No homework for my kids.

I’ve been reading a few blogs, interacting with people on Twitter and the latter half of this year was spent telling my daughters teacher that she would not be doing homework.

I could tell by her facial expression that she either didn’t agree or had an opinion on it but possibly didn’t want to explore that as we are given only 10mins (at max), when doing parent -teacher meetings. That in itself tells you a lot about the school curriculum in Scotland…

I know I’m probably seen as that weird trouble making parent in the playground (and to the head teacher , especially when in the past I may have told her that I’m a recovering Catholic and it’s a catholic school) who rather than fit in with the parents/carers with their matching furniture/wall paper/car etc ,sings the praises of their children almost every week via social media (when actually we know how little Betty and Tommy are just as much the shit disturber as ours can be),would much rather survive each day of parenting… Without having to pull out my hair … but to be honest  I couldn’t give a rats ass about being in the parenting “in” crowd.I haven’t for a while and that in itself is liberating. I like that I don’t have to make small talk now with folk that I really don’t have much in common with and can just pick up my child and get on with my life. Sounds harsh but I just haven’t got the time to get involved with the latest gossip.

Back to the point of this post, I digress, yes! Homework… My child went to nursery and then on to school which means that from the age of 3, she has been in the system. Ok, partly our choice as I had wanted to go back to studying again. However, it is a system that constantly tells our young people that you need to do all of these things like go to university and/or college,in order to feel like you have achieved. To use correct punctuation or people will make fun of you and they will define you as a person if you get it wrong and posts “meme’s” on Facebook so that you and your friends can collectively belittle a person to satisfy your own insecurities and ego. Seen it happen loads of time and I actually pity those who do this regularly.  Yes,I wouldlovefor my children to goto college and univerity to study if they want to and I thoroughly encourage studying as there is so much to learn in life but if they want to do something else or go into work,I won’t push them because the world adds enough pressure to our lives as it is. People define others by the job they do,house they live in,area they live,car they drive etc.. What about morals,respecting others and your own

Why does my child need to do these things in order to feel like someone who matters? Why do we have to expect them to conform? They are little beings and sometimes I feel that we have too much influence on them and we need to let them express themselves, find out who they are and to grow.  Unfortunately in our society when you do that and let them explore their personalities they can some times not be included with their peers and get treated differently by the school.

Why does this happen and why as parents do we not just say “fuck it”,?! as Fleetwood Mac says “you can go your own way”! Or do as the little bumble bee girl in the video for Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and dance in those puddles under the droplets of rain that falls from the sky! Be different, be you… Show your kids that individuality and not being the same as anyone else, is good! Embrace it! Learn from your kids and let them learn from you! I bet it’s liberating:) trying to build their confidence so that they are comfortable in a society that preys on and makes a business out of our insecurities.

This post may not make sense or cover the actual topic but I tend to go off in a tangent and not follow the rules 😉

Almost There…

I can’t believe that I am now 3 weeks away from completing my course! It’s been a really tough year completing a diploma in one year, juggling family life and working 18hrs a week but I did it…. Nearly!

I have an exam on Tuesday and if I can get that out of the way, I can concentrate on the last wee push of case studies and 2 assessments in reflexology that I need before taking 6 weeks off in the summer.

I’ve decided to go back and do another course which will allow me to work with people experiencing life limiting illnesses and cancer, not to mention a few other subjects such as mindfulness , reiki , Indian head massage and loss and grief which I covered in my HNC counselling.

I’ve also registered as self employed and once I have the stress of studying behind me, I’ll start taking clients on and also meet with business gateway. It’s exciting but scary and although I can’t predict the future… I think it’s going to be full of opportunities.

Bunting and Fairy Lights

So we moved into the kids bedroom over a year ago and I’m only just getting round to finally painting and making it “our room”. I’m not sure if it’s because subconsciously, it would mean that A) Thunderpants and Bubblebutt are growing up or B) We define idly won’t be having any more kids and it’s the end of that time of our lives.

Thunderpants had this room painted by my sister in law and when it was finished, it looked absolutely amazing. The request was that I had wanted a winter scene as its one of my most favourite times of the year and of course, being Canadian.. I love the snow.

So a mural of a Mamma bear and baby bear in the forest, with trees that my sister in law made branches with pegs for bird lights and butterflies to sit on. It was stunning and I was so sad knowing that I had to paint over it. I shed a tear and worked in silence whilst I reminisced of her early years and bringing her home for the very first time.

When I was thinking about how to make it more “us”, I wanted to bring in my love for holistic therapies, candles, freshness and light. I’m a sucker for fairy lights and bunting… You’ll find it everywhere in my wee flat and I couldn’t resist buying these pink butterflies which I’ve had hang over our new IKEA bed. 

I got the lights and heart bunting from the Range as well as the heart and lanterns. The pictures are of our last summer in Canada – a girly 3 week holiday with my daughter , a pic of my Dad who died just over a year ago and a pic of Thunderpnts and I when she turned 2yrs old. 

On my other wall, I plan on putting up a shelf , a mirror which I will paint and some more pics and fairy lights. I still need new curtains for our window and as the other walls are white, I’ll probably get blue if I can find it in the same shade. 

We are also going to replace the floor with the same laminate that we have throughout the house. That’s the plan so far! What do you think? And are you a fan of bunting and fairy lights? 

Life as a Student,Mum,Wife &Employee

So I’m nearly 3/4 of the way through my Complementary Therapies course… It’s been tough and there have been tears. Tomorrow is our first exam in anatomy and physiology and I am bricking it because it’s been difficult for me as I’ve never done biology or any in depth science, before.

Juggling work, study and family life has also been incredibly difficult but I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve gotten to study with some very lovely people and taught by the most inspiring, creative and professional lecturers. I’ve been incredibly lucky and I know that this is the path that I was meant to take in life.

I won’t lie when I say that it will be a relief to have the course finished in June not because I don’t enjoy it but it’s because I need time to just slow things down a bit, re read and do more practice. I want to be a therapist that knows her stuff because for me, complementary therapies is no longer a treat or pamper, it’s about treating people who have conditions, illnesses and diseases… But in an alternative way. 

I have seen first hand, how these therapies can help people in ways that medicine can’t. I’m not dismissing medication, not at all but I think in some cases spending time getting to know a person as a whole rather than just based on symptoms, can be far more beneficial in helping a person than a 10min conversation with a GP who is watching the clock.

I have learned things about myself whilst doing this course, I have learned to let go of things and I have also learned to surround myself with positivity and this year, I have encountered a lot of that. I’m not saying that my life is all roses because that’s not realistic but I know how to cope better when faced with difficulty. 

The power of meditation, visualisation, connecting with the universe and realising what is important , goals etc.. That’s what this year has been all about. I now know what my goals are rather than what I think others expect of me. I’m not going to be rich in any monetary sense of the word but my richness comes from my knowledge gained this year and from those that I allow into my life. Who can go wrong with that, huh? 

Lose 10lbs By Christmas..?

Is it possible for someone who hasn’t been in the gym for 5 months, to totally revamp their diet and get back into exercise and actually do this?! 
I don’t know but I am sure going to try! I started reducing my portions and cutting out bread , not eating after 7pm to let my digestive system do the work and used visualisation to help me get there and achieve.

Last night I went to the gym… It took me approx 50 mins to do a 5k – running and majority of it was spent walking but it made me feel great. I know I can do this, I will do it and I have an incentive to do it.

In total, I have approx 2 1/2 stone to lose, which is like to have completed by July as that’s when I am next going home to Canada and I’d like to be able to wear clothes that don’t make me feel uncomfortable.

So I guess I’m going to start a series of blog posts which may just be about what I have eaten for the day and what exercises that I have done. 

Current weight : 12 stone 2, started sunday and feeling good so far! Here are some

Examples of other meals that I make..  See,

I don’t believe in starving myself, instead it’s about clean eating and using foods with high nutritional value

I like to plan ahead and I’ve found through boiling eggs and cooking chicken, that I don’t need anything that isn’t good for me nor am I craving sweet stuff because I have food to hand and I’ve also made sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. 

So off I go to sleep,not hungry but looking forward to getting up at 06:00 for the gym !

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