Marie Kondo, My Saviour!

For the past few months, I have been toying with the idea of the minimalist lifestyle and decluttering as well as trying to save money. Who isn’t, right?

Yet I can’t completely go totally minimalist just now as it’s a huge transition which will be too much too soon. So for now, I hover between that and my new found organiser and sweet sounding guru, Marie Kondo! She is amazing and everything I aspire to be!!! This woman is amazing and although a bit off the wall at times, I totally see where she is coming from.

I started watching the new series on Netflix and even my daughter loves it. She did some tidying of her own and I managed to get 7 bags of shit out of my life for good. I think there is plenty more to go and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I had thought about selling some of the things that I am throwing out or gifting to charity shops but I haven’t got the time to do it and also be charged fees from eBay if selling. The other alternative would be to go via marketplace etc but folk don’t show and the whole point of decluttering is to get it out of the house and “letting it go”.

There have been a lot of letting go in this process and Marie Kondo talks about this in her show. She also talks about thanking the house, the items etc.. at first thought it may seem bat shit crazy but think about the stuff you’re putting in black bags… the memories and although you’re now finished with them and they no longer fit in with your here and now, they did serve a purpose.

One item that I let go was a baby blanket.. it was something that my daughter had from birth and thanking it for giving warmth and comfort was first and foremost, it also held some not so great memories. Those were the difficult times with post natal depression… and it’s those feelings that I need to let go of but still hold onto. This is a step in the right direction and I felt good letting it drop into the abyss of the black bag!

Another item was this black wrap dress… it was a size 10 and I have had it for over 14 years. My first memory was pre kids and I was out with my them boyfriend and now husband. We were walking towards Burger King at the end of a night out and someone shouted “Hey Beyoncé”! It made me laugh that someone thought my legs looked like hers! It was always my go to dress and I certainly got a lot of wear out of it! However, post kids I haven’t worn it more than a few times but that hasn’t been for many years. It now brings shame.. shame of the weight gained but haven’t lost. I could keep it and hope to slim into it but why shame myself any further?

As I continue to go through items in my room, I continue to appreciate and have thanks and this is due to watching only a few episodes of Marie Kondo’s programme. She has the right idea of appreciating things but also in letting go of things which hold us back or mean holding onto memories that we really need to dispose of in order to move forward. Clutter can hold us back more than we know and clutter can impact our mental health. We only need to watch programmes on TV to know this.

As I enter into a new chapter in my life(new job!) , I also want to be free of things that have held me back in the past. It’s not just for me but also for my kids and husband because I think they are as deeply affected by it all as much as I am.

As soon as the house is free of most things that we no longer need, I want to continue working on my physical clutter which means continuing with the exercise and healthy eating. I didn’t donate all of my “old” clothes, I have kept a few pairs of jeans and this dress which represents colour, freedom, summer, light and all the things I see me being. This dress represents where I want to be but also where I know I can be:)

I’ve never worn it,’I’ve had it for a few years and it’s brand new still with tags on it . My goal is to be in it by the end of the summer.. any closer and it would just be a bonus. It represents some of the old me … the bit I lost along the way but am slowly getting back… the quirks, positive and fun side. The person I know I can be again.

Thats where I am, but I’ll be writing a bit more on my new journey in the months to come!

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