Is it Worth A Childs Life?


I had to ask the question this morning when my daughter was nearly hit by an irresponsible parent/and or carer whilst cycling to school this morning who decided to do a U-turn into the exit of the school gates.    source

There is an on going issue which the school has tried to address on many occasion but has been unsuccessful due to the lack of respect and laziness on those who are behind the wheel. I opted to walk this morning as Thunderpants wanted to cycle and it being a nice morning , I thought it was a good idea. The school sent out a letter last week which reiterated the safety issues and danger surrounding what they do but its obviously being ignored.  To say I am angry, is an understatement and I am trying real hard to keep my cool. The woman in question had the cheek to smile and wave by way of apology.

The thing that gets me is that when there are police present, none of these people do it which indicates that they know exactly what they are doing but rather than get fine, they would instead dodge the police and later potentially kill a child.  Its not fucking rocket science , is it? Obviously to some, it is. There was a man parked in the middle of the round about yesterday who I beeped at and he had the nerve to give me a dirty look….

I spoke with the office staff who were clearly upset and will be making a call this AM to the local councillor who will also be holding a surgery later this evening.  I have called them myself as well and am currently awaiting a response from them. I hope that they either get a lollipop person or something that will deter this from happening. I started walking to avoid the parking issue and to also get the wee one some exercise but its created a whole other issue.

Every parent that I speak to from different schools, says that the issue is also happening there as well but I don’t see this as an excuse, it has to be dealt with and I won’t stop campaigning until it something is done. I’m sure that the other parents look at me and think I’m totally crazy but I couldn’t give a rats ass. My child and her safety is my top priority.

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One thought on “Is it Worth A Childs Life?”

  1. The cars at Half Pint’s school are ridiculous, the whole street turns into a slalom course as cars double park everywhere – apparently as long as you have your hazard lights on you can abandon your car wherever you like. Meanwhile kids are trying to cross the road but don’t know where to expect th next car from as they can’t see which are parked and which are trying to get through. Why these people can’t just park further away and walk the last wee bit is beyond me.

    I hope your wee one wasn’t too shaken up, and good for you for campaigning!

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