Fitness Target

I wasn’t going to reveal my new goal as of yet but since I’ve been training and about to start a new training schedule, I thought “why not”?.

I was out walking last week and an idea had come to me about what I can do differently this year to achieve my new goals as detailed in previous posts for my #18for2018. Although this thing that I’m doing is something that I have already done years ago, my fitness level isn’t as good and I’m carrying more weight. I’m also doing it with my trainer and a friend which will be challenging in itself as most things I do are solo.

The other thing that I wanted to do which I didn’t actually think of previously was to choose a charity. I have in the past done the race for life 5ks and 10ks in Glasgow but this year I’d like to do it for the Mother and Baby Unit which is based here in Glasgow. You may already know that I do volunteer work for them every week, I go in and do massage work with the Mims to help with anxiety and for relaxation.

The Mother and Baby unit and the perinatal mental health services were a great source of help to me when I was going through pre and post natal depression/anxiety with both of my kids and I’m always looking for ways to give back. They have also inspired me to apply to do mental health nursing this year (providing my application form is successful).

So what am I talking about? TOUGH MUDDER! Like I said, I have done it before but it was approximately 10 months after my son was born (I think), and if I was able to do it then, post Baby…. I should be able to do it again… right? (Pic above is the one that I did)

I’ll be setting up a go fund me page and I’ll be getting t shirts printed for myself via a wholesale t shirt printing company who are offering me a discount, and if my fellow team mates wish to participate in a charity of their choice, we will all be designing some crazy shirts to stand out in the crowd.

So what do you all think about this years challenge? I thought about maybe adding a 10k in there as well but need to look at work holidays and see what there is on offer as I currently work every weekend and if I can’t get a holiday, I’ll need to look at swapping… I’m already groaning at the thought of this…. can’t believe it was as much as 3 or so years ago that I completed the gruelling 10mile obstacle course.

Wish me luck… training commences this Friday….

2018 So Far

As I wrote earlier this year, I’m doing my #18for2018 which I was inspired to do after listening to one of my favourite authors, Gretchen Ruben via her lovely podcast. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a catch up to tell you all how I’m doing.

On my list I had talked a lot about exercise and how I really wanted to get a grip on it again this year. I have a Garmin and I usually motivate myself by taking part in one of their various weekly competitions. This wk I believe it’s the 40k step challenge which based on my daily goal average , won’t be an issue and this is from this morning as I had been a bit pressed for time between school run , dog walk and volunteering. I’m also all set up for a new challenge which is a pretty big commitment and I’ll tell you all closer to the time, but until now, I’m not divulging!

Another goal was for me to spend some more time with friends, which I managed on this rare weekend off. I had a night out which consisted of an amazing friend paying for me to get my make up done as she knew I was feeling a bit down about my appearance, followed by dinner, drinks and a club. See below for make up and slightly tipsy, obligatory selfie.

The next day I had arrange to meet my best friend for lunch minus he kids. We never really get to do this much at all as our schedules can be so different and she has children younger than me, one of which is still feeding so she can’t be away for too long which I completely understand. We enjoyed an hour of catching up, food at Wagamama in Silverburn and just enjoying some child free time together.

The next goal that I wanted to achieve was trying to slow down enough to read a book, and I’m getting to grips with this but I still find it difficult to stop my mind enough to concentrate. That’s where listening to guided meditation comes into play and I have done two within the last wk, tonight will be my third.

This particular goal makes me feel slightly sad as I have always been a reader from ever since I can remember. From swapping books with fellow classmates, to trying to hide a novel when in class because it was more attractive to find out what the girls of the baby sitters club were doing or how Nancy Drew solved the latest mystery, than it was to concentrate on work. However, I feel that my mind is so “busy”, that I find it so hard to concentrate.. instead I’m speed reading. It’s something I will get back on track with because books are such a fantastic world to help you escape from real life and let’s face it, we all need to do that from time to time.

I prefer real books to kindle versions but I do own a kindle and at times they do come in handy but I don’t think you can ever replace the smell of the pages, holding it in your hands and the feel of a book. A kindle just doesn’t cut it for me and I’ll always love browsing the shelves in WH Smith , Menzies or even the various charity shops.

So that’s it from me for now and I still haven’t completed my entire 18 for my list as of yet. It takes time to really think of things which are attainable but also difficult and to fit it into your life and schedule. These things will come but I want them all to be meaningful and with a positive impact on my life.

Have you achieved any of your goals yet and if so, how did it make you feel?

18 for 2018 – Inspired by Gretchen Rubino

I have a few books written by Gretchen Reuben, 1 was purchased on my kindle and the other in Toronto Airport when we were awaiting our flight back to Glasgow after being home. I love what she does and says, her Podcasts are so inspiring but the main thing is that they are easy to understand and incorporate into your life without really thinking about it too much but that the results are really life changing.

I’m not so much into New Year resolutions because I think that if you want to make change, it should be an ongoing process and not waiting for the 1st of January to do it. If you really have something in life that you want to do, if you can put all of your effort into it, I do believe that it is well within your reach. If you set your mind to something whether it be small to someone but of major significance to you, the end result will be empowering and with empowerment comes achievement, yes?

So what is this thing that I am banging on about? Its Gretchin’s 18 for 2018 and its all about achieving 18 things throughout the year that mean something to you and has a positive impact on your life. The 18 things can be anything and it an take as long as it takes, but within the next 12 months… I don’t think that 18 thing are really hat difficult and it may mean writing another list but I’ll concentrate on my first and see how I get on.

When thinking about this, I wanted to make small achievable goals because this isn’t about adding more stress to an already stressful existence! Its something that I can do and think or write about whenever and wherever… Something to be proud of and something that will impact me and possibly others around me. So where do I start? Well….

I read something on social media this week which was quite powerful and made me think a lot about certain situations that I have found myself in very recently.

So this is one of the things that I want to really concentrate on in 2018.. I am very hot headed and I generally react by shouting and getting angry. In order for me to stop reacting in an angry matter, I need to step back, think about all aspects , who is involved, impact of my anger and breathe.

Breathing is the key to all life.

A lot of this first goal is about my daughter and some stuff that she is going through. She lost her Nanna very suddenly and she is currently going through the “anger” part of the grieving process but through this we also think that there may be something a bit more underlying.When she gets angry, I react in the same way, we say things that we regret , the tears flow and there is a constant atmosphere which is affecting everyone here and even the dog. So I must learn to breathe first and react second. It’s very hard.

2. Walking at least 5 miles a day. This was something that I was achieving before Christmas but after having a small operation 3 weeks ago, that stopped and I can see how much it has impacted my moods and my eating habits. The dog is also suffering because she was really enjoying her long walks and now she is only getting out to the park across the street and smaller walks. That’s not fair. I also want to get my daughter into this with me so I guess there is two parts to this goal! I think it will help improve her moods and her fitness.

3. I want to use my gym membership more and go to at least 2 early morning classes a week. I love getting up before everyone, getting my workout done and be back in time to get the kids off to nursery and school and then the dog walked. I feel I get much more done on these days and although I am all for self care and looking after yourself, my own mental health is better when I am organized.

4. Concentrate on growing my business. I love what I do and I have a good client base but I feel like I need to be more organised and reign in a lot of things as my head is a scatty mess. I need to re design leaflets, find out exactly which therapies out of all of the ones that I do, are my favorite ones and just do them. I know that aromatherapy is one at the top of my list as is pregnancy and when I do these, I get lost in them. I am also dabbling with making stuff with the oils but that can come at a later date.

5. Making time for friends. This can be done in different ways as we all have such different lifestyles, work schedules, and demands. I am going to diarise dates with those who are able to do so and make an effort to even catch up with others via skype or facetime – this is generally for friends an family on the other side of the world.

6. Paying off at least 2 of my credit cards by the summer. This is achievable because I can do overtime when the kids are sleeping or by using my other income as a Complementary Therapist. I would like to say that I am lucky to have these two outlets but to be fair, I trained and studied and all of that was achieved via hard wor. The over time think is lucky but again, I am qualified enough to have a job where over time is available and that’s down to my own skills that I learned and invested in. The other skill that I have is blogging and although I have only just picked it up gain after a long break, I know that I can be consistent and pick up the ol sponsored post if I want to. I can also make some money via selling things on eBay and I started just before Christmas, the money went towards a credit card and in one week with combining all the above apart from massage, I put £65 towards a card. How good is that?

7. Entering Competitions .. its become a new hobby that I picked up on my quest to save money and become debt free. I was also inspired by a film that I watched which was a true story. Now, please note that I am under no illusion hat I will win very much and that’s ok. Like I say, its a hobby 🙂 Its simply a hobby and its something that is distracting for me after the kids have gone to bed.

8. Not accepting the negative behaviors of others , this kind of ties in with number 1 . Something happened over the Christmas holidays and it was quite hurtful to me although those involved probably didn’t even know that it had such an impact.. I don’t want to go into it and I have made adjustments to how interaction will be from now on. There was one other situation where I felt that someone in my life was always contacting me when they needed to vent. At first I was angry as I wasn’t being asked what was going on with me and my family but then I thought , well maybe I am a source of comfort and advice? This is quite empowering that I can help in a situation which is upsetting for another person and that they trust me enough to confide in? Yes! this is it! ( To ther person that this is about, you know I’m not attacking you with sharing this and no names are mentioned. I am here for you always).

9. Being more present, accountable, be there more to listen to my husband, this kids, friends.. I don’t know that this makes sense or does and that I have no reason to explain?

10. Using my summerhouse more for meditation, relation, yoga, mindfulness for both me and my daughter and maybe redesign it and make it even more welcoming. A sanctuary of light and love? I remember before I ordered it that I wanted it to feel as though it wasn’t just in my back garden but I could transport myself into that secluded forest somewhere far away.. a place of complete relaxation…

11. Stop and count my blessings.. stop thinking “if only I had more money, I could do this”  or “I wish we had a bigger house” etc etc. stop making it about “stuff” maybe reading more bout minimalism? I have much goodness in my life… and I mean things like fantastic friends, a good paying job, a roof over my head, fantastic family, we don’t go hungry and have food available. I have self…. an awareness. It’s the “stuff” that gets in the way. I know I said that I was comping but it’s just a fun thing and a hobby. I don’t care if I win or don’t win. Its all a bonus.

12. More family time. I need to make sure that we have more quality time from watching a film together , walks, cycling, museum. Something that is focused on us spending time without arguing! I have worked weekends for a while now as well as Christmas and new year , all holidays due to the nature of my job. Because of that,we ind it hard to spend time as a family without arguing because we have different parenting skills. This causes confusion for the kids and it all erupts like a volcano which isn’t good for any of us.

13. Home.. I want to go home this year… Home is Canada and with me paying off credit cards, it can’t be the top of my priority list as it defeats the purpose! So comping it is! If I could win a trip home, it would be a bonus but if I don’t, there is always next year.

So that’s it for now.. I will update my list on my next blog post.. the next 5 are going to be ones that I really want to think about.. maybe something like “read a book” or catch up on my pinterest board, see that film i have been meaning to for  months.. ?

Are you writing an 18 for 2018 list ? If so, please do share as its inspiring to read how other people are living their lives, their motivations and what they hope to achieve. Thanks for reading.

Let There Be Light

This year at Daftmamma head quarters, its all about writing more , engaging more and entering some cool competitions! I was inspired to do so on my quest to save money, clear debt and hopefully win some amazing prizes.  . So with that in mind, I came across a competition by a cool company called Urban Cottage Industries

We are hoping to achieve a lot of great things with the flat once the debt has been cleared, which really shouldn’t take that long and I have been putting together some on line boards to hep me do this.

I had a long look at what Urban Cottage Industries have on offer and I already have a pretty good idea about choices for lighting especially these for the living room

I’m a lover of all things retro and they would fit right in, they would match with our colours that we have chosen and would be great for positioning over our arm chair where I spend most of my time reading! What do you think of them?

So getting back on on point! I digress!! They are running a super cool competition for bloggers based on… LIGHTING, of course! They want us to post pics of natural light pictures as well as artificial for a chance to win a prize of £500 of Amazon vouchers to spend on photography equipment as well as prizes for runners up (how cool is that?). Here’s the link to the competition and a blurb from their site

So , with all of that info, stop reading this and get started on your own! Before you do that though, here’s MINE!

The first was taken on a rainy day up north camping and the second )another camp), but with a flash. Many happy memories and thank you for hosting such a lovely competition.

Good luck to everyone entering!


I’m still plodding along but not following plan as it was causing me a wee bit of stress. I am going back to it but not for a few more weeks because I’m currently writing from my hospital bed, getting ready for a procedure.

Up to this point, apart from my birthday week celebrations and a wk after that, I was doing very well. My fitness has improved so much and my fitness goals are being smashed! I’m thinking more about lifting and I have a few ideas of what I want this year to be like with weights being a huge part of my regime. I love how I feel after doing them and how my body is changing. I’m also very lucky that I have such an amazing trainer who knows what he’s doing and guiding me properly in technique.

I don’t know if anyone has followed Instagram account Planking for Pizza or size 22 guru, but if you’re on your weight loss and fitness journey, I’d highly recommend both. They are motivating and inspiring not to mention absolutely hilarious and strong. I watch their stories every day and am amazed by all that they have achieved and continue to achieve. One of the biggest things for me is that they are real. They eat real food and they also have treats… no restrictions. How good is that?! They know that real life is about things which can and do crop up, they don’t say no but they plan for things such as nights out or other social activities or just wanting to have some shit food from time to time. This is why they don’t fail. They are accountable and they are sensible but they work damn hard too.

I think that when we set goals for ourselves, we also start a process of restriction which can lead to falling off the wagon. I didn’t want to use the word failure there because that’s such a negative thing to say and when trying to lose weight, you just don’t need shit words and connotations. I think the whole 80/20 rule is right, that we should also never see foods as good vs bad… that in itself can lead to disordered eating in my opinion and I’ve been in that place when I was younger… it isn’t pretty and you’re worth more than that.

So this wk as we approach Christmas, I plan on walking more if my body will let me since I’m still in a bit of pain, more water and more fibre and protein in my diet. Small goals which add up to achieving.

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