Kids In The Car Campaign

On Wednesday afternoon I was invited as a parent blogger to attend the launch of the Scottish Governments new safety campaign, Kids In The Car in association with Road Safety Scotland.

I was very surprised at what I saw in terms of statistics relating to road traffic accidents and deaths amongst people between the ages of 17yrs-20yrs on a weekly basis. I watch the news and keep up with current events but I didn’t realise that what we do now with our children, could possibly reduce that rate in years to come.

The basis of the campaign is that our children see everything. Now that’s nothing new, is it? We mind our language and behaviours when in the house, out and about etc but why, when we get behind the wheel of let’s face it, a potential weapon do we let all reason go?

We also watched the new campaign video of children singing alternative lyrics to “The wheels on the bus”, and I admit, I had a lump in my throat as I could identify as a parent and driver with what was being sung.

This also coincided with a long road trip that I was making later that day and I definitely noticed that I was much more cautious with my driving, behaviours and reminded myself that when stuck behind a lorry that I would get to my destination and why rush when the end result could mean an accident or fatality. I have to say that my journey was much less stressful!

I fully support the new campaign and if you haven’t already seen the advert on the TV or radio, I highly recommend that you do. I have included some pictures of how some children view their parents driving.


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2 thoughts on “Kids In The Car Campaign”

  1. Sounds like a fantastic campaign. My daughters have been driving for a year now and are far more philosophical about minor irritations whilst driving than I’ve ever been. Maybe it’s time I learnt something from them!!

  2. Perhaps this campaign was not fully thought through or maybe our 2 year old son is more intelligent than marketing agency give children credit for. As we now have a boy who was not exposed to aggressive driving habits by his parents singing
    ” get off the road !!!!” to the wheels on the bus tune which make up the kids in the car campaign.He has picked this up hearing the ad campaign on the radio twice if he is lucky!!!!

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