Let There Be Light

This year at Daftmamma head quarters, its all about writing more , engaging more and entering some cool competitions! I was inspired to do so on my quest to save money, clear debt and hopefully win some amazing prizes.  . So with that in mind, I came across a competition by a cool company called Urban Cottage Industries

We are hoping to achieve a lot of great things with the flat once the debt has been cleared, which really shouldn’t take that long and I have been putting together some on line boards to hep me do this.

I had a long look at what Urban Cottage Industries have on offer and I already have a pretty good idea about choices for lighting especially these for the living room

I’m a lover of all things retro and they would fit right in, they would match with our colours that we have chosen and would be great for positioning over our arm chair where I spend most of my time reading! What do you think of them?

So getting back on on point! I digress!! They are running a super cool competition for bloggers based on… LIGHTING, of course! They want us to post pics of natural light pictures as well as artificial for a chance to win a prize of £500 of Amazon vouchers to spend on photography equipment as well as prizes for runners up (how cool is that?). Here’s the link to the competition and a blurb from their site

So , with all of that info, stop reading this and get started on your own! Before you do that though, here’s MINE!

The first was taken on a rainy day up north camping and the second )another camp), but with a flash. Many happy memories and thank you for hosting such a lovely competition.

Good luck to everyone entering!

National Geographic:Kids Edition

Reading,books and Magazines..three of our favourite things to do with the kids at home during the day or at night before they go to bed. We all have our own genre.. My husband loves anything to do with cars , engineering,guitars and I’m all about the magazines about exercise. For the kids,they like anything that has lot of stories, color and crafts which I encourage because it helps them to be creative,and to learn which is why I was delighted to become a magazine.co.uk blogger . I was asked to choose 3 publications and I think I managed to get something to suit all of our tastes. It was hard to choose as they have a section for everything and I am a sucker for a good read.It’s part of my own “me”time.

I decided that the first one, I would get something completely differen’t for the kids because the almost 3year old is really taking things in and already understanding facts. My 8 yr old is at the age where a magazine like this with such a fanatsic reputation, will help her with learning in school as well as finding out about things going on in the world which might not be covered in class. I’d rather she was reading this instead of watching TV and she can digest the info at her own pace and she loves curling up on her bed or beanbag chair to read on her own or with her brother. She hasreceived two of these magazines and she loves looking through the mail at the end of the day to see if another has arrived!

photo 1

I’d say that both of us are actually learning about new things together,and there are places mentioned in the magazines which I have ever even considered learning about. There are also exciting competitions which we have entered such as the Jessops photography one and will wait in anticipation to see if we are shortlisted. The magazine puts things into perspective in that it has certainly made my daughter really think about how differen’t her life is to other children in the world. She feels very lucky to live where we do ad realises that there are some kids who don’t even have access to an education, She actually found that quite difficult ad I can see her as a budding activist already!

She also loves the various articles on how to make things and loast month she made frozen yoghurt melts which went down a treat. As a parent it can be difficult to get kids away from sweets due to outside influences at school and on TV but with things like this and by getting involved,its easier to educate and for them to understand why healthier options make sense.

I think that National Geographic Kids,will be a magazine that the kid will grow up reading.. oh,and me too!



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