Pregnancy oh Pregnancy

Here I am, in a ward at 03:00am only having approx 3 hrs sleep. I’m wanting to go home but won’t find out until tomorrow if or when. Here’s a little background to the story from yesterday and the fright I got.

I had gone to sleep around 1pm after a bath as I normally do these days and when I got up around 2:15ish , I went to the loo and did that all too familiar “wipe test”. I say all too familiar as any pregnant woman miscarriage or not (I’ve had 3/4?), you get paranoid even at this stage, of something going wrong.

I was presented with blood and lot of it! Looked in the loo and saw clots and just panicked, called the husband and then the midwife who ordered me to call 999 immediately. I was worried as hell and my mind wasn’t working, called my parents and then text my cousin as I was due on shift at 4pm and worried that I would get into trouble(yes, I know…

So around 15 mins later the ambulance arrives and asks ME where I’ve to go, I said the Southern , he said “oh hen, we cannae take you there, we’re from Motherwell and need to take you to the closest one”. I said “but that’s where I’m booked in” and showed him my maternity booklet. Again he said “no” and I was annoyed by this point and said “whatever, can we go please?”.

So off we went and I can only describe our journey as wacky races… It felt like 25-30 mins before we arrived however, if we had gone to the Southern and the speed at which we were going, we would have done it in 7-12 if that and it is purely motorway. I had to hang on a few times and he admitted that he had forgotten about new motorway etc but he was nice enough and chatted away.

When we got here to Wishaw, I was met by some lovely midwives, checked the bleeding and as I had a low lying placenta at week 20 , the doc who came in later explained that it was possibly this and we talked about early delivery , got some steroids for the baby incase of that and discussed worse case scenarios such as hysterectomy which throughout all this, I actually remained quite calm as I knew that I was in the best possible place and knowing that survival rates etc are extremely high at this point. I think I kind of detached myself too from it.. I’m not too sure that this is a good thing…

At this point they took me down for a scan which the radiographer made it known to the receptionist that she wasn’t too happy asking “Who ordered this?”, and I found out that the machine was switched off etc. I even apologised to her! Seriously, why the fuck should I be worried about her getting home late?! Don’t get me wrong she was nice but for the love of god, it’s not like I caused this.

The ultra sound showed that the placenta had actually moved to where is needed to be , relief but also confusion as the most obvious of answers was now ruled out. Thankful though that all was fine and no bleeding near the baby… The wee bugger was moving throughout so I knew he was fine.

Up I went to the ward again and explained things, a new doc came in and did an examination and said that there was no active bleeding which was a relief but I then passed a clot later on. Nothing since though but was strapped up and monitored. Again no concerns as he’s having a party in my womb….

So that bring you to now… I woke up and was thinking about something that I should have told the doctors… When I was waiting for the ambulance, the doctors receptionist called to say that the doctor had requested a thyroid test. At that point I was hysterical and explained what was happening. It wasn’t until an hour ago that I started to google the reason why… So again knowing that google is NOT your friend, I am slightly worried but I’m going to wait until I speak to the doctor in the morning and just calm the hell down.

So here I am… Hoping to get home especially to Thunderpants as she was very upset and I had to call to reassure her that I would be home tomorrow, the husband came up and brought me supplies bless him, but I need to be home with them.

Well that’s all for now, I shall update if need be!


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