Ongoing Training

I haven’t updated for a while because I’ve been super busy training and preparing for my walk and reading about other people’s journeys. I’m also incorporating HIIT By using the BodyCoach DVD that I purchased in November.

All of this will prepare my body to tackle my biggest and most adventurous goal to date and as I read more and more, I get incredibly excited! The only thing is that I’m noticing the shin splints an awful lot but @gymguymark has advised me to use a really simple kitchen mechanism, the rolling pin! What a fantastic idea and one I’ll report back on over the next few days! If I get them whilst on the hike, I can use a branch to help ease them out and cold water soak will also do the world of good too.

I’m still having an internal conflict in relation to shoes. The more I read, I see how many people have stated that their normal trail shoes did them well and were more than adequate for completion of the WHW. However, if it rains which I am banking on it happening , it won’t be a good idea to only have 1 pair of shoes.

So far, my waterproof ruck sack coverings have come, my gaiters and my map/guide. I’m deciding on which jacket to pack and also what kind of tent because everything needs to be as light as possible since I’m carrying my own stuff and not using any kind of baggage transfer system despite a lot of people telling me to do so.  I have had one person tell me that I won’t enjoy it if I carry my own stuff and I’m not thinking its going to be an easy feat but its something that I want to do to try and push myself.

That’s where I am just now and I have o say that as I approach the date  i’m getting more and more excited!

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