25 Days and Counting

As of today, we only have 24 more sleeps until we fly home to Canada and I couldn’t be more excited. I have planned a full itinerary of what we will be doing with friends and family, but before we leave,  I have booked my daughter into the Air Transat “Kids Club”, where she will enjoy some perks on the plane to keep her busy and me stress free!

As someone who hates to fly, this is going to help calm my nerves and take away some of the boredom that can come for a 7 year old who can’t sit still and is super excited to be travelling and going away on holiday. I think its a fantastic idea to have something like this, and I only wish that all airlines followed suit because it really can make a difference especially when going long haul. When we travelled with Air Transat in December , it was last minute and I didn’t have a chance to add the kids to the club but the staff on board were really lovely and made sure that my two had an activity pack to keep them occupied, supplied them with blankets and brought them some snacks and turned a blind eye when the 2 yr old felt that he wanted to commandere the aisle!

So what does a junior traveller receive in the Air Transat Kids Club? Some of the perks includes and covers children from the ages of 2 – 11, celebrates birthdays on board, gives the opportunity for priority boarding which is fab because its less waiting around, I like to get onboard, settled and comfortable. I also like that they run an annual competition for a free trip to a Canadian destination which would be really cool to win because its for a family of 4, which we are! They also give children an activity pack, tags for luggage so that it is easily identified when picking up on the other end, coupsons for snacks on board and other exclusive privillages.

Whilst she is looked after, I also have the opportunity to download the in flight cineplus app which allows me to watch different programmes from my phone or tablet without having to strain to watch the screens which are available for all travellers. It provides me with loads of differen’t programmes of various genres as well as a selection of music and tv shows which is sure to distract me and calm my flying nerves. I can certainly see why the airline has won a Family Friendly award for the second year running as it caters to all travellers fromt he moment you book a flight with them or one of their agents,  we used Canadian Affair again because its who we have always booked with due to their low prices and ease of bookings.

Have you used Canadian Affair and travelled with Air Transat? I thoroughly recommend using them for ease, value and comfort!

Summertime Memories

I have been a busy bee! After getting my holidays finalised,I  booked flights with Canadian Affair , to Toronto! I’m going home for 3 weeks with my daughter and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been pretty homesick of late and although we were all supposed to go home for a holiday as a family, the flights increased and well, we just couldnt afford it so my husband will be staying back with my two year old.
I haven’t been home to experience a proper Canadian summer in years and I cannot wait until my daughter is able to do this with me. I have many fond memories of my summers growing up and to be able to show my daughter some of those things, is in my mind a blessing.  From the usual smells of freshly cut grass, the fireflies with their glowing bellies , campfires with their usual smoky odours and sitting by the beach with a cup of coffee in hand the excitement is almost too much and I feel like a kid again myself, about to burst. … I just really can’t wait to experience all that my home town and neighbouring towns, have to offer but this time with my own child who will be making her own memories.
I have known most of the people that I will be visiting, for practically all my life and now its their kids and mine who will be forging strong bonds and relationships whilst us adults reminice by the fire.Also, one of the lovliest things is that M will be spending time with her aunty, uncle,grannie and her cousins!  We will be doing things like taking the kids Camping,going to Canada’s Wonderland  , Niagra Falls to visit Great Wolf Lodge and various water parks, going for Ice Cream at Lorna Doons which I used to go to and spending quality time enjoying everyones company.
There is talk about going to Algonquin Park with a canoe and doing a trek, paddling through the water looking for the local wildlife, hoping not to encounter any bears at a close distance, but catching sight of them if possible a long with moose etc. I don’t know what we will see but whatever we do, chances are it will be a first for my daughter.  We haven’t had these types of “firsts” since she was a brand new baby just brought home.
I’m hoping that before we go, I can purchase a new camera to catch these moments, which I will blog and maybe even vlog about because the trip will be jam packed and I want her to be able to have something to look back on in print and pictures.
Are you going anywhere this summer? Have you ever taken your kids back home to experience what you did as a child?

Air Travel With Two Kids

As most of you know, I lost my Dad suddenly in October which meant that I was home for a month – without the children.

It wasn’t a place for them as I was at the hospital almost every day and if I wasn’t there, I was sleeping. Also, as it was such short notice, there wasn’t time to gather my thoughts, let alone the children.

Which brings me to the topic of this post! I was at work the other week and a friend was asking how I was and commented that I looked a bit down. I had said that I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas vibe and that I was very tired and generally quite home sick.

She asked when I would be returning home next and I told her that it would be July but that I’d love to go for Christmas however, due to the type of work that we do it means that all holidays are suspended over the Christmas period.

Later in that night, i’d decided to look at flights and look at the prices to see what they were at this time of year. I was surprised that Air Transat and ( both of whom I use to travel home), had really affordable flights leaving the following week!

The only thing was that I didn’t have a passport for M as hers had expired but I managed to get an appointment with the passport office and it came quite quickly through their fast track service. We booked flights the day before travelling, packed quickly and loaded our suitcases with gifts.

When we got to the airport and were ready to board, I was a bit apprehensive as I hadn’t travelled with the two kids in their own before at the same time and I also have a fear of flying! However, we boarded early and after speaking to the crew, they managed to offer support and reassurance.

I would like to say that my flight was trouble free but it wasn’t due to my almost 2 year old causing chaos! He only slept for approx 30 mins throughout the 7hr flight and he was also running up and down the aisles but luckily the staff were understanding and the passengers were too! It also distracted me when we had a tiny amount of turbulence!

The kids were given a bag each which contained a multi coloured pencil, a sticker book, activity book, earphones and a few other little things to keep them occupied. They also had the film “Frozen” which kept all kids on the flight very content!

On our way home, it was a night flight and I was hoping that the kids would sleep and thankfully they did. I was lucky that on both flights, the staff bent over backwards to make sure that the kids were well looked after as well as myself.

As I mentioned earlier, we are going home again in July and I will be booking via Canadian Affair and flying Air Transat because I know that the service I receive will be top notch. I’d like to thank all of the staff on flights TS224 and TS225(Glasgow to Toronto)you do a job , despite having a very small environment and hyper kids around you and still manage to smile!


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