Scottish Slimmers and Children

What in the name of the fuck have my eyes just seen?! An email coming through from Scottish Slimmers to my junk box titled “Children at Scottish Slimmers, what’s your view”?

Seriously? Really? What absolute trumped up numpty, thought of that?! Ok, so obviously Scottish Slimmers have the best interests of their clients at heart… They wouldn’t want anyone to lose out because its the summer holidays… Eh, no! They obviously have a business to run and are clutching at straws to try and retain their customers as well as thinking ahead for the future and grabbing hold of impressionable kids that they can influence but then target at a later date.

I would rather take my child to hell than let her go to a “weigh and go” meeting. I let my child see that healthy eating and exercise are the right way not restricting yourself of food or feeling down because you haven’t reached a target weight. It may take longer to achieve the weight that I want to be but at least it’s not dictated by some organisation who bank on the fact that members are going to return to them as those diets are just not sustainable. They prey on insecurities and use media to tell us how it’s a “lifestyle change” rather than a diet. Is it fuck! Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that it is a quick fix , buzz words are used and it’s insinuated that once you lose the weight, life’s problems will go away and we will be as happy as can be. That’s how shallow these companies are, not the members who join but those fat cats who sit rubbing their hands together as the money rolls in.

Also , as someone who went through an eating disorder when I was younger, having come out the other end and having a more positive relationship with food, it makes me so angry to see that they would ever consider allowing children in. Why not just give them a £10 note and let them lose in a crack den? I may seem a bit over dramatic as its only a weigh and go but come on! It’s exposing and planting the seeds into their tiny minds…the word “diet” should be used no more than any swear word as its just as, if not more damaging.

So to Scottish Slimmers, and keeping in the tradition all things Scottish…. “Get Tae F@&k”!

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2 thoughts on “Scottish Slimmers and Children”

  1. Amen to that! What a load of total and utter shite. Have to say if kids are obese then putting them on scales in a fat club is not going to help – cos it’s not exactly working wonders for a hell of a lot of grown-ups. Obsessing about food and counting calories has succeeded in piling on the pounds for most of us.

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