Grooving Mums

Since I wasn’t able to  tweet/facebook or blog at work, I thought a really good way to keep up with things would be to write and email myself, and then copy and paste! Who said multi taskign was hard?

 Today as I start my journey back in to blogging, I thought I would join those who are getting back into their groove over at and as I had started a few weeks ago, why not continue but with the help of the other ladies who are well on their journey? Talk about motivating! Its better than a weight watchers meeting thats for sure!

 I was at the gym yesterday morning after dropping Thunderpants off at nursery and really needed it due to the amount of eejiits who were present on the roads . I decided last night that I was going to try for 6k instead of 5 and I did achieve which made me happy but the amazing thing for me was that I managed to bring my time down by 6minutes. I have never been a fast runner as I have often said but would like to get back down to my time pre baby which was 38mins for a 5k.  To a lot of people who are regulars at running, this isnt fast but its good enough for me.

I guess I have a lot of things that I want to do this year, and it is with writing and having the support of others that I feel strong enough to do it. I look forward to being part of the group and look to be inspired by the other mum’s who are also takiing part. Life is becoming exciting and its my thing that is seperate from other things that I do.

Getting MY Groove back :)

Well , it has been a long time indeed since I have felt well enough mentally and physically to get off my self pity horse and to get a  move on! I don’t know what has been going on for the past few months but I’m ready to get back on it and to go forward because things don’t happen unless you make them happen. Making them happen is what I have been planning in my head after some time for reflection and there has certainly been a lot of that. Continue reading “Getting MY Groove back :)”

Slim Pod- Thinking slimmer

I have been asked to review this and since it isnt a diet, I was happy to oblige… because people who read this, I DON’T DO DIETS.  This is because they don’t work, science and common sense will tell you this. As will your increasing waist line after you start eating normally. diet and exercise is the only way to do it I’m afraid. Continue reading “Slim Pod- Thinking slimmer”

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