Fort Transformation

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and these can few and far between in Scotland so I put the kids outside  on the trampolene and I picked up a paintbrush and started on the kids fort. I had some white paint left over from when the Husband painted their bunk bed and I really only thought that I would get one panel done so was surprised when it did the whole first coat of the front. What a difference it makes as you can see below!
Later on, I took some bunting from last years garden decoration, to see what it would look like and although it needs a quick spin in the washing machine, I’m pleased as punch with the results. 
As night came, I thought I would put on the old Christmas lights which I purchased with the left over money on the card that I received from B&Q and then lit the lanterns I got as a bargain from Morrisons- they were only £0.50! I’m going to go back and see if they have anymore left because they would look lovely throughout the garden. 
Tomorrow I have the day free and I am going to go to a carpet shop to see if they have any off cuts, and pick up some blue paint to do the porch. My daughter had requested “sky lights” for inside which hope to find some perspex in either a charity shop or in a shop quite cheap. What do you think so far? Quite a difference from what we started off with, as you can see here. I hope to have the rest of it done in a few weeks time, let me know if you have any  tips or ideas!

Building With B&Q

Last year around August time, I sealed a deal with B&Q for a family project that I wanted to complete by the end of the summer with the family which brought us together and out of the house and  away from the TV and the electronic devices , which you can read more about our plans here.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and the weather, we were unable to do this and I am quite a bit behind on the plans,  but fear not because we recommenced building yesterday and we are well on our way to creating THE BEST ever fort and hideaway for the kids (and maybe husband and I, until we get the summer house) which will hopefully be completed in the next few weeks and of course, just in time for spring/summer.

As part of post 1 in the series, myself and the husband started assembling the frame which you can see below, it took us approx 1 hr and we have decided to put them side by side in order to create more space for the kids and their friends, and position it between 2 trees as the original plan was for a tree house but it wasn’t going to work out with the tree that we have unfortunately. We need to level some of the ground to do this, but with all of us working on it, we should be able to manage it pretty quickly.



As the rain hampered our efforts yesterday, we did need to stop after the rain had started falling but my plan this week is to continue with putting up the sides of the fort and levelling the ground a bit more. We have quite a lot of rubbish in the back because of the recent storms but I plan to hire a skip or just take it to the dump myself.


Decoration wise- its all about the bunting, bright colors and the kids choosing what they want it all to look like. Once built, we are calling a “planning” meeting for the eldest- the baby is only 2 and well… its kinda difficult to ask him what he wants as he says “yes” to mostly anything right now… some requests so far have been tire swing and hammock and we will try to accommodate, but for now, these are the plans!

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