Christmas BBQ:Stressed Out My Nut

Saturday is the day, the day that I usually take time in planning for a good few weeks or months..the day that I didn’t think would happen this year due to the pregnancy and sickness. Yes folks, its the ANNUAL CHRISTMAS FREAKIN BBQ! Picture the scene from Elf with Will Farrel.. When the security guard says that Santa is coming and he says “Santa”! Well that’s what I’m like with the yearly announcement of our family BBQ. Only this year, I will be sober as a judge.No falling asleep or farting when playing just dance on the Wii. Nope, this year I may fall asleep from the tiredness of the planning,cooking,cleaning and the flatulence may follow too.

I can’t remember how we even started having them to be honest, I love Christmas and decided to have a bonfire one year and each year it got bigger and we invited more people, cooked more food, did more planning and well… got more Christmassy. Last year was good cause we got the projector out in the back garden and showed a few films by the bonfire, it was the first time I have seen so many kids sit still because they were in awe of what they were witnessing. Like an outdoor cinema with elf, home alone, and frosty the snow man.

This year due to the possibility of rain, we will still have the bonfire and the back garden will be decorated with lights BUT this year we are making a Santa’s Grotto! I have an old Santa Suit from a run I did a few years back and a friend slim enough to fit into it. I have bought little gifts for all 12 children, just picked somethings up from the pound store, wrapped some empty boxes, got a friend to do a back drop of a fire place, put a seat in for Santa and some light in the shed. I think the kids will enjoy it and I will take some pics and do a post on Sunday or Monday.

I will also be cooking some chilli, 2 steak pies,a curry,a ham, home made sausage rolls and some soup. I have asked people to bring some non alcoholic drinks and their own booze, so I think we will have enough to feed all 34 people who are coming… I hope. If not, they can starve cause I’m shattered and can’t do anymore. I realise no one else has put this pressure on me, I did it to myself and as much as I am stressing, I know it will be a good night and I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family, not all can make it but will catch up with others over the Christmas period.

Wish me luck as the real crazy preparations begin tomorrow….

Random Acts of Kindness:Updates

I got together with my friend yesterday evening to discuss what we are are going to do and how we are going to carry it out but I don’t want to give away every detail for fear it gets back to us.

We will do it through the small hours of Christmas morning so that people wake to a “little something”, on Christmas Day.. We think we have timed it just about right , too late for parents to be up wrapping presents but too early for kids to waken. Even if either happens, we have that covered too. Oh yes, these little elves have been busy planning 🙂 I have a Santa suit left over from a charity run that I did a few years back and she will be able to get an elf costume together with a few wee bits and bobs from a charity shop.

She will have her face painted green possibly or a mask and I will have my beard covering my face. This pregnancy is coming in handy as it will be my “bowl full of jelly”, without my bump giving me away. So if you see a 6ft tall elf and a 5foot “2 Santa, please don’t give us away and just keep the secret to yourself, we don’t want to spoil the magic 🙂

One of the things that we were going to do was scrape peoples cars on the lead up to the actual  act of kindness but I fear I may be hauled in to a police station for attempted car thievery! Its also too loud and would possibly wake people up and then blow our cover! So we have decided on candy caning people, making some baked goods, wrapping them with ingredients  list (for those with allergies), and putting them in to stalkings with a note explaining that it is a random act of kindness.Nothing more and nothing less. This is all I can say about it right now but more info will follow about anything else we decide to do on the run up to Christmas.

We are also open to suggestion so if anyone has any ideas, please send them our way!

Damn Christmas Spirit!

Ok, So in the day that I have been away from Facebook and Twitter, I have looked through Pinterest! Bloody hell, I’m replacing one addiction for another. Not really, I assure you and I promise. Thunderpants and I were looking on the Christmas section because our annual Christmas BBQ is coming up where we have our friends over and their kids, a bonfire in the back garden and food prepared. Last year we put a projector up, and showed Home alone, Elf and a few other Christmas movies for kids and the adults.I fucking love Christmas.

As we were browsing for ideas, both for cooking, crafts and decoration ideas I came across a “Random Thoughts of Kindness” Pin board and website ( … Where you can do things like put extra change in a parking meter , things like that and it started me thinking about our street and how there isn’t that much in the way of community spirit for one reason or another. Then the idea dawned on me…. with the help of a friend and I am awaiting her call…. What if her and I made up a little package which wouldn’t cost anything to make, or a note to put on someone’s window of car with encouraging words and just try to brighten up someone’s day?

I know what you’re thinking shes a “goody goody” etc why would you do that? , Well for those who do read my blog, you know I’m a sarcastic bitch, am bat shit crazy,I’m the least likely to do something like this..I moan and complain about everything and rant.. ALOT. I agree that it is a crazy idea blah blah blah BUT, someone might be having a bad day, feeling lonely, not have many around them, people could just need some cheering up. I am not religious, I am not doing it for any personal gain, I don’t want people to know its me (well why blog about it?) I am blogging cause people around here won’t know of my blog and therefore they won’t connect it to me 🙂 There is one person in particular who I want to write a letter to who doesn’t live on my street or in my community but lives near my husbands parents. I know she’s had an incredibly difficult time raising kids who unfortunately are drug users, and despite everything that she has gone through, she smiles and takes the time to ask how you’re doing. I don’t want to divulge too much as that wouldn’t be fair but this woman deserves to know that she is amazing. So maybe there will be an extension to the local community.

I am so excited about it and I really hope that it doesn’t sounds nuts (so hope they don’t feel that they are being stalked neither), this could be one of my most fucked up ideas to date but I want to do it, I am thankful for the family and friends that I have and although not assuming that the people on my street don’t have that too, its just nice to know that it could make someone smile especially as Christmas can be a difficult time of year for some. I will update on what ideas we come up with and I will try and post some pics too


What do y’all think? Crazy or not so crazy?

Its Been A Long Time….(no not Led Zeppelin Lyrics)

I  hadn’t realized just how long it had  been since my last post! Goodness me, I remember the pressure I used to put upon myself to get a post out almost everyday! Hope you are all well and thanks for still reading despite the long gap.

I am still going through  hyperemesis, I had confused myself and thought that I was over the 16 week mark which was when it stopped with Thunderpants, and thought that i was going to have this for the whole pregnancy but after yesterday’s scan of the little one, I am in fact only 14+5 which means I have a whole week and 1 day to get over this! I actually want to go back to work and have a routine back! I always feel a bit naughty when i am off sick, as though I am doing something wrong but I really wouldn’t be able to sit and do my job with the constant sick feeling. However, I am optimistic and it has improved slightly so I am grateful for the small things. Unfortunately though, it has greatly affected my moods but since last week and the release of a burden, this has changed a lot of things and I am feeling really good  and very positive although watching and monitoring how I feel as obviously PND isn’t far from my thoughts. I guess you cant really let it define you and there is so much more to me and I know that I have done some really good work and met some wonderful people though that , on twitter,Facebook and face to face.

So apart from that, I have started thinking about times ahead, new seasons and next year plus concentrating on quality friendships that I  have in my life. We are now coming in to Autumn/Fall which I love, love, love! I adore the crisp air, the smell of fires burning, leaves changing color and falling from the trees. I also enjoy Halloween and the anticipation of  the run up to Christmas. I have already starting pinning to a Pinterest board, some ideas for our annual Christmas BBQ and also lots of cooking ideas 🙂  We started having Christmas bonfire/BBQ’s  a few years back and I think last year was the best one yet. We showed the film “Elf” on a projector outside and had a bonfire in the back garden, I cooked up a storm and we had lots of friends round to share it with. This year I have plans of lanterns, Christmas cake, and even better decorations than last year! I hope to start part of the blog in dedication to something “Pinterest” like, I know a few of you do that already and I might try and “hop” on from time to time once I figure out what exactly it is that I want to call it ect.

So that’s me for now, still alive but still unfortunately surviving on whatever takes my fancy food wise from day to day… I hope that in a few weeks I will be able to say that I am “Hyperemesis ” free! But will just have to take things one day at a time. Luckily I have a great support network of women on Twitter who know and understand how it feels to just lie in bed day after day. Its not nice but it will get better:)




Tron theatre

Last Saturday, Thunderpants, the husband and I went to the showing of “The Night After Christmas” at 10:30am.

I did not know what to expect as there wasn’t much in the way of information regarding this on the net but that it was suitable for ages 3-6 and was not really that expensive,

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