Life Update

I took a back seat from blogging for longer than I had intended to because of various different reasons. I was studying and doing my Complementary Therapy Diploma, the kids were younger, my shifts were impacting my life as I was working every weekend and I was also building a business via treatments.

So nearly 2 years later, here I am back and raring to go. I do realise that there have been a lot of things left unsettled such as my update on the West Highland Way, my 18 for 2018 etc and etc. Life just got in the way and that’s fine. It often happens when you have a young family and are juggling many different things at one time and on a daily basis.

I also struggled to find where exactly my blog “fit”. I did the whole “parenting blog” thing but felt that there was a lot that I had to do which wasn’t me. I couldn’t trawl through blogs and leave comments in hope that others did the same. I have to be interested in a subject and it felt wrong to concentrate so much on getting likes and followers in order for stats to improve. It’s not me and it felt so superficial.

I know that some people use blogging as a full time job and that’s great but my head would explode if I had to devote so much time to being on a computer every single day, reading things that just didn’t interest me. I like to get out of the house, interact with folk and experience life without being chained to a desk!

Don’t get me wrong, I admire so many who have been able to turn their passion into a job. They work very hard to get to where they are and devote a lot of time and energy but it’s not something I want this blog to be about. There’s no rules in blogging world. Sometimes I’ll participate in things that pique my interest and sometimes I’ll fall away from it and that’s fine because this is my little space in the world where I can be a scatter brain if I want and have no judgement.

It is this place which helps me figure out my life a little bit, to maybe inspire others to work through things that crop up now and again within their own world and to process it and then move on. It’s a therapy within itself which is why I started blogging in the first place.

Sometimes I’ll do reviews for products I believe in or want to try and sometimes I’ll make some money off of the blog because I can and I may need a bit of extra cash to buy things for the kids, house, or cause extras are nice to have.

So on that note, I may increase my blogging in the next few months and I might disappear too.. who knows?! At least this is one space in life where there is no pressure or time limit set and I can be as free as I want to be.oh and spelling and grammar doesn’t matter either 😂

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