Bloggers at War?

As we all have seen today on twitter, there was an adverse reaction when someone wasn’t picked to be an ambassador for a certain family orientated company. I’m sure work was put in and there are claims that they were pre picked (doesn’t really make it a competition in my eyes), and if that was the case, I’m sure that email evidence can back it up.

Now, I don’t generally get involved in these things and to be honest, its the very first time that I have come across anything like it. However, I felt that I needed to because the person in question slagged off a lot of bloggers because they didn’t have as many followers as she did on twitter as well as other very rude accusations. I might be committing a major faux paus by writing this but I blog for me and my family, to create memories and to get opportunities to review and interact with people.

I think that blogging has taken on a whole new thing for some folk and its like all social media in that you need to set boundaries for yourself and be mindful of the effect that it can have on your mental health. I don’t know the blogger in question and I don’t want to pass judgement, but that person really is being incredibly rude to folk and I think the right thing to do would be to delete her tweets and cool off.

I’m sure she’s probably a really nice person in real life, we can all come across differently on social media and how we communicate due to not being able to see facial expression, hear tone of voice means that we don’t always  see the situation for what it is. Its sad to see someone who has obviously worked so hard on their blog, lose it over one thing, but it could have been dealt with in a better way between her and the company in question.

Name calling and accusations really is not the way to go, using colourful language and putting your reputation into question also isn’t good but I guess its “each to their own”… I just don’t think I want to get caught up in it all.


Blogging Break

I haven’t been blogging or ontwitter much over the past wee while and I think it was an unconscious decision to take a break, a much needed one to recharge the batteries.

With blogging, as most of you will know,it can be utterly exhausting. Keeping up with reading, commenting, writing your own posts, being on twitter, Facebook etc. also not to mention the thoughts that everyone has of “is my blog good enough”, re evaluating the reasons why you blog and then remembering that it’s for you and anyone else reading it is a bonus.

One thing that I’ve noticed since my break is that my productivity has gone up and I’ve finally had shelves put up in the living room which have been sitting there for months(pic included), I’ve done some baking and tackled a few other Pinterest projects. Such as this one, a cinnamon bread, 20130917-075823.jpg

And this one which doesnt look like much but I tidied it up, and put holes at the op so that I could put fairy lights inside to make little lanterns:20130917-075947.jpg

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the blogging which is really the issue as such but this damn iPhone and all of its apps. Someone had written a post earlier this week and said that we spend so much time on our phones and gadgets and I realised this last night when I was on my phone, husband on his tablet and daughter in her sim free gadget. I had to stop us all and say “look at us”!

So today I am leaving the phone at home. It stresses the life out if me and I need more days of less stress and more relaxation! Imagine if we all did this? Certain companies would be hit hard almost immediately… And that would only be for 1 day of people putting down their phones.

I have forgotten my phone at home before and once the initial realisation sunk in and the twitching stopped,I realised that I was going to survive and be ok… The world wasn’t going to end just because no one was able to get
hold of me immediately.. So here goes… Oh and here are some pics of what I was doing whilst on my break…







I am not where I want to be… I don’t know where to be and I don’t know my way there.. The past few weeks despite being accepted to write for Hello! magazine on line, opportunities presenting themselves from my original blog(this one), starting to get back in to exercise and losing weight again.. something is niggling me and causing me to have major anxiety that seems endless. I am not sleeping due to Bubblebutt teething and around 04:00am, I am waking.

I am constantly busy, my mind is on overdrive and I have the attention span of a fish.. these all point to one thing.. depression. No, not PND but general depression and something has got to give but I really don’t know what that is. I have all the things I could ever want, may even be able to do the holistic course that I had to put off last year but it isn’t enough. I feel like I am searching on line , people’s blogs, friends lives for whatever it is that will bring me happiness.. What is that happiness though? Am I doing too much, putting too much pressure on myself, should I stop with social media, the blog? Slow down?

I fear that if I do that, I won’t “BE” something.. why do I just not accept me for who I am? No one expects me to be anything other than who I am right now.. No one but ME.I know that if I don’t sort things out that it will be too late… life is already going by so quickly and I need to enjoy the here and now.. But I’m not… I took a bit of a break from blogging but I felt the pressure to return in case I lost followers etc.. Anyway, that’s where its at for me just now..

Quitting Facebook/Schmuckbook/Boastbook and Social Media

Yesterday I did it. I deleted my Facebook app/account and now have to wait 14 days to have my Farcebook account permanently deleted. I feel good about it, I feel free but I also feel slightly sad as there are one or two contacts that I would have liked to have still kept in touch with like my grade school teacher who is pretty amazing but I’m sure she will have my blog address etc.

I am now wondering if I should do the same with twitter.. You see, the reasons for wanting to delete both of them are because I get myself in to a constant circle of checking. a repetitive circle of that, commenting on other peoples blogs (I enjoy that part), checking stats, and tweeting. It has gotten in the way of me getting things done around the house or outside of the home that are really top priorities. I also see the effect it has on my moods and the anxiety it causes, and that is not good but I am glad that I am aware enough to realize this.

My phone is the first thing I pick up in the morning, and after being on for a few mins I can feel that familiar feeling of sore shoulders, a twitching eye due to tiredness and anxiety. If during the night, I wake and can’t seep rather than keep trying to I pick up my phone and start reading tweets and it then wakes up my brain making it impossible to get back to sleep. The next day is spent trying to get through the tiresome haze, or going back to sleep and wasting the day and not getting anything done. I hate wasting a day but even by being on twitter and blogging too much, that is what I a doing. I got to a point where I was putting 2 posts a day out. That’s not why I started blogging. Yes I started to raise awareness but I also did it for me.

I guess this post is for those lovely people who asked why I wanted to close my account and had suggested alternatives. I thought about keeping it to tweet when I post on blog but will I fall into the vicious circle again? I think its very possible as its within my nature to also want to help people.. But as someone very wise said in her post about leaving FB, is it feeding another need? An ego? I think in my case it probably is. I have 5oo odd followers, is it healthy and possible to sustain contact with so many people? I have certainly made some lovely friends who I do want to continue speaking to and who were kind enough to forward on mobile numbers and email addresses. Those are the people who i will be making the effort for.

A lot of friends have said ” you wont last a week /month etc”, actually this time I think I will. Last time I suspended my account but this time I actually deleted it. It will take 14 days but I also have support from another friend who feels similar in the obsession that it can cause. I look forward to doing more with my time or on days when I want to relax, not feel as though I need to check stats or come out with blog posts that seem forced or written too quickly,i look forward to feeling more relaxed! I felt artificial when I would re post a link more than once in relation to a new blog post, like I was forcing people to read it. That’s not who I am.

I will continue to blog, probably without as many readers but I am doing it for me and if I go from 100 to 20 views a day, at least i know I feel comfortable. Thanks to all who have been reading my blog, and I hope to keep in contact as I will still be reading other blogs and commenting, i just wont be around on twitter.

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