said that she “had none”.

Imagine , passing on your insecurities to your young children and encouraging them to have an unhealthy self image?! Why not work on self confidence, self image and accepting yourself as you are? Instead of forking out thousands of pounds on plastic surgery, why not invest it in developing some sense of self worth? The father said that he would do anything for hi children and that money was no object.. This makes me sad because all the money in the world will not make you happy if you don’t think you are “good enough”.

I find myself watching TV less and less these days, especially after seeing an episode of celebrity big brother and one of the young girls saying that she believes that she would be a good wife due to knowing how to give a fantastic blow job. THIS is the world that we are bring our kids up in these days. This is what some of our young kids aspire to be like. When did this happen? I see my own daughter looking at the older high school kids, with their skirts hiked half way up their arses, and asking me when I say no, why she cant look like a big kid. This household is in no way perfect, far from it but I try hard to instill values and a lot of them feminist ones but once they go out the door, try as you might, you can’t stop others having an influence on them. All we need to do is hope that what she takes from us is enough to give her the confidence and strength that she needs but if it goes arse up, that we are here to support her.

Rant of the day over…


You Know what Gets Me Mad?

So.. feckers, I’m about to give birth within the next few days (hopefully), and I have had a bit of rage on in the past week or so(not uncommon for me) that I thought a deep cleanse would do my soul some good. Here are some of the topics which have really fucked me off to no end…

Religion. This is a topic that will continue to piss me off, no change there.I don’t mean not believing and having faith, but those who take it too far and judge others whilst coming across as so self righteous. You know the ones where they take it upon themselves to preach to others whether you want to hear it or not, when every conversation has a mention of the big man/lady despite the subject matter being totally unrelated? Like you’re talking about a tv show or tampons… come again? How the hell did god come in to that convo? feminine hygiene products? Apart from thanking the god of tampax for their almost fool proof products, that’s the only connection that I can make.

I may lose a lot of followers , I may get attacked for this post but I really couldn’t care less. You know why? Because it shows a lack of understanding about what I am writing about and therefore proves a point. I don’t have a problem with the foundations of religion because to me its being kind to people, its treating others as you wish to be treated and its about being happy, living a life of kindness…

I was brought up to be catholic, I’ve blogged about this before and I won’t continue to bore you with the details of why I am now a recovering catholic. What I do believe is that there is a God , one god and he/she wants us to be happy in life and be nice to others. None of this “you can’t marry someone of the same sex”shit or “you can’t get married if you’re a priest” blah blah blah. Or having to go to some fucking building to “worship”, If I was that way inclined, I would feel more comfortable praying in my bed or walking in the field alone… I don’t need to be in a building where other people are so smiley to your face that it makes you want to puke out your innards…

Also, in terms of rules, what the fuck kind of religion also says that you must not have blood transfusions?! If your child/partner/friend/stranger was dying and your blood could save them, are you that deep in denial and psychological warfare that you would deny them life? I think you need to take a good hard look at yourself and question your sanity as ultimately you are the one who is trying to play god. I’m also talking about those self righteous ones who “think” that they are coming across as being non judgmental but actually display a lot of passive aggressive behavior..

Moving on, I’m going to talk about the Oscar Pistorius Case.. but not a lot apart from saying that its a fucking joke. The headlines which I have read, usually via my sky app, re how his life is never going to be the same, how he is being dropped by his sponsors etc etc etc. What about Reeva Steenkamp? Her life is never going to be the same because she is dead, she was murdered and. Her family and friends lives are never going to be the same. She is being paraded on the media in all of her modelling shots.. why? Why do they need to use those photos? The woman was a bright and intelligent woman who was more than looks. Yes she was beautiful but what about the hard work that she did whilst studying? We don’t hear a lot about that do we? I don’t know the woman and I don’t know what happened but the media should be ashamed.

On to my third rage of the week: Facebook, aka farcebook. I wrote here about leaving and one of the posts that prompted that move. Well hell mend me, I went on to the husbands really, for a nosey. No other reason but because my nose was bothering me and I came across someone who had posted about a certain nationality and the evils that they do to children. I felt like commenting with “Wow, if its on Facebook, it must be true”! but its not my account and I couldn’t bring myself  to do it.  I was enraged though as any form of racism really gets me fired up and I felt with this particular post, I was reading an article from the Daily Fail… Why share something that you have no knowledge about, haven’t seen and one which stereotypes a nationality and picks them apart? Why? What gives someone the right to do that? Really, for fuck sake! You are spreading lies and adding to the issues of  hatred.

Lastly, Feminism. I love what the movement has done/is doing. I am learning more and more each day but I am also learning that there are those out there who are man haters. A true feminist in my eyes, is looking for equality and fighting for rights which impact women. Not about hating men. I love men, I love my husband and he is an amazing individual and father. Yes he doesn’t necessarily agree or understand when I talk to him about certain things but I get that with women as well.  However, he listens and is objective, can put up a good argument at times.  Believe me there are  a lot of arguments but none that see me hating him for his views, I have to respect that as his opinions and he isn’t hateful or aggressive, about it where I have seen a lot of women lately are on some forums. Passion is good as is belief but hatred isn’t.

So there it is folks, my rant(s), for a wee while.. maybe.

March To End Violence Against Women

Last night I attended a March called “Reclaim The Night” with Thunderpants, and over 100 other women, to mark the start of “16 days of action for the elimination of violence against women”, with the message being that women are not for sale in Scotland. It was an amazing experience made even more special due to having my daughter with me and for her to experience the solidarity of women coming together for such an important cause to deliver this very important message.

I tried explaining to her what it was mainly about, she asked about violence against men and was that wrong too and I explained that of course it was and fantastic that she would say such a thing but that tonight it was about us women coming together. I think she had a fantastic time, for the amount that we walked, she did not complain once and she made it clear about how in awe she was by the women who were drumming and the others who were shouting.

The people who stopped to take pictures or to film, seemed in support of what we were doing and its great to finally see certain messages finally getting through to people rather than people laughing and making ridiculous comments which is something that I had encountered before when doing a stall at one of the college’s here in Glasgow. One of the lecturers even said “I don’t need to take one, I’m not a rapist”.. EH HELLO? Its amazing the ignorance that you can come up against in society…

Anyway, it was a very special night as I said, there were quite a lot of kids there with their parents too which in my eyes was great to see as a few people asked me what I thought I would achieve in bringing Thunderpants with me as she was “too young”.. to that I generally say “fuck off”. Children learn things at a very early age and I would rather have her surrounded by positive messages that I know she will pick up than sitting at home and watching cartoons and women being objectified over and over again.

I took a few pictures but unfortunately they didn’t come out too clear but I will post them anyway:



As you can see, it was a busy night, one
which was very well organised and thanks to those who put in such hard work to make it happen.

Sienna Miller, Pregnancy ,And Silly Anonia Hoyle

I was at a loss in what to write about today and thought I would take some inspiration from a place that always fills me with rage and always gets a rise out of me in one way or another ..The daily Mail. Its usually because of their racists stories that they print and the fuckers who respond agreeing with them that do it for me. I can never get over the amount of racist and homophobic arseholes in today’s society, their small mindedness and lack of awareness and common sense.   I do read it from time to time at work because we cant get on to the more sophisticated websites which report real news and views, and I am ashamed to say I did do a few articles based on fitness and PND but those were two issues that as you know, I am very interested in and the women who I spoke to were lovely journalists and understood where I was coming from in relation to views and beliefs, plus it was great to get a trip down to London(paid for) on one occasion, escaping home for a whole day without any family responsibilities! Would you knock it?

Anyhoo, today’s rage filled post is brought to you by some daft wallaper (idiot) who obviously can’t find much to write about and rather than doing a good quality piece, she is bashing the sisterhood and pregnancy. Let me give you some back round… Sienna has posed for an artist when pregnant, in the nude and  this has gotten Anonia Hoyle’s back up because it isn’t something that she would do or feel comfortable doing. So what? Because you have insecurities about your own body, and feel that it is full of cellulite etc, doesn’t mean that the rest of the female population has to follow suit! If we continue to read articles such as these,its  no wonder we develop a complex over what is completely natural.. albeit uncomfortable or ,miserable for some.

I don’t know much about Sienna at all, don’t follow her career but the piece of work looks fine by me, a celebration of pregnancy a reminder through sickness and worries relating to pregnancy, of how beautiful it is to create these little buggers who will go on to leave us sleep deprived and stressed! What fucking century are we living in that a woman is told that she should “cover up”? Get a fucking grip! There are women and lots of them who do resemble Sienna because its either in their make up or they exercise and eat healthy or just because, so why should they feel guilty for being who they are?  No one is forcing anyone to view the picture, it is the author of the story who is making it a big deal and giving it more attention than she herself  believes it should get!  Yes , Anonia has a right to voice her opinions and her feelings shouldn’t be invalidated as that is how SHE feels but it doesn’t cover the rest of the female population, we all feel uncomfortable about our bodies in one way or another but another article of a woman bashing another woman is really tiresome as it happens so often these days in the media.

Also for those who commented on the article and suggesting that “in their day” they covered up. So fucking what? I am not going to cover up  and wear a tent because someone else feels uncomfortable! Look at your own insecurities and where they come from rather than placing them on to someone else who has made an individual choice. I made my child out of love, or after a bottle of cava and barely have any recollection of the night(Kidding) but that’s not really the point. These people who tell others to cover up, detract from the wonderful experience and feelings of deciding to create a new life. I know that not all children are created like this, I speak from personal experience only, before I offend!

In my younger days before I was married,and a struggling student… I volunteered to be a “life model” for a local community center and also the art school and despite my cellulite and small boobs etc , I felt liberated and I felt real. I was told that I had a great body to draw(size 12-14) and this was coming from teacher , male and female students. It wasn’t said in a perverse way but by real people who look beyond superficial shite that we see all the time in the form of glossy magazines and adverts etc.  We should be doing away with air brushing and show the real woman in her true form whether she be a size 6 or 20 plus, celebrating what we have ! Vive le Sisterhood! (Did I spell that right ?)

So instead of telling Sienna to put her bump away, maybe we should ask Anonia to stop “bumping her gums”? WORD!


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