Diet Chef:Final Week!

Well everyone, I have completed 4 weeks of Diet Chef and I’m sorry that this post is a whole week late due to the eldest child starting back at school and us going back to a routine.. I have my results!

If you remember, I had wanted to lose 4lbs in my final week and was really going crazy with the exercise .. However, this didn’t go to plan and I lost 1lb and 1 inch from my thighs and I think approx 1 inch from my bust as well. Talk about happy! I couldn’t be more delighted at that weight/inch loss. Its amazing for me to be 1 lb off of a stone loss because although I have been working so hard to achieve,  I was a bit skeptical at the start as I just felt that it was  just”TOO EASY”. The proof though is in my results and I will keep on achieving.. I have now gained the understanding about portion control and cutting out alcohol during the week.

I have to say that Diet Chef really has made me sit up and face what was looking back at me in the mirror.. challenge the denial and take responsibility. I didn’t have to worry about going hungry, I could plan my week better and I even found time to relax more in the evening because I didn’t need to pre plan what I was taking to work and as I said in a previous post it made getting the dinners for the rest of the family, even easier.

My experience with Diet Chef has been a positive one and I would thoroughly recommend buying from them because you will lose weight if you follow the plan, and you’ll feel fantastic too. I never felt that I was on a diet because it wasn’t, it was healthy eating and portion control with amazingly yuummy meals.  I challenge you to try it! My next challenge will be to lose another stone for Christmas as I have been motivated and I’d even say that I am on a high. When my daugter went back to school last week, some of the parents that I hadn’t seen this summer, had noticed my weight loss. That is a great feeling.


*Thank you to Diet Chef for allowing me to have a 1 month free trial. All opinions are based on my experience and I have not been paid to say anything other than how I felt and what I experienced.

Diet Chef:Week Three

I am wearing a belt for the first time in 6 years, people! do you know how great that feels? Its amazing, victorious and down right spectacular!!! I never thought that I would get to the stage that I am at now, I didn’t think that I would ever need to wear a belt but this morning, I had to hunt through my old clothes in order to find one.

I didn’t think that I was going to lose weight last week because my stomach was giving me a lot of trouble and I was only managing to eat approx. 700-800 calories on average. That really isn’t enough to live on and I was afraid that my body was going to go into starvation mode, lowering my metabolism despite not feeling hunger but when I stepped on the scales this AM, I saw that I lost 2 POUNDS!!! I am now sitting at 12 stone 4 and I had to keep going on the scales just to double check.

Exercise wise, I had a session with a friend followed by a personal Training session with @GymGuyMark where we worked on abs and arms which are two of my problem areas. I also did some more cycling and walking with the dog. It’s all paying off and all it takes is a bit of common sense, commitment and self confidence which increases by each day.

Next week will be my last week with Diet Chef and I’m going to try for a 3lb loss!

Diet Chef: Week 1

I was kindly allowed to become one of Diet Chef’s bloggers , and am happy to report that my hamper came last Monday evening which I opened immediately and started planning for the week ahead. I couldn’t believe the variety of food that was on offer and how delicious it looked, and the amount that was there!


I decided to familiarise myself with their on line guide which unlike other brands, they actually ENCOURAGE you to add other foods such as rice, fruit, vegetables, salads,dairy, cheese etc. They gave examples of sample menus and also for those days when you want to be a bit naughty and get a take away, ones to choose from which are lower in fats and calories. I liked that this guide was realistic and used common sense because the rule that I have always followed is “in moderation”. We have to have some foods and treat ourselves now and again otherwise eating becomes necessity rather than fun  and/or social.

People who know me, are aware that I love to exercise and have always loved to live an active lifestyle but with two children and having experienced Post Natal Depression twice, I turned to food and wine as my escape. Luckily though, I worked hard to get through this and I am ready to lose the weight and I know that in doing so with Diet Chef, my personal trainer Mark, that I will achieve. I just fell off the wagon a bit and needed some extra encouragement and help because lets face it, life with two children is hectic and stressful at times!

With diet Chef, they ask that you fill in your details of your current weight and calculate your BMI. They then tailor a plan around you and give you a daily calorie allowance which when the food is already prepared for you really isn’t difficult to follow at all. Of course, you need to add your things like rice, salad should you wish to.


So far, I have stopped eating so much bread and instead I’m enjoying the breakfasts which include muesli and porridge. Mid morning I may snack on popcorn or one of their vanilla or peanut protein bars, for lunch I have soup and for dinner, it may consist of a curry with some rice and a salad. That’s only a small taster of what they have on offer and I also snack on fruit and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.



I am inclined to call this an education on portion sizes rather than a “Diet”… I always think restrictions when I hear that word but in actual fact, I don’t feel hungry because there is no reason to. If you choose healthy options, you have more to eat and you feel and look better. Rocket Science? I don’t think so. I am using the “My fitness Pal” app and have ordered a “fitbit”, to help me along because as you can see in previous posts, its about getting as healthy as I can this year and to lose weight gained after having the children.

Now, for the weight loss reading… I started at 12 stone 10 and today I am 12 stone 6!!! Its a total loss of 4lbs. I am being realistic though and not thinking that I will achieve that weight loss each week but I will lose because I’m doing it right. Combining eating healthy and exercise really is the way forward! Stay tuned for next weeks update where I am aiming for at least a 2lb loss 🙂

Have you tried diet Chef? what was your weight loss?





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