Lose 10lbs By Christmas..?

Is it possible for someone who hasn’t been in the gym for 5 months, to totally revamp their diet and get back into exercise and actually do this?! 
I don’t know but I am sure going to try! I started reducing my portions and cutting out bread , not eating after 7pm to let my digestive system do the work and used visualisation to help me get there and achieve.

Last night I went to the gym… It took me approx 50 mins to do a 5k – running and majority of it was spent walking but it made me feel great. I know I can do this, I will do it and I have an incentive to do it.

In total, I have approx 2 1/2 stone to lose, which is like to have completed by July as that’s when I am next going home to Canada and I’d like to be able to wear clothes that don’t make me feel uncomfortable.

So I guess I’m going to start a series of blog posts which may just be about what I have eaten for the day and what exercises that I have done. 

Current weight : 12 stone 2, started sunday and feeling good so far! Here are some

Examples of other meals that I make..  See,

I don’t believe in starving myself, instead it’s about clean eating and using foods with high nutritional value

I like to plan ahead and I’ve found through boiling eggs and cooking chicken, that I don’t need anything that isn’t good for me nor am I craving sweet stuff because I have food to hand and I’ve also made sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. 

So off I go to sleep,not hungry but looking forward to getting up at 06:00 for the gym !

It’s Just a house, Right?

My parents have finally done it, they have separated and the house is sold. I should be happy that at least one of them can move on and start living again after so many years of unhappiness. But I’m not.

The house has been the one consistency in my 37years of life on this plant. Yes, I have been away for 20yrs now but when I go back to Canada to visit, I go HOME. This is the  home that has had no one else live in it because it was a new build, a home built for a family of 5… with happy and most recently, sad memories. yes, actually there were unhappy memories throughout for all of us in differen’t ways.. I’m certainly under no illusions the house held many secrets, betrayals etc but for now, I shall remember the happy times because there were many.

I’m grieving right now. Just because someone hasn’t died it doesn’t mean that people don’t grieve. It’s a process that you go through. There once was something in my life but now it is gone. From what I have been told it is being purchased by a couple who have never owned before. I don’t know if they have a family but it certainly is big enough if they do have kids. There is a basement which can finally be turned into a tv room, a main floor and an upstairs with three bedrooms. Mine was the middle one. I shared it with one of my sisters for a time… it was a place where I dreamed, slept and made plans in. I had friends stay over.. both of my children also slept in my room when I took them home to meet my parents. But now they won’t know what it was truly like because they were only months and weeks old.This makes me sad. They won’t hear the crickets, see the fireflies, have a bbq on the deck, experience water fights, hear the lawn mowers in the summer, smell the freshly cut grass… build the snow forts and watch the snow fall endlessly in the winter from the window that I watched it from.

They also won’t feel the heat and see the flames  from the fireplace which went out many years ago… they went after my Dad’s accident… when he could no longer work and drive therefore unable to collect wood… the chimney was cracked before this but now beyond repair and use.  My Mum would at times when we were younger, cook on the top of the wood burner… I remember watching the Muppets in the basement one year when it was exceptionally cold and we set up a dinner table because it was so much warmer. It was cosy… my Dad would often fall asleep in his chair or on the black couch which may or may not have replaced the orange one that I as a child left unattended, painted with some black paint.

It was also the place where I hosted skating parties due to living across from the arena.. played late night games of hide and seek with neighbourhood friends.. Played road hockey, skipped , and camped in the field across the street… There was also the old park before the new one with the baseball diamond was built with its old monkey bars and wooden house.. across from the house was my bus stop where the yellow school bus would pick me and my friends up around 08:15am…  The place where my best friend and I would try to get string from my wondow to hers a block away to attach styrofoam cups for a a “telephone”…

It was the place where no matter if I was 1 block away or down at the creek, my mother could holler loud enough for me to hear, because it was dinner time. You could put money on it that I would be back out after though, to continue whatever game it was we were playing at the time.. It was also the place where my mother would cook and friends would come. The place where no matter where in the world my sisters and I were living, all of us could come HOME. Not at the same time.. it was unusual at a time for all of us to be in the same country, let alone our home, at any one time. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as we aren’t very close and really don’t get along. lol. Bittersweet really.

However, as I mentioned, with the good there are also the bad… The house was in dire need of renovations which really should have been done a long the way but weren’t for whatever reason… It was a home which became too big for two people to maintain… too many stairs to climbe etc.. They say its for the best.  Old neighbours have died, new ones moved in, there are also a lot of new houses.. a town of 2500 has grown.. it isn’t the same in some respects but it hasn’t changed in others..

I have often wondered what will happen when I go home …. Will I drive by or will it be too painful? Will I want to knock on the door and ask to see what the new people have done in order to bring closure? That wouldn’t really be right and it would be quite cheeky.

Good bye old friend…. You weren’t “just” a house.. but a home.

Magic Moments:7/10/2013

magic moments


Phew! its been a while since I last linked up.. thats due to a blogging break, stress and a trip home. Its all been a bit manic but in this post I will explain a bit more.. it all contributes to my magic moment.

I am Canadian , some of you know that and some of you don’t.. I chose to leave my parents, friends,some family and come to Scotland to live when I was 15yrs old for many differen’t reasons.. some of which are haunting me now but thats another post.

Anyway, one of my best friends and I have this strange tradition of surprising one another. It started on New years eve 2005.. I think.. Thats my best friends birthday and with her husband and friends back home, we concocted a plan which resulted in a dinner being planned and me being wrapped up in a box as her birthday present. Since then , she surprised me when I was pregnant in 2007 with my now 6 yr old and it was my turn this year.

I had to go home due to my Dad’s ill health and I thought I would turn some of that visit into a positive experience too. So I told no one apart from my parents and her best friend as well as another one of my best friends. I have known Lisa(BF in question), since I was 4 yrs old.. we are now 35yrs old and still going stroong. She means a lot to me, but it isn’t just her that made this so special but also my other best friend Christine. She picked me up and let me stay a few nights and also was taxi for me and Bubblebutt. She too means a lot and the three of us will be friends for life. I got to meet her daughter for the first time and we had a lot of fun together, as her daughter reminds me a lot of mine.

My other friend Erin, helped to keep it all secret and I also stayed with her one of the nights, she took me out to see some of the old familiar sights , let me ventand even took Bubblebutt for a whole day so that I could let off some steam.  She is an amazing person and so fantastic with kids and always made herself available if I needed her.

It was a hard trip, I had to leave my husband and 6yr old here and i am terrified of flying, plus it was the first time that Bubblebutt had been on a plane.. I had flown with Thunderpants when she was 7 weeks old and she was fine but he is 7months and more active, I thought I was headed for disaster but he was absolutely fine. All of these things made it wasier for what was a very difficult trip.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and I will let you watch the video as it explains a lot…..IMG_1103

Thank you to theoliversmadhouse for this lovely linky

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