How The Fuck

Do you mothers/fathers/carers do it? What I mean is how in the name of dogs bolloks do you manage to keep your houses show home tidy?

I’ve tried and tried to the point where it nearly drive me absolutely batshit crazy.. I couldn’t and I can’t do it. My hat goes off to those of you who are able to do it but with a 5yr old who has a shit load of toys that she loves to play with and a 4 month old baby, plus trying to get the garden sorted, interacting with the kids… I just haven’t got the energy to do it.

What’s prompted me to write this is when after school Thunderpants asked a friend to come over and play, he said “no, your house is a pigsty”.. I was pretty hurt by the comment to be honest. I know it’s messy as we live in a two bedroom flat, with 2 kids and as Thunderpants was an only child up until recently, she has had 5years of accumulating a lot of toys.

Also, we are doing a carboot sale on Sunday so things are out in our bedroom waiting to be sold(we hope). So yeah, maybe he is right in thinking that it is a pigsty?

However, I am secure enough in myself to know that I may not spend every waking hour tidying up because I like to either do things with the kids or for myself, instead of shouting every time a toy is out of place. Call me nutty but the kids are going to be kids for a very small amount of time and I’d rather watch and interact with them before they want to go off on their own or prefer to spend time in their rooms.

I remember when growing up just how anal my mum was about cleaning and it wasn’t fun. So I’m not going to do it to my kids! I actually find comfort in a bit of organised chaos:)

There’s plenty of time to tidy up when they are grown up so until then I will sit back, relax and enjoy being as happy as a pig in shit.

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13 thoughts on “How The Fuck”

  1. Grrr! Cheeky sod! My house is a bit of a tip too – 3 bed bungalow with three big kids. I have neither the time nor the inclination to stay on top of it. A kid came round for tea once and said ‘Don’t you have healthy food at your house?’.

    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it?! I was really taken a back! Now I’m laughing about it though and thankful to have gotten my mojo back again! As for the little boy, he won’t be visiting any time soon…

  2. You wrote this post JUST FOR ME didn’t you?

    I have been battling with just THIS subject all day.

    I thought my Dad was coming round today (turns out he is not), so I ran around in amongst sorting breakfast lunch and dinner TRYING to stay on top of mess.

    I raised my voice and my blood pressure about 1,000 times and am no further forward.

    The sitting room floor is still COVERED in toys – the only thing I have achieved is washing dishes 3 times making coffee about 8 times and driving me and my newly 3 year old bonkers.

    Trying to be tidy is fucking hard work – sorry for swearing but boy oh boy I do not know how those tidy freaks do it!

    Liska xx

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that you are affected by this too! I say we make a stand against those nutters who are tidy freaks! Lol

      I plan on wallowing in my untidiness and not feeling bad about it! Viva la mess!

  3. Can soooo relate to this Angeline! Even though my brood have flown the nest our house is still the total antithesis of a showhome. It’s our home and reflects who we are. Kitchen and bathroom get a quick wipe round as needed. Our other rooms are full of treasured bits and pieces, granddaughter’s many toys, books, journals, magazines and lots and lots of paperwork. My mum was like yours – every Saturday she cleaned for Britain which involved opening ALL of the windows regardless of the weather. I hated it as there was no chance of relaxing and then we had to tiptoe around so that we wouldn’t undo all her hard work. Life is for living and your children’s childhood is precious so go for it! xx

    1. Thanks Andrea:) like I said I like the clutter and the stuff that we have, it does show who we are with our many bits n bins floating about. Yeah, I’d love less toys around as she has far too many but gosh, a child’s room shouldn’t be pristine tidy! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. I kind of think that a lot of people clean like crazy for company…which makes us all think that everyone but us lives that way…but I know my house is chaotic. Seriously. I’m lucky if I can keep things confined to bedrooms. But we have laundry on that table waiting to be folded, crumbs on the counter from making lunch, towels on the bathroom floor. We live here. And as far as the internet and all those glossy photos of homes…you know people are just throwing stuff out of the way for the pictures. There’s absolutely no way that people with small children can live in such a beautiful space 24/7. I’m sure it all cleans up nice, but…kids are messy. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

    1. Thanks Sarah 🙂 it’s impossible to sustain without driving yourself nuts, I believe. As you say, theses are the placed where we live, our homes:)Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Self confused tidy freak nutter reporting for duty! I like cleaning, go on shoot me. I’d actually like to be more like you thought to be honest as I think you have it spot on and interacting with your kids is far more important. Mich x

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