On an Update- Redecorating the Home on a Shoestring

Redecorating can really bring some much-needed life to an old space. However a traditional interior design facelift can — for many— be prohibitively expensive. For savvy DIY enthusiasts, there are plenty of effective and economical ways to update any room of a house with minimal cost and maximum impact. You can give your home a real facelift for less with all kinds of approaches from sourcing bathroom furniture to sprucing something up with a coat of paint. Here are a few fantastic ways to redecorate on a shoestring.

Seek out the bargains

Charity shops, bargain websites, online retailers and even flea markets are all places you can find unique pieces that are new to you. Second-hand furniture is typically cheap and you can often negotiate the price. Don’t be afraid! You have to approach bargain hunting with an open mind because, in many cases, it may take some imagination to breathe some life into an old piece. You’ll feel all the better for it, though.

Update kitchens and bathrooms for maximum effect

Updating these rooms is easily done and can drastically change the look and feel of the space. For dingy or run down kitchens, consider taking out old cabinets and repainting them in a cool colour. Adding a nice tile backsplash may seem like one of the more daunting DIY endeavours, but in reality it’s cheap, straightforward and can have an incredible impact.


For the bathroom, incorporate loving plants organised bathroom will never go out of style.

Get Creative

Have a look around the house and consider what existing objects could potentially be repurposed. What once may have been ordinary and boring can quickly become something extraordinarily useful or beautiful when it’s used/positioned/paired differently. Look into turning old doors into table tops, kitchen utensils into lighting fixtures or old platters into chalkboards. Sometimes the most satisfying results come from conquering a creative challenge. When you’re approaching redecoration projects on a budget, it’s important to ask yourself ‘if you could only change one thing, what would it be?’ More often than not people will say paint, but things like curtains, accent walls and plants can pack a serious design punch with minimal cost. There’s no shame in taking it slowly and really work with what you’ve got. You’ll get more out of redecorating resourcefully than to just completely overhaul a space. Combine some creativity with financial savvy and you’ll achieve the ultimate in high-quality, low cost decor.

Image by mrsdkrebs, used under Creative Commons licence. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrsdkrebs/5790659498/sizes/z/

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