Christmas Gifts, Take 1

This year my daughter has figured out that Santa doesn’t exist. I think we did pretty well and although there’s some sadness , we can still have magical Christmases in years to come.

I did explain that although a man in a red suit doesn’t come into our home, the spirit of Christmas will always be there to be enjoyed and for us we feel it’s about family and getting together to eat, laugh, play some board games and not have to worry about school, and for the first time, WORK!

This year marks the 1st in 7 that I haven’t worked unsociable hours with the NHS! I handed in my notice and won’t be starting my new job until the New Year. I’m looking forward to getting into the festive spirit and although I’ll be thinking a lot about my colleagues on the front line who will be missing out on Christmas dinner and festivities, I’ll be enjoying the company of those I love dearly..

So what’s different this year apart from the above? Well… I’ve been reading up a lot about minimalism and one thing about minimalism and parenting is something I heard most recently which finally stuck in my mind… “Kids remember their experiences more than they do toys”.

That really struck a chord with me in a major way and although I’ve probably heard that a million times, there was something that made me sit up and take note. Could it be that this year money is more tight, or that perhaps I’m really getting into the minimalist way of life whilst slowly decluttering?

Whatever it is, it has had a very positive effect on me and I like it!

This year for my daughter, I thought her and I could get the sleeper train down to London, go to the museums, the palace, dungeon, or just sit and people watch. I’ve always liked visiting London but I think it would be amazing to have her with me on a girls day out , experience things through her and also learn myself.

Next in the list would be Paris! She recently told me that she’d like to see the Eiffel Tower, and I think she would enjoy the cafes , the old churches and experiencing French culture as her papa was from France and I myself am dual national and gold a French passport. Ultimately, if she really enjoys it, we could look into classes in Glasgow and possibly visit where my Dad grew up as I haven’t been there since I was 10.

The other gift that I know she wants is theatre tickets to see Shen Yun, which will be at the Edinburgh Playhouse in January. It’s a bit steep in price but it’s a cultural show and I don’t mind when both her and I can learn a few things! She is loving all things Chinese, Japanese, Korean due to her love for K-Pop.

Something else that I have done is order a Journal which is based around what she is already taking part in at school , you may have heard of it.. “Growth Mindset” it’s a fantastic concept about changing the way you think and turning negative thoughts into positive ones, determination, self believe, positive thinking and perseverance to name a few. I love this and I love how it can make a difference in young people and how they view the world and interact with it.

Lastly, I thought I’d put a few I.O.U’s into her mix of smaller things such as a cinema trip or shopping, or anything else she might like to do. I’m still looking for ideas on that one but a few trips out for just her and I or even a choice to pick or come up with a family activity… who knows, she may have some really fantastic ideas!

Stay tuned for ideas that I have planned for the rest of my family!

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Magic Moments:Linky 27/5/2013

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I have finally had a chance to link up with The Olivers Madhouse and her magic Moments linky. Call it fate but I think that it is just what I needed this morning due to many things. The weather is a bit dreich, the news depressing and my mind is racing at speeds of a million miles per hour and one thing which is particularly bothersome is the inevitable return to work after maternity leave.

Its not always easy to stop and take notice of the more important things in life, the things that we take for granted and I think that this is why I got the prompt about the linky. I need to stop, be mindful and appreciate and be thankful for those little magic moments of which I have been blessed with many, I just didn’t realise or remember … until now.

I don’t know which one to choose so I will use one from last night which meant a lot.. here is why. As some of you may or may not know, I had post natal depression with both of my children. It was much worse with Thunderpants and it was why I started writing my blog in the first place. Once i managed it and took steps to get through it,the experience became a positive one, it helped me use my experience to help other women and men and it made me stronger and a better parent.

The magic comes in the form of my relationship improving day by day with my daughter. Her and I clash big time, we have the same fire and feisty temperaments which means we really just dont get a long even though she is only 5 as we are in constant battles with one another. I used to put it down to me not bonding with her at birth due to being so ill but that simply isn’t true at all. yes I bonded much quicker with her brother who is 13 weeks old now, but its about personality and that’s it. No thinking deeply, no taking on board what the “experts” say, just accepting it.

Last night her Dad was out and I had put Bubblebutt to bed, it was just her and I. I had been thinking throughout the day after a difficult weekend of clashing with her and just decided to throw caution to the wind, letting her stay up late and having a cuddle on the couch whilst watching a movie. We had a fantastic time, no arguing and plenty of talking and apologizing from both of us. We are mindful of how we can be with one another but she knows that I love her and I know that she loves me.

I feel that we climbed a mountain this weekend but last night we got to the top. That was my magic moment this holiday weekend, what was yours? Have a look and link up because you just might surprise yourself at how great life can be in the midst of so chaos…


Feeling Good

This morning I feel no dread. For anyone who has experienced post natal depression and hates waking up to the routine of sterilising bottles, making up formula,breast feeding, etc etc, the “routine” of it all can be quite depressing. Well it is for me.

However, I got up at 07:30am with thunderpants, made us both breakfast whilst bubble butt was still sleeping and finished as he was waking. I think I want to do this each morning as it helped get us ready but at a not so rushed pace… Although we just made it in time as thunderpants is a dreamer and needs 5 asks before she will get dressed etc.

So today will involve a doc appointment, coffee with a friend, possibly some yoga and a walk to school as its so sunny outside.

One day at a time is proving to be successful, and I am definitely getting there. Thanks to twitter and friends, I have really had a lot of support which I want to reward once completely better.

I’m in labour…Part One of Birth Story

I started having contractions at 20:50 but thought it was just gas due to feeling pain in my back… My uncomfortable feelings and repeating “ow” every 10 mins, then became very sore and within 1.5 hrs they went to every 2/3 mins and were incredibly strong. I had never felt pain like it, not even when I’d had thunderpants.

I realise that every pregnancy and labour is different, enough to never EVER experience it again. I couldn’t believe that when we left the house, I was ready to push and knew that if we didn’t get to the hospital soon, that we would be gifting the new extension of the motorway in Glasgow with a baby boy… I could feel him coming down and was resisting the urge to push all the way to the hospital and couldn’t deal with it much longer that when getting out of the car, I did indeed, push.

I screamed for my husband to get someone as I was paralysed to the spot and he came out with a chair on wheels. I had no idea how the hell I was going to manoeuvre myself in to it but he and the midwife shoved me In It sideways. At the time, poor Thunderpants was watching all of this completely horrified..

In I went to the labour suite rather than maternity assessment and waiting for my contraction to go, I managed to get my jeans off and into the bed. He was then born on the third push… Husband missed the birth as he needed to travel the quick few mins to drop off Thunderpants, in all I arrived and have birth within 8 minutes!

It was pretty traumatic for both N and I, I had lost a lot of blood, took no pain relief not even any gas and air because it was just that quick and I had a 2nd degree wound plus a few other things which resulted in man hands in the lady garden which really wasnt ready for potting season!My midwife was lovely, really amazing and she took her time explaining everything, there was no rush and a completely more chilled out experience than the first time…..

March To End Violence Against Women

Last night I attended a March called “Reclaim The Night” with Thunderpants, and over 100 other women, to mark the start of “16 days of action for the elimination of violence against women”, with the message being that women are not for sale in Scotland. It was an amazing experience made even more special due to having my daughter with me and for her to experience the solidarity of women coming together for such an important cause to deliver this very important message.

I tried explaining to her what it was mainly about, she asked about violence against men and was that wrong too and I explained that of course it was and fantastic that she would say such a thing but that tonight it was about us women coming together. I think she had a fantastic time, for the amount that we walked, she did not complain once and she made it clear about how in awe she was by the women who were drumming and the others who were shouting.

The people who stopped to take pictures or to film, seemed in support of what we were doing and its great to finally see certain messages finally getting through to people rather than people laughing and making ridiculous comments which is something that I had encountered before when doing a stall at one of the college’s here in Glasgow. One of the lecturers even said “I don’t need to take one, I’m not a rapist”.. EH HELLO? Its amazing the ignorance that you can come up against in society…

Anyway, it was a very special night as I said, there were quite a lot of kids there with their parents too which in my eyes was great to see as a few people asked me what I thought I would achieve in bringing Thunderpants with me as she was “too young”.. to that I generally say “fuck off”. Children learn things at a very early age and I would rather have her surrounded by positive messages that I know she will pick up than sitting at home and watching cartoons and women being objectified over and over again.

I took a few pictures but unfortunately they didn’t come out too clear but I will post them anyway:



As you can see, it was a busy night, one
which was very well organised and thanks to those who put in such hard work to make it happen.

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