The Bikini Advert & Social Media

I woke up this morning to this on my twitter feed, regarding the Protein World advert. 


I challenged it and naively thought that the London based agency would come back with some sort of debate which I enjoy , but instead they came back with the following … 

 I do believe that they are riding on the coat tails of previous controversy because I don’t believe for a minute, that one company can be so stupid and ill informed. At least, for their clients sake, I hope not.

The words that they use such as “chubby girls”, just adds to the fat shaming society that we live in and which continues to grow with ads like those and agencies such as this one who all of a sudden no longer have a web site up and running.

Do they really believe what they say or are they trying to do a Katie Hopkins and just ride on the back of bad publicity? I don’t think they they even know as my tweets have gone unanswered. Sigh.
Update: they started a new account to tell me this…  Nice.


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