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I am a mum to a beautiful girl aged 5, have a lovely husband and a crazy Dalmatian. I am Canadian by birth but came here on my own when I was 15 and had only thought about staying for a year but here I am .. Still in Scotland! I love the scenery especially up north and one day I will have my cottage in the highlands!

I am currently studying towards a degree in counseling and it’s probably one of the best things that I decided to do. I learned a lot about myself and most importantly that if you want to change something about yourself , you can.

I love exercise, I believe it’s the most effective remedy for things like depression and it helps me in that respect. I like running and I often attend classes at my gym as well.

I had PND when my daughter was born and I have now started writing about it and will fight the stigma relating to it and I hope that this blog helps people understand and cope with PND. I know everyone’s experiences are different but we share the same thing of wanting to stop feeling so bad.

Happy reading!


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