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So I’m not that great at putting things together and I don’t have any patience for DIY at all.. The thought of painting fills me with dread and glossing can take a running fuck to itself. However, I do know that I need a change in this house and there are certain styles that I would like to achieve. So I am turning to Pinterest to inspire me and the new “The Range“, shop which hasn’t long opened round the corner from us.

I don’t know what i would do without Pinterest. It inspires me and it amazes me because I can’t quite get over just how creative people can be. Sure I have a few friends who are absolutely amazing at crafts, design and their houses look amazing but some of the things that I have seen have blown me away. I think its a case of time management as well as enthusiasm.

Our flat is a tiny one and I want to try and work on each room , one at a time and take as long as I need to in order to get it right. I want to try and involve Thunderpants in this process and see if she will pick out things as she really has an eye for design and color which should be encouraged and it will give us some time with one another.

The plan will be starting with the smaller rooms first which is the bathroom. We have already removed the corner bath and it has given us a bit of space already. I thought we could try and utilize things that we have in the house already to minimize cost and declutter at the same time! One thing that most people have in their houses but don’t always use is a wine rack and wicker baskets. I have both and I think that they would be great to use as towel holders which can be attached to the wall and therefore removing the from under our bed, making more room. Something along the lines of this:


I’m not sure what we should do color wise but was thinking an egg shell blue, or even a light grey. I will take before and after photos once I get all of my materials but I really think we can improve on what we currently have and it will be a major personal challenge for me. One which, despite not liking painting etc, might get me more motivated to tackle the rest of the flat!

I also want to tackle the kitchen, I want to add some shelves for all of the cook books that I have and I need to paint and get the cupboards fixed. We also need new flooring as the tiles have cracked, this time I might go for lino as I have no idea how to tile nor do I have the time to learn and do it. I hope to have some of these projects completed by Christmas and I think that’s pretty realistic.

Another room which needs improvement is the living room, because we had it painted but the paint was too watery and we have been left with roller marks. I think I may go for magnolia or something lighter, but one which I can clean easily should the children get marks on the walls.

I don’t want to think too much about the other stuff that needs done because I get bogged down and emotionally exhausted. So that’s it for now. any tips that you could recommend would be appreciated.. I do enjoy looking for second hand items in charity shops etc…

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