Sykes Cottages Competition

Sykes Cottages is holding a fantasic competition for bloggers, to win £350 worth of vouchers, to spend on one of their fabulous properties within Scotland in return for why we think that Scotalnd is the setting for Romance!

As someone who wasn’t born in Scotland but lnow calls it home, I am still in awe of some of the places and scenery that we have literally on our door step. I like to travel Scotland, especially the North but I have also experienced a lot of other places within this beautiful Country. We have been as far as Stornoway in the Western Isles,to Berwick near the border. We have also stayed at many places within Glasgow but I think one of the most romantic breaks that we have had was in Achiltubuie.

It was one of our first trips away as a couple pre children.. aww those were the days when you could drop everything, pack up the car and GO! The Husband (but boyfriend at the time), had just passed his driving test and we took the “blue beast” on a road trip to see my sister as she was working up in the restaurant there and asked us to come for the weekend.

The drive up North is stunning whether it be rain , snow,sleet or sunshine because of the backdrop of the hills and the winding roads and to have the Cairngorms, the Glens and the Lochs as your focal point really is a treat! I have to say that we weren’t disappointed on our journey. The beach which was near to where we were staying, was set in a valley and the water was aqua. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that you were in another country!

As we got to our acommodation, there was a fire lit with the smell of peat burning welcoming us as we opened the door into the small cottage. We also had a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge, and by that time it had started raining which meant mist over the hills that made it a perfect setting and back drop after a 5hr drive from Glasgow. What more could you want? Warmth, beautiful setting and wine!

Relaxing in those surroundings, having time to spend without distraction and noises of the city was just what we needed that weekend. We did a few walks when the rain went off and had a few walks across the beach in the morning andalso at night. Nothing like snuggling up and sitting on the sand in the evening with a cup of coffee and listening to the waves lapping on the shore.. complete bliss.

If that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is! So now I nominate @1makes4, @Mummy’sknee and

Why not have a look see at the website and enter? All you need to do is nominate 3 bloggers, and describe why you think Scotland is a romantic destination! Here is the link and good luck!

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